Kashmir - Explanation Meaning Interpretation & Analysis(A Father's Day TTT Film)

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Kashmir - A Father's Day TTT Film Review

Actors: Manav Kaul as Vicky,Avijit Dutt, Faisal Batliwala Writer & Director: Sugandha Garg

Shortfilm Rating Ability to churn you  🤪Dialogues★ 🤯Acting ★ 🤩Cinematography/ shots 🤩

Kashmir - Explanation Meaning Interpretation & Analysis

Manav's character's father is dead. All are here to see him. He doesn't know if he should cry, "now". How is he supposed to behave? He denies his father's spirit across the table, as a ghost as "there are no ghosts". So this can't be true that his father is talking to him after he died. There's a lot of noise ONLY for Manav (Vicky). It is how much you let things around you affect you, that is. There is peace and no noise for the ghost. They remember Kashmir & how they've nothing there.

Kashmir is a beautifully written film that has to be peeled layer by layer like an onion

What was the role of the child?

The child is Vicky's child self. 

Meaning of Kashmir shortfilm

The rubbing of oil on the dead body of his father is indicative of arsenal, arms in Kashmir. The explosions, the rage, the war, the preparation of burning. "But I can't even leave your hand"...indicates Vicky can't accept his father is dead. 
(I have seen many deaths). When someone dies, if they were holding your hand just before they died, the hand becomes ABSOLUTELY stiff & you can't get out of that grip. Here, every line; every single line has a deeper meaning. He can't let go of his Kashmir memories as well. They grip as strongly. Their house is gone. But everything else is as is, in Kashmir. "How did it manage to stay as is?"

Who is the child with Vicky (Manav Kaul)?

The child is Vicky's child self. There was a mention of him playing hide n seek in childhood and always hiding behind bukhari. If you hide behind the heater, you're gonna get burnt. A 40-year-old man is as good as a child within him. That's the true reality of Vicky. He sits right there, seeing his real SOUL WITHIN. The little boy is his innocent soul.

A beautiful across the table conversation

He did ask the same question. His dead father. He looked dead. And Vicky couldn't answer that. It was a rhetorical question. Probably not even meant to be answered but to get us thinking. To be living outside of Kashmir, he feels dead. He's lost his soul in running away. Although he has a new TV, money, his life is clearly mocking at him of missing the home in Kashmir. 
Kashmir here could also be a metaphor for everything one ever aspired for.
 The heaven. The cherished treasured bucket list. 
(The father had mentioned, "I felt there was a lot of time"). The sudden death arrests the arrogance of the soul of delaying things. There is never enough time. 
P.S: I know Manav. It seems so interesting to sit & figure out something he acted in. And, it was an honour to have the original writer and director comment that my interpretation and meaning explanation was the best.

Watch Kashmir - A Father's Day TTT Film

It is more than likely that after watching Kashmir (A Father's Day TTT Film) you came here to doveranalyst.com for the Explanation Meaning Interpretation & Analysis. But if you've not seen it yet, watch the beautiful film here.


 Writer & Director  Sugandha Garg
 Cast Manav Kaul, Avijit Dutt, Faisal Batliwala
 Producer Anuj Gosalia, Chintan Ruparel
 Co-Producers Sugandha Garg, Northern Lights
 Creative Producers Sharanya Rajgopal
 Dialogues Sugandha Garg, Manav Kaul
 Cinematographer Sahir Raza
 Camera Operator Ishani Roy
 Sound         Rudra Anand
 Editor Chandan Arora
 Music Arijit Datta
Team ttt: Vish Pijwala, Pracchi Batnagar, Kumail Changezi, Manali Panchal, Shameen Khatri 

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