Patients will Die — Indian Doctor Cries for Help — 2nd wave corona Pandemic India

This is so sad, it breaks my heart💔.The way his voice cracks at 'Patient will die' sends a chill down my spine. Please help India. Here's the blog post that links all the places you can donate right now to India. Share it with the short direct link

Sunil Saggar, CEO of Shanti Mukand Hospital said ‘We are supposed to give life. But we can’t even give them oxygen,’.

His helplessness is showing through. The panic is real. Never had we thought all sci-fi dystopia stories would come alive worse than a zombie apocalypse. The scene of Nawazuddin starrer short film seems alive: People doing anything they can for oxygen.  These are not good times. India needs your help.
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Below is a clip of an Indian Doctor unable to find a bed for himself in HIS OWN hospital in Delhi.

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What you can do in Mumbai to stay safe from Corona Second Wave Pandemic

As your beloved doveranalyst RJ Mrunmayee on radio, I can add cheer to your life. But hear out what this Mumbai doctor has to say. There are no hospital beds right now. And young people like us are dying. They are on ventilator. It is happening. I keep playing Niqlo na benaqab by Pankaj Udhas on my radio show but this is exactly why it is so important.

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