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Hello, hello, this is doveranalyst!

I have no idea why; I'm writing like I begin my intro in youtube videos. The update to my life is this: I have successfully posted a video on youtube. While Lilly Singh has created an exceptionally well made video, showing how the lack of views and adsense is making no sense in her life, even as crazy  content takes the center stage, here's doveranalyst, with many fold problems that we will solve. C'mon. I'm positive. And, by saying positive, I'm not even remotely talking about forced positivity.

For starters, I wish someone told Blogger that "positivity" is a word. It keeps showing it in red, even though, I'm not using Word to type this quickie.

For desserts, I'm glad Google, (that actually owns Blogger), is aware that positivity is a word, indeed. And a noun at that. 

Here's doveranalyst's life video update:

A vlog in the streets of Mumbai

After having all that #cuttingchai and #gannekajuice, and spamming some people on fb, here I am.

Yes, I am happy. At the weirdest little things

I cannot even begin to tell you how happy my life has become, since I changed the default font on Google Chrome. While I thought that Blogger made some instant updates like Instagram, (wait, what?); turns out it was just a simple decision of changing the default font of a browser that can take the Times New Roman out of my life.

The default Times New Roman 

No, Bill Gates, as much as I love being lazy, I do not, (in the least bit), like the common, the ordinary,the forced upon Times New Roman. Maybe I am not that Roman. Or Calibri either.
Tweet: No, Bill Gates, as much as I love being lazy, I do not, (in the least bit), like the common, the ordinary,the forced upon Times New Roman. Maybe I am not that Roman.

Don't judge me. I may not be as Casey Neistat to scratch off the Rayban from my sunglasses, (which, I don't have anymore), but I sure love leaving my imprint into something. And most of my life decisions include not settling. Not settling for the default. Also, it's cool that my eyesight will improve (mark the pledge to speak positive and understand, ok?). So, having a bold and huge font everywhere is my aesthetic. Yes, you heard me right, Microsoft.

If anyone ever thought computers hampered their eyesight, they are blinded by brightness. Cuz, they don't even use it. Increasing the font makes so much of a difference to a better and stress free life. Those eyes, they're thanking you, girl.

YouTube and Videos running Less or NO ADS

Youtube has been quite nice in answering. After appeals to my videos, most of them have been removed from the inappropriate for most advertisers category. Since, I do not even swear on my channel or in real life, it really is, phenomenal in how the cleanest and most family-friendly content ever was marked inappropriate. The best example being a video that had just two words, "pink" and "rendered". It was an old version of the now DIY pot painting video, which you might see, where I engage in talking to you about my friend's wedding.

Youtubers I've been addicted to lately : Safiya Nygaard

Safiya Nygaard is taking the internet by storm. Well known from the buzzfeed videos, (Her WHY I LEFT BUZZFEED video, is staggeringly at 10M views), Safiya's youtube channel is blowing up. Earlier, it was just Amber Scholl, whose channel, I have been following and now it's Safiya. Safiya and Tyler are the epitome of affable. So likeable that you can't resist to get more of them. Also, her videos make so much sense as she tends to get into depth and analyze every last thing, just like me. I relate a lot with her.

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