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Aashram Season 1, MX Player web series Binge watch Meter 

Aashram Season 1 was definitely enticing enough for me to binge all the episodes. 

Bobby Deol is phenomenal as the godman.

All actors have done an amazing job such that it does not feel like the cheap webseries that is flooding the Indian market these days. You know what I'm talking about.

Prakash Jha taps into the true story, masala filled plot of a teeth clenching mystery and gut wrenching revelation, real facts that we all know about from the news and media and manages to do a great job in deep diving into it feeding us guilty curious cats, the inside. 

Who doesn't want to see the inside of Aashram and what really happened or more so, ‘how’ did it happen?

The sets are lavish. The whole Aashram has been created for you. In bits and pieces you're fed the magnitude of the scope of things happening. At other times you're also surprised at how his power is always in perspective, a theory of relativity, and the power play is nothing less than a murder mystery. 

To be honest, I was EXTREMELY sceptical to watch Aashram. I felt there won't be any story and maybe just the baba exploiting the women. But no. I was surprised. Each frame (other than the ‘scenes’ which are luckily not many), was done with great care.

Even the interludes of the city scenes were picturesque.

I don’t like politics but even I found the CM political drama interesting. Are you winning,son?

Rating★★★★☆SEE it for the sheer world you have entered and the dynamics of cat chasing mouse, police vs baba. The ‘HOW’..

Where can you watch Aashram web series online?

Ashram (actually spelt Aashram) is available on MX Player for free. But, please be aware that it has been detected with threat to our privacy, a breach, due to which you must have the latest update of the app to patch up security loop holes. Also, doveranalyst will still tell you that this OTT platform needs access to your gallery and all stored media content on your phone. Why? Apparently, it is also a video player, (that’s how it started), that’s why. But I would suggest you download it in a tab or a spare old phone, where you really don’t have crucial photos and videos stored. Because, without giving access, it won’t start the goddamn Aashram web series. Won’t let you see anything, in fact. 

Aashram Review after seeing all the episodes of Aashram Season 1

Rating ★★★☆☆ Ability to churn  you ★★★★★ 🤪Dialogues ★★★☆☆ 🤯Acting ★★★★☆🤩Cinematography/ shots ★★★★☆😊

For starters, if mystery always gets you on a high and accept it or not, you love scandals like an average human being, you are going to love this. C’mon, you know what you’re walking into. Who do you think you’re kidding? For desserts, watching the episodes of Aashram Season 1 is going to hook you up, leaving you wanting, craving, for Season 2 like a drug addicted Aashram devotee.

What makes Aashram a delicious watch?

🎟️The police 👮‍♂️ Doctor romance❤️👩‍❤️‍👨💖💕💞

The police 👮‍♂️, the forensics 💀 doctor’s romance really holds Aashram together as a wholesome story. As mid thirties characters, it does a great job of displaying a fluttering romance, genuine care, concern and mutual admiration. Amidst the cruel high strung drama of the Baba’s increasing dominance and Game of Thrones, exciting CM battle, the reality show of who wins the CM election 🗳, that as a lazy audience you didn’t see coming, has lots in store than the obvious you expected of Aashram.

The Character arcs are fully developed. You get a backstory 💃💫🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

The police 👮‍♂️ Ujagar Singh
(Darshan Kumaar)

The police officers show a complete character arc through out Aashram Season 1.  The corrupt cop Ujagar Singh (Darshan Kumaar), who’s has made himself comfortable in the way the bureaucracy, power pressure works, learning to bow down to whatever the superiors say, no matter how immoral, just breaks down at the sight of the female forensic doctor 👩‍⚕️. His genuine teenager 🦋 butterflies in the stomach make him like what she likes. He’s drawn to the investigation. There’s also a delicious backstory of his family, his insecurities, why he is how he is.
This is essentially the team you're on, vicariously being part of the investigation team, trying to solve it & gather evidence!

Doctor👩‍⚕️ Natasha
Anupriya Goenka

Doctor Natasha (Anupriya Goenka) begins as an extremely confident forensics doctor filled with her adrenalin rush to be the Sherlock Holmes and solve the murder mystery. She comes from a privileged utopia with highly influential parents and has succeeded in a lot in life, even in turning her life all around despite its obvious limitations. She is a survivor. This has given her an invincible feeling now. That she can win it all. Soon she borrows the fear of her partner as she goes deeper and deeper into the gripping murder mystery trying to piece it all together and the audience gets a taste of her vulnerability as a human being, who does get scared. She still has a cooler head. The presence of mind vs the impulsive police officer makes it interesting.

The doctor is essentially the only voice of reason throughout the season.

The police 👮‍♂️ Vulnerability

What began as an equally apalling anti-hero surprises us with his redeeming qualities. He is not shown all strong. His breakdown when he is drunk gives us a much needed insight into his life. His moments of weakness, are all so human. Taking a 360 degree turn is easier than maintaining it.

Aashram Season 1 Review

Acting ★★★★☆🤩

The direction has been nice. The characters seem convincing. 

Kashipur wale Nirala Baba /  Monty

Bobby Deol really owns being the Aashram's godman Baba with such ease, you might even forget he ever was Bobby Deol!

A quality super rare in starkids to be honest. Bobby Deol has had his fare share of not getting work. The old actor has completely made use of this opportunity. He plays the Godman to the T.  

Bobby Deol's body language, the eyes, the subtle nuances, the very physique itself commands a screen presence that's much needed for a series like Aashram where the whole story is based off real life incidents and the audience already knows it all. Very few rare movie lovers like me are still glued to the screen when they simply know the whole story. But I do understand the constant need to reinvent and change a few things here and there. I cannot imagine anyone else playing the Godman any better. Maybe Jimmy Shergil could have done a similar job. But Bobby Deol does the perfect justice to the role. Absolutely no complaints. Even some of his subtle eye looks were too good to go unnoticed. His hard work shows as an effortless conman pulling the strings of his puppet show with the calm of a saint indeed.

