Anupamaa :Anupama finally LEAVES Shah house! Thanks to Anuj

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Finally! I know, right. Anupama fans have been doing the typical Indian thing of screaming at their television sets, "Get out!". Leave, woman, just leave! When Anuj Kapadia asked Anupama to leave the Shah house after the bhumi pujan, Anupama's friend Devika was quick to point out, "What have you done? Anupama will never leave her family!"

Latest twist in Anupamaa story

Anupamaa serial is having a lot of twists and turns. The latest twist in Anupamaa has been the entry of Anuj Kapadia. Despite the wholesome made for eachother love dynamic, Anuj Kapadia has proven to be the perfect trigger for misogynistic Vanraj Shah and Leela. Sometimes, Anupamaa tries to show Vanraj has some gray shade. But the second, we think he may have some redeeming quality  we are back to the classic narcissist man filled with extreme ego, insecurity and anger management issues.

How Anupamaa writers want us to love Vanraj Shah character in some sequences is beyond me. Despite a torture of nearly 300 episodes later when Anupama is FINALLY standing up for herself, which is welcome and soothing since she gives gyan (5 panno ka bhashan to be precise) to everyone but somehow never ever objects Baa  who is extremely regressive (as she should be given what she was taught all her life).

In the latest episode of Anupamaa, Anupama has stayed with Anuj Kapadia the whole night because of bad weather. Magically  the rain was also present in Ahmedabad and in the outskirts of Ahmedabad where Anupama had gone to visit a site with her business partner and friend, Anuj Kapadia. It goes without saying, the weather must be really bad that the Shah family repeatedly reiterates via Pakhi, Samar, Nandini, that Anupama and Anuj should somehow manage to stay the night somewhere and not drive. 

Despite repeating this so many times, Leela and Vanraj, clearly playing the blackest of blacks, with a negative character arc these days, (No shades of grey), are restless like a headless chicken inside. With a beautifully nuanced shaken dialogue,  Sudhanshu Pandey as Vanraj Shah tells Baa to go sleep. And, Baa asks him if he can.

Anuj Kapadia who had suddenly fallen down while dancing due to high fever passed out, while Anupama in the lovely pink salwar suit, looked after him. Restless Vanraj called at night to know what Anupama and Vanraj are doing. 

That's none of your business  Vanraj Shah. Anupama is your ex wife. You cheated on her for literally 9 years. She is legally divorced and free to do whatever she wants to do romantically legally and morally.

Sada kutta kutta. Twada kutta Tommy?

But ofcourse, men blinded by entitlement will be always blinded by entitlement. So, the icon of infidelity, the man that is the brand ambassador of cheating on your spouse and compulsive pathological lying, the consistently inconsistent Vanraj Shah decides to be the moral police and school Anupama when she returns.

The classic Ravana pose was spectacular. The little detail of a haunting flashback from the past when Vanraj had dragged the chair EXACTLY like this brought back chills to old time Anupamaa viewers. Very well edited, there.

Anupama luckily speaks up to Vanraj and won't tolerate the AUDACITY.  How dare Vanraj raise a finger on Anupama's character.

Anupama: Ram ko Agnipariksha diya jata hai, Raavan ko nahi

I mean, even calling Vanraj, "Ravana" is an insult to Ravana.

Atleast he wasn't a pathological liar that consistently hid his illicit affair for EIGHT long years, while constantly bringing the mistress Kavya to every family function and even celebrating her promotion on his then wife, Anupama's birthday!

The Vanraj Shah stance of sitting on the chair is reminiscent of the classic Alpha male rage (Taish, if you will. Uncontrollable rage), where a "man" somehow feels the "need" to "show a woman her place".

That woman who served like a servant for 26 years, and even after divorce gave him the permission and support to open the Cafe and save his downward spiraling life. Vanraj Shah is the living embodiment of Rasi jal gayi par bal nahi gaya. Financially at zero for months and probably a year now, he just does not seem to acknowledge for a second that Anupama has just saved the Shah house he built with so much effort with a whopping 40 lakh loan from Anuj Kapadia. But ofcourse, it's Vanraj Shah. So, who are we expecting gratitude from?

Now second wife, and recently fired in a day, Kavya  has enough obnoxiously selfish ego that she wouldn't lose a second to attack at Anupama and Anuj. She provokes the already triggered Baa and Vanraj even more. The proof of his infidelity, standing right there, he continues to mock Anupama.

Anupama: Bohot hua Samman 

We are no new witness to this Anupamaa drama, a classic bit of Indian television, where the protagonist goes through such hell that viewers have been yelling their own come backs, screeching to their TV sets. But for a change, Anupama ACTUALLY RAISES HER voice and literally takes a stand. Anupama finally decides to leave. I mean, for good. You can't believe, right? I know. Nor can I. But Bapuji will apply aashirvaad red phagu/sindoor of Goddess and Anupama actually left.

Although I cannot seem to understand why Anupama didn't change and was still in the pink salwar kameez that Anuj Kapadia saw her in and went absolutely ballistically nostalgic remembering how he saw Anupama for the first time. It was the kids' parents outfit in the weekend villa they stayed the night in. Anuj and Anupama came back in a cab because Anuj was still having fever, although, now less and therefore couldn't drive. So, are they going to return the outfit or it's a gift because the kids were too lazy to wash it and too rich to care? Lol.

