Anupama — Kinjal Dholakia Molestation Kavya mocks Anupama LATEST Twist

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The show Anupama always tries to shove in some message along with entertainment. This time, the samaj sudharo abhijaan is taking a stand on molestation.

Do you think Kinjal quitting job like that was right?

Kinjal is a B school graduate. But for some reason, she doesn't know that there is POSH and she can contact the HR? That even "staring" is very valid and definitely comes under sexual harassment. You do not have to touch.

While it's extremely likely for someone her age to act on impulse and immediately quit. Being Rakhi Dave's daughter, it is highly unlikely that Kinjal's character would want to keep quiet and not "create a scene, or be part of gossip" as she says!

Is Toshu right in stopping Kinjal?

It seems like Toshu stopping Kinjal from taking any action rather pushed her to just suddenly succumb and agree to taking action. All this while, Anupama wanted her to teach Dholakia a lesson for staring at her perversely. 

Download Disney+ Hotstar Watch Anupama FREE Shah family literally marched to beat Dholakia. Obviously, Toshu wasn't exaggerating when he said they love creating a tamasha (create a scene). Had he seen Vanraj literally lift such a huge log and rush to smash Dholakia's head and Baa adding that they should get hold of chimta, god knows what he would have said.

While you'd have felt the distance between Kinjal and Toshu would have brought them closer. And soon, Toshu will miss his family, Shah family not changing their aggressive behaviour doesn't seem like he's going to realise his mistake any time soon.

Loved watching Mama ji speak & take a stand

Writer has started liking the Bhailu/Mama ji character. Haven't you noticed lately there are some dialogues for him? And extremely good ones in this episode. Mama ji who's usually just thrown in for comedic purpose, is so clear and focussed when he wants Dholakia punished. He won't tolerate Dholakia misbehaving with any woman. 

Anupama comes as a voice of reason : Dholakia Punishment

While in epic Anupama fashion, Anupama has a lot to say on how to tackle Dholakia, she stops Vanraj from marching with the huge log (placed conveniently by the production team).

I want to know how is such a log just readily available?🤣🤣🤣🤣

Pakhi and Nandini are unreasonable characters. So, both of them along with the usually sensible Samar, for some reason think beating up Dholakia is a great idea🤦‍♀️. I'm just mildly infuriated, no one, literally no one (not even Kavya), pointed out that breaking Dholakia's head with the rage Vanraj was proceeding, would mean his death, a murder charge and would do him no good.

The only way to stop Vanraj, Samar, Pakhi, Nandini and team was to suggest that a better punishment could haunt Dholakia forever. But how on earth does marching in with flash light turned on smartphones with recording (and hopefully fully charged batteries) 🔋) solve that?

How can we possibly believe Rakhi Dave & Kavya also join this war against Dholakia?

I'd have simply expected Rakhi Dave to be so enraged by Dholakia daring to stare at her daughter Kinjal that she would literally buy the whole office. I just cannot for the life of me, believe Rakhi could be passive and just one of the so many people that magically get entry to the office by security and simply barge in to Dholakia's cabin.

And Kavya?

Are you seriously kidding me? Kavya was so against this to save her new job of Project Head that Dholakia gave her after Kinjal quit. She gave enough arguements of how the man entering her apartment and molesting her was not the same as Dholakia staring perversely. Kavya suggested to wait for something to actually happen. Anupama was furious and asked her how would she feel if when Kavya was in that state and Anupama would have just asked her to "Ignore it", how she told Kinjal to "Just ignore it".

Kavya was extremely shaken back then. And as Kavya's character is extremely dependent, especially on Vanraj on such occasions, she had taken enough time to blame him for his absence. As if she couldn't protect herself on her own. She couldn't. Because her security guards didn't do much either.

But in any case, suddenly marching on the agenda that women can save themselves, was a little too much coming from Kavya! And shouting at Vanraj that he must leave his protective male ego? Kavya was bawling, crying her eyes out, shivering, on how she WANTED Vanraj to be the protective man and be there when she was molested. Madal Sharma may not be a good actress with her lines but she definitely deserves credit for forgetting what happened with her character Kavya just a few episodes back, just as the writers want her to.🤣🤣🤣🤣

Anupama signing the Loan Papers without reading a single word

Do you think a major storm is waiting in the corner with this twist? Anupama was extremely nervous to meet the loan sanctioning executives from the bank where Samar's father works. She wanted Vanraj to be there and read the paperwork. Anupama even asked Samar to call Bapu ji on video call so that he can have an understanding of what is happening. When Vanraj was not there as he had to buy raw materials for a huge order he had to deliver (ironically on the same day that they were expecting the loan executives to come from bank), Anupama called Samar to be by her side. But even Samar had to go because a child fell down. 