It was hard. Playing a character with one single emotion: the irreversible calm of a saint; and yet portraying everything else going on, was really hard. But Bobby Deol manages it beautifully.

Everyone else is also cast perfectly. 

Who plays Pammi in Aashram?

Aditi Sudhir Pohankar plays a strong young teen Pammi, with the whole character arc convincingly.

Pammi is essentially us. Someone who hates injustice and being walked on ALL THE TIME. She buys in so well eventually, that you cannot but help root for her for the gullible innocence she brings to the screen. In all the trailers and spoilers of Aashram Season 2, and even the opening scene in Episode 1 of Aashram Season 1, you're already in a mid timeline, knowing well what follows all the episodes of Season 1. 

I wish we had a little more meat into why and how she got converted so quickly. That's my only complain for logically justifying the decisions the character takes as Pammi.

Who plays Pammi's brother in Aashram?

Tushar Pandey as Satti is the perfect brother

Satti is essentially I-love-my-sister-so-much I can be influenced by anything brother. Habib Faisal does some justice here by giving us some character arc for Satti. He literally owes his life to Baba but he does not believe in him AT ALL. Not at all. Through his initial disgust we as the audience find some outlet to yell reason into Pammi. But soon we are presented a picture of how can a complete hater be systematically converted. Satti is essentially a man of reason and principles. He was won over by soft power of convincing him how great a soul Baba tript is, how intelligent, how all knowing, and how he's a force of wellbeing, afterall.

Tushar Pandey does a striking job of making us attached to his innocent character that is so gullible towards the later episodes, you want to scream through your phone screens some reason into him. Goddamn it! No! Don't be stupid, stupid!

Who plays Sadhu in Aashram?

Vikram Kochhar as Sadhu is a phenomenal second officer to Ujagar Singh.

The perfect loyal partner in crime you cannot help but fall in love with. Everyone wants a friend like that. He plays it so well, Sadhu is adorable, evokes a sense of concern for him. In many ways he's wiser and stable than his superior. Sadhu does the crucial part of reminding us it is not as easy as it seems to work within a corrupt bureaucracy where all your superiors won't let you change and change, if you do, you gotta be so careful and still play by all rules, not getting in trouble that it becomes all the more enjoyable to see both the sides get away with murder.

That's exactly what Aashram is for you. The criminals and the ones investigating the criminals are constantly crossing boundaries and getting away with murder.

Who plays Bhopa in Aashram?

Chandan Roy Sanyal is smooth, as the King's Bishop just as Sadhu is to Ujagar

Second in command to Kashipur wale Baba is Bhopa, Monty's bestfriend. The chemistry between the two greatest conmen of history is wholesome. You will find yourself bonding a bit for the criminals when they swiftly change from Baba ji to Monty in their private chambers discussing their crimes. There is absolutely no redeeming quality in either. But you are still hooked to see how they man up the other side every single time. They do have brains. And that's what you respect about the Baba and his all-in-one. No story would be exciting if you didn't have smarter cunning villains. Sanyal and Deol make up for good tactfully genius villains.

Who plays the rockstar singer Tinka Singh in Aashram? 

Adhyayan Suman, Shekhar Suman's son is a spicy addition

He looked so legit as Honey Singh and speaking of kids as if he was Mika Singh. You get the picture. I've no complaints from Adhyayan Suman to the point that I cannot believe he did such a good job. (Any work I had seen of him was long long ago). 

But I noticed Tinka Singh in Aashram. You've to. How can you not? He does not do a Tommy Singh but a very very believable Honey Singh. He looks extremely charismatic and handsome and again does a beautiful job of portraying a popular singer full of himself and extremely helpless. He transitions nicely  from extreme disgust and hatred to pure surrender (though I am not clear just out of pressure or genuine belief? What do you think?). 

Just when things would have gone boring with a predictable plot, Tinka adds the much needed sauce. And can I please say, I am super proud of the team for not including an unnecessary sex scene just to show he's rockstar?

Who plays Hukum Singh in Aashram? 

Sachin Shroff is the perfect opposition, ex-CM

Who plays CM in Aashram? 

Anil Rastogi is a very realistic CM

Who plays Kavita in Aashram? 

Anurita Jha is convincing as numb, yet daring Kavita

Kavita is just there. Not much happens in Season 1 of Aashram with Kavita. But Jha sure does a fine act of a Kavita who notices things, is beyond helpless, but still had a hope of leaving the Aashram.

Who plays goon Sunny in Aashram? 

Navdeep Tomar is a pure delight, I tell you! His character as the goon is enchanting to say the least. He is a patient goon, ones who's read Baba's manifesto book and is slowly losing it like a slow poison. Just as the other goon Mirza Ajhar Beg as Gabha remarks:

Be careful of that thing. It's a worse addiction than any
Yet, Sunny brings the much needed comic relief when he quotes from the Saphalta ki Punji. Sunny asking Gabha to stay calm was the most out of the world thing a goon would say and therefore hilarious! You should have seen his face asking for dhairya.

Ability to churn you ★★★★★😵😱😨

Oh, it sure does churn you! You really can't even wait for the warning to jump into next episode. Every episode is a beautifully crafted  piece ending with a tempting cliffhanger.

Cinematography/ shots ★★★★☆😊

Wikipedia is listing Bobby Deol for cinematography, which I feel is a horrible blunder. Aashram looks appealing.

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