Anupama upcoming twist in story

Savita Prabhune is set to enter Anupamaa. Is she going to play a landlady where Anupama rents her own house? And maybe she will shove in more gyan just as she had done in Balika Vadhu to Gauri?

Anupamaa Analysis Why didn't Anupama leave earlier?

It is easier for reviewers like Jammy Pants to question

  1. Why did it take 300 episodes for Anupama to realize what was doing on with her
  2. Why do always other characters like Anuj Kapadia, Devika, Bapuji, Samar, Nandini, or Kinjal act as the voice of reason for Anupama
  3. Why does Anupama not apply her own teachings of standing up for oneself but doesn't stand up for herself?

But here's my take. In reality Stockholm Syndrome is way deeper than you realize. Women relate to Anupamaa because it shows the reality. It takes a long time for someone that deep trapped into narcissist abuse to even identify toxicity, let alone walk out of it. To add injury to insult, a narcissist abuse victim is OFTEN deeply in love with her abuser. In such a scenario, even realizing you're being played doesn't allow you to walk out of it. It becomes a compulsive need to stay. Add to the picture three children and TWENTY SIX years.

Anupamaa writers blooper reel : You think we don't know but we know

Yes, 26. Anupamaa writers have finally decided they won't say 25 years anymore and whoever is okaying the take, has FINALLY started consistently saying 26 years. It was hilarious when all characters were consistently inconsistent if the time Anupama spent in the house was 25 or 26 and the Vanraj Kavya affair wasn't even aging from 8 years to 9 years.

Why Anupama cannot leave?

Even when a housewife decides to leave  having been completely dependent on a man and his family for 26 years, it is not easy to leave. Anupama has repeatedly reiterated that she is more attached to Baa than her own mother given how much time she spent with Leela in the last 26 years 24*7 always under the same roof, with nowhere to go.

Now that Anupamaa showed Anupama getting independent, having a cooking class teaching job in a school, online dance classes, and some form of confidence, Anupama decided to leave after divorce when Bapuji stopped her by giving her 1/3rd of the Shah mansion.

Why was this needed?

Anupamaa as a show, needed to show you that a house wife toiling hard in the household for 26 years, has every right on property. It's not just the earning members but the members BECAUSE OF WHOM, earning is even possible matter.

This was extremely crucial. We don't just need to fight the regressive things in society since time immemorial but also the new evils cropping up. In a day and age where movies like Ki & Ka try to open a conversation on house husbands and their importance to exist and let them be, ironically housewives have started to face the same level of ostracization from society.

What is happening to India? We are not respecting the wives that don't earn in a household where the mothers didn't earn. I'm not even kidding you, in 2021, in the marriage market, a highly educated, tall, stereotypically  beautiful girl (me), not earning can be the issue, because no monthly dowry.

It was pivotal for the show Anupamaa to show that women matter even if they don't earn, you can't just throw them out of the house whenever you want, or because you married someone else.

Come to think of it, why should Anupama leave?

Anupama has her kids, especially Pakhi and Samar who are not as old. Anupama is a doting mother and extremely close to her children. Just because her HUSBAND had an affair for 9 years, why should SHE be the one to get out of the house?

It's just not fair. The room she called her own for 26 years is no longer hers. The cheating and abusive husband somehow gets to keep the house and same room to do it on the same bed as the first wife while Anupama is literally living in the SAME HOUSE.

On the other hand, for her own sanity, Anupama should not have to bear constant taunts for her friendship. When Toshu first spoke of Tamasha, just like the Shah family we felt, "C'mon it's not that much drama".

But when Kavya burst out like that in her first and last day at Anuj Kapadia's office, that just SCREAMED of anger management issues. Kavya, recently had asked Vanraj to get help. Vanraj Shah definitely needs therapy. He's a threat to society. (Sadly most men are just replica of Vanraj Shah. And I don't even know if we have that many counselors). But, Kavya on the other hand is equally unstable!

My God, who behaves like this in a public scenario? Kavya and Vanraj behave like they're straight out of the BIGG BOSS house where they've lost sense of "subtle".

Anupamaa writers, kaunsa Nasha Karte ho?

It's very normal for Indian television writers to forget what they just showed. Just like the cat that drank milk and thought no one's watching it. Sorry, to call you out. But WE ARE.

In the entire Anupama is dying sequence and the Krishna (Ganga's husband from Kyuki Saans bhi kabhi bahu thi) resort shooting time in Gujrat, Vanraj had asked for (suri.."DEMANDED forgiveness") several times. A classic narcissist, Vanraj did not want to marry his extra marital affair from 9 years, Kavya, drove her to the point of suicide, decided to not give divorce to Anupama, repeatedly thumped his chest to yell out loud, "He loves Anupama NOW", to the point that he ran away from his own wedding that Kavya planned all with her money, literally forcing him to marry her.

Vanraj ran away. Yes, he ran away. He would do anything not to marry Kavya. Vanraj was desperate to make us believe he truly loved Anupama. 

Where has the love gone now?

Has everyone conveniently forgotten Vanraj professed his love for Anupama in the mandir? How convenient?

It took Vanraj nearly one year to say, "I love you" to Kavya. After their marriage, the Navaratri Dandia night was literally the first time! THE FIRST TIME. So, much for this so called "love" that you abused your wife for 9 years! And now that you have that woman as your second wife, they're extremely toxic as Vanraj pointed out to Anuj Kapadia when he was drunk.

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