Starbucks Coffee #Starbucks100 Day | Mumbai, India Vlog

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The doveranalyst Starbucks 100 Vlog

Mumbai Vlog Diaries | Starbucks Edition

Hi guys! My lovely Doveranalyzers!
Starbucks 100 vlog
Here's digging out a chapter from the vlog diaries for you. I have been in love with Starbucks since a very long time, so much so that some first dates took a starbucks loyalty card. Sadly, Starbucks does not equate with other good stuff. Over the years, there has been a long relationship with Starbucks. My KALAGHODA VLOG was also uploaded from Starbucks. In the pre-Jio era, what could you do, after all? Starbucks has given me a shelter when there was no place to pee and I'm out and about in the streets of Colaba, at the airport, when you need to fix a place to meet. Arrivals, and small Help-Me-With-A-Charging-Point halts before you booked your cab.

100 stores in India | #Starbucks100

I had definitely stepped in the Starbucks 100 day. Here's what happened.

What do you think of the thumbnail? Starbucks, Starbucks, Starbucks! I had to go through about 700 hours of footage. That's a lot of 4k stuff. I was very apprehensive of the fact that it's a huge thing! But surprisingly, there wasn't as much buzz as you'd expect Starbucks to create. The Starbucks 100 offer news was just there on radio, I guess, and I was shocked. On social media, you'd share this news with hashtag, #Starbucks100. I don't remember very well, but as a customer I was not touched with this news from various touch points, when everybody else seemed to know.

The crowd for free drinks @ Starbucks

doveranalyst did explain to you int he youtube video, but if you've a slow connection right now, (I know, I know), here's the thing. Starbucks got 100 stores in India. As a celebration, it was offering drinks, (whatever you pick), for flat 100 bucks. Now, usually, the Starbucks coffee is sold for 400 bucks after tax. You know, what I'm saying? You hear me, right? Girl! It's a deal. A big deal. It's also so much fun to line up when a store runs such promotions. No. It's not.
The queue was the only bad thing. It was so much like the free events in Mumbai's iconic Kalaghoda festival (vlog here), where you've to line up to secure your safe spot. Mumbai is the largest city in India. Population wise. So, it goes without saying that if you say you're giving Starbucks coffee for 100 bucks, there's gonna be a mob out there!!

The Starbucks 100 @The TajMahal Palace, Colaba, Mumbai

Now, your girl doveranalyst stays at the TajMahal Palace, Mumbai, India. Just at the Gateway of India, Mumbai. No, she does not. (gotcha!). But, anyways, damn close. Close, it is. So, your doveranalyst could make a quick run to the TajMahal Palace, the iconic five star synonymous with royalty. Starbucks outlets are everywhere in Mumbai. But then, like I always say, Taj is Taj.
Although Colaba is filled with rich people (unlike me), you still see the tourists, the normal people lining up right before they have to go to a meeting there, hoping they can find some time for a once in a lifetime 100 bucks Starbucks coffee.

doveranalyst loves 'em deals

If you've been on doveranalyst for a while, you know, your girl loves a good deal. I'm cheap as hell. Give an awesome thing for less and I couldn't be happier. My mom jokes I would gulp poison if it were free. Lol. Free stuff can be shady. I get that! I get that. I hear you. But, hey I'm a Marketing MBA gold medalist and I love shopping without spending as much. To me, there was no diminishing return of marginal utility here. People were taking tons of takeaways. It wasn't like the unlimited thaalis you can't pack home. Have it all you want. Tis, Christmas. It's Diwali. I don't know. It's a Starbucks celebration. And, Starbucks is giving. From a marketing point of view, it should have created a lot of buzz. I'm assuming there wasn't much promotion, but oh, the word of mouth. It spread like wildfire.

Being prepared for the Starbucks 100 day

I hopped in the previous day to ask about the rush hours. (Rush hours?Really? woman?). No, the counter guy didn't give me that look, although i was quite expecting it. He said what I expected and also what I didn't expect. Starbucks guy said, "It will be good in the afternoon, I guess and maybe the early morning. But not sure, cuz a lot of people come at 7 am in usual days too and we are expecting people to line up by 7am for sure".
Yes. Why, not? Starbucks at 7 am? Although, that sounded so much like an early morning jog and a treat yourself with coffee after, of course doveranalyst couldn't wake up that early to be there in the queue at 7 am sharp on the D day. So, afternoon, it was.

Indians love it cheap cuz why not?

So, like I said in the video. when you're consciously aware you are not going to get the same deal after 24 hours and no, probably never in a lifetime. (If they reached 200 stores, maybe they will sell it @200, duh!). A Starbucks dinner it was.
Remember all those times, you just had milkshake for dinner? Well, a frappecino counts, ok? I could spread some smiles too by spreading this news to my friend, who manned the camera a few times. He couldn't have afforded one. But the Starbucks for 100, was super cute as a memory when someone is leaving Mumbai. What a cute memory to take back home. That was the last shot in the video, where I'm caught candid, happily relaxing, not caring a bit about my posture, or how fat I'm looking. Happily shaking my coffee for the last bits of my caramel in my frappecino. I would straight up take the most expensive Starbucks Coffee that day, cuz isn't it like Harekmaal? Every single thing (Har ek maal), is at the same price. And, doveranalyst loves some caramel and hazelnut in her coffee. What about you?

Starbucks Kolkatta

Also, from a business point of view, so many stores don't ring a good bell, unless all are productive, they would go for pruning. Starbucks Kolkatta is doing awesome, I heard. Starbucks Kolkatta has apparently become a status symbol now. Starbucks selfies are flooding the market, as if it is a Taj selfie. Bengalis have lost it over a Starbucks. Now, there are two types of Bengalis. Starbucks lovers and Starbucks haters. Haters gonna hate and can't stand the self righteous typical Bengali going nuts over a regular American brand in India. Also, not like the brand Starbucks wasn't there in India before. But yes, Starbucks comes in partnership with TATA in India and that, is the game changer. Indians love TATA. The values. The warm, welcoming feeling. Brand TATA is known to take care of you.

Fun, Tiring experience 

In the end, the queuing up paid off. Like I said, the man at the washroom remembered me forever and would salute me every time he met me after. He would smile at me and ask me how I'm. That was super sweet. Were you there at Starbucks 100 day? Stores all over India were offering drinks for 100. Starbucks is known to offer such promotions abroad. Strabucks would offer a free drink to Black people for the Black Lives Matter thing after they ran into that controversy where two Black people were harassed and asked to leave cuz they weren't buying anything, by an untrained employee. That's really sad. Starbucks seems to be wanting to care. It shut down it's operations for one day to train them employees, the basic of civic behavior. Anyways, I'm happy, Indian Starbucks are really nice to us. And, thus, yours truly is a gold card member. But can someone buy me a Starbucks coffee on my own card? Ya know, you got to maintain those points or you ride down to a green member. :P

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