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It was amazing. No, just the thought that somebody could do it, was amazing. Those expressions, I tell you! Weren't they the sweetest melting cake you ever had?

Kangana Ranaut Hrithik Roshan Controversy / True Story had kind of been forgotten

Let me put it this way. The Mohenjodaro Harappa old controversy of Hrithik Roshan being in an imaginary non-relationship with Kangana Ranaut and Kangana Ranaut being in an alleged actual relationship had become an old meme. People had given up. But Kangana Ranaut sure knows what works. And she always has intelligent comebacks. 

My background checkRaveena Tandon's blog

To give you a perspective, I have seen the entire 1 hour Kangana Ranaut interview on Aap ki Adalat. I also read the entire Raveena Tandon blog. Being a blogger, I was looking for the original blog from Raveena Tandon, which I couldn't find. All the newspapers, magazines, tabloids were filled with the whole thing, except for the original source. And, that was damn irritating.

Fiercely bold Indian female actress in speaking their minds

Indian cinema is becoming fiercely bad-ass, especially with the female role models being epitome of 'no non-sense' personalities. Starting from Priyanka Chopra who has repeatedly been consistent with her brand and made everyone learn her core values, and how she wouldn't bend down or take no for an answer to the fearless

  • Kalki Koechlin, (if you've not seen her blush videos, you should now)
  • Vidya Balan, (for not taking a