How did that take so long? Why couldn't Samar come back after the child fell down? All Anupama ever asked was about the loan interest. The bank executives asked her if she wants a floating rate of interest or a fixed rate of interest for the 20 lakh loan. The bank executives explained Anupama that a floating rate of interest changes with market and can increase or decrease. But a fixed rate of interest is fixed.

And that's it. Anupama said she wants a fixed rate of interest and simply announced later to Vanraj that she signed the papers without him because the bank executives said there's a weekend and application will take 25-30 days. (But the same bank executives also repeated that she would get the lump sum loan of twenty lakhs in literally 4-5 days).

This is definitely not adding up. Showing something major done so carelessly can mean they have a plan to show a huge mess in the loan department for Anupama. And all the blame will be on Anupama because she's illiterate and couldn't read the loan papers.

Last episode's message was on dreams, dance & arts as career & stepping out of family

In the last episode of Anupama, we saw a nice little lecture of trying to drive home the message that India doesn't make great artists, or anyone accomplished in the arts field, because arts is significantly looked down upon. I cannot agree more. Every family does want an engineer or doctor or atleast an MBA as the saving grace. I didn't become an engineer. Studied management for 5 years and got a gold medal🏅, came 2nd in the university, and topped in all the subjects, including extra papers. But to this day, I hear that I'm a complete disgrace because I didn't go engineering. So, who better than me to understand Samar's plight.

Vanraj feels significantly guilty that he had been so rude to Samar and now Samar is behaving as the responsible son. Toshu, on the other hand, who used to be Vanraj's favourite son is taking on his steps; sadly the bad steps. Vanraj slapping Toshu was very very comforting. Vanraj's dialogue was very well-written. He specifically pointed out that Toshu learnt all his mistakes but didn't learn literally the one good thing he has. His nature of respecting his parents. But kids learn what they see. Vanraj disrespecting and humiliating Anupama is the sole cause of this behaviour coming from Toshu.

Vanraj had been mean to Anupama  before the loan

But wasn't Vanraj himself once again, conveniently enraged, by Kavya's instigation and the show Anupama had managed to show us the best narcissist behaviour. You cannot expect a man like Vanraj to change, Anupama had noted. And it was her mistake to try to be friends with Vanraj. He even took the help from Anupama in a wrong way, after Kavya provoked that, friends help eachother.

"When was the last time, you helped Anupama?"

But the response to guilt, shouldn't have been the uncontrollable rudeness Vanraj consistently showed Anupama after that. And suddenly magically everything seems healed between Anupama & Vanraj. It's becoming unbelievable to the point that I feel Sudhanshu Pandey probably comes to set and asks how is my character Vanraj going to behave with Rupali Ganguly's character Anupama today?

Anupama writers seem to decide on a whim, when Vanraj and Anupama are friends and when magically Vanraj flips again. While this is true of a narcissist character that they're completely unpredictable, maybe the flow is just not sitting right.

Kavya asked Anupama how will she take a stand for Kinjal, the woman that never stood for herself?

Ok. While this was a logical statement, are we going to completely overlook the fact 
  1. that Anupama showed the dare to divorce her husband? 
  2. That Anupama is constantly accused of panch panne ka bhashan and Anupama ke moti? 
  3. That Anupama literally fought a whole school?
  4. That Anupama saved kids in fire?
  5. That Anupama literally fought tumor/cancer/ whatever that was, something everyone seems to have magically forgotten, that it happened a few days ago (especially Pakhi)
  6. That Anupama even stood for Baa respect against Kinjal?
  7. That Anupama stood against Baa to get Samar Nandini engagement approval?
While it's true Anupama never stood for herself in 26 years, she has been lately ONLY standing up for herself on every possible mudda she can find. It nearly seems like Bigg Boss house where people are just looking for agendas to fight for. And Anupama has been constantly bashed for fighting for the children, fighting for what's right and taking a stand.
So, Kavya saying Anupama can't take a stand is like how often do you've amnesia, Kavya? Or maybe the writers. 

Anupama accepted Vanraj's verbal abuse & her not objecting to it was a big mistake

Vanraj was seen simply blinking when Anupama addressed that it was 100% true that she couldn't take a stand for herself in 25 years.

There was no sign of guilt or realisation. But Anupama carefully noted and addressed it in the episode that staying quiet is taught to women. And that is the biggest mistake. Anupama said she will correct it from now on and her daughters: Pakhi, Kinjal and Nandini will not learn to stay quiet. I really wish they could have shown Vanraj realising what he has done. He still continues to fight with Kavya in the same toxic fashion. Vanraj as a character is just addicted to toxic relationships anyway. Let's just leave it at that. Vanraj cannot be redeemed anytime soon.

Anupama really must decide if it's 25 years or 26 years.

 It just conveniently keeps changing!

They increased Kavya Vanraj dating period to 9 years from 8 years and Vanraj Anupama relationship from 25 years to 26 years but they keep magically going back as if the actors themselves just are so used to "25 years"

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