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First of all, the Disney Plus Hotstar errors, unable to play any content, leaving subscribers hanging mid air in the middle of thriller climax took the internet by storm. But after retrying several times, waiting for a while, I was able to continue Episode 4, of Masoom, the murder mystery Hotstar Special starring Boman Irani.

The Problems with Disney Plus Hotstar's Masoom

Masoom dwells SO MUCH in establishing that the father, Boman Irani is the murderer of his wife in the trailer that you almost expect the opposite. Because, it's too good to be true, right? How can a murder mystery be THAT straightforward? Or maybe they wanted to make it like "Bahubali ko Katappa ne kyun maara?", where you even DO know who's the murderer but you just can't relax WITHOUT KNOWING WHY.

I wonder the difference in approach. What if they had not put the doctor as a suspect AT ALL, would it have been more interesting?

Disney Plus Hotstar's Masoom is interesting, nevertheless. But in the end you're left wanting. The series Masoom Season 1 ends on a cliff hanger. Although the last episode tries to tie all loose ends and finally answer us, it is a bit like Andhadhun where you wonder, were you answered though?

Spoiler Alert

You clicked on This ia an analysis, ending explained piece. So, naturally, we're going to discuss many spoilers.

Who killed Sana's mom in Masoom? 

Who's the real killer?

That's the real question - whodunit.

I don't even know if this is any reveal, if at all. The trailer and all beginning scenes, with Sana being our guide, as we see her world through her eyes, constantly gathering evidence against her father Dr. Kapoor (Boman Irani).

While they've tried to humanize the father, through some shocking reveals in the later episodes, this end reveal wasn't satisfying.

JUST WHEN we had started to believe Doctor Dad was not the murderer.

But why did Dr. Balraj kill his wife in Masoom?

Bahubali ko Kattapa ne kyu mara

Yeah. Yeah. But sadly all the love, care, date romance between a sick wife for a long time and the old doctor was not shown UNTIL the last episode. So, there was absolutely no reason for this shock value. We as viewers are constantly been made to believe the absolute opposite — that he did kill his wife. Throwing in the affair with Romi early on, was a major reveal. Which does the exact opposite. Instead of creating the shock like Bahubali ko Kattapa to maar hi nahi sakta, this does the exact opposite.

It makes you DOUBT they had such a loving life. With understanding for another woman too!

They DID have a nurse & Dr. Balraj aka Boman Irani goes out of his way to narrate the love between his wife and him, bathing her everyday, bringing in breakfast in bed, reciting poems. Who does that? For a sick wife who's been sick for THAT MANY YEARS? The husband who does love his wife THAT DEEPLY, though, DOES NOT need another woman either. The problem is, Masoom is exactly like Andhadhun here, that in the end boils down to HIS narrative of truth. Is it the actual absolute truth? Is it?

I can't believe they literally had the dialogue, Dr. Balraj tells Sana "One lie had taken us apart & one brought us close".

Is everyone deaf? How does everyone not see that? Did you SEE THAT? Dr. Balraj either accepted his entire narrative was a lie, the entire last episode was not what actually happened or he was saying the lie that their mother had fallen down the bed was the "lie" he's referencing here that took them apart.

The entire narrative does NOT close all loop holes in Masoom

The Post-martem report

The post-martem report conversation Sana had heard ! Hellooo?! Does no one remember anything now? Dr. Balraj had specifically mentioned "In muscular atrophy it is normal to have several injuries on the body", while trying to overpower the post-martem report by speaking to the dean when the person doing the post-martem had CLEARLY observed some problem.

While narrating, Dr. Balraj (Boman Irani) tells Sana, he suffocated his wife after her wish to die, after she fell directly head on to a sharp object.

But then why didn't the post-martem mention asphyxiation?

They even go ahead to show us a cliffhanger where Sanjana (the Older sister) is in the hospital after murdering her husband. Or was it Dr. Balraj again? This family loves murders. While the cliffhanger leaves you unsatisfied, wanting, frustrated, (hopefully wanting you to wait for a Season 2), it does prove that something about what we were just told was not the truth.

It can't be a mere coincidence that they are always surrounded with mysterious deaths.

What about the Sodhis?

Who murdered them?

You tell me someone realised his fault after touch your wife, and you beating him, that he took his life? Himself?
The suicide note was too much to believe.
Just two lines - I'm guilty and ashamed of my actions?!
Who does that?
This sounds like a suicide set up. And, good luck, the doctor IS the forensic expert. Similarly, for Monty, we hear a gun shot. We don't see him shooting himself.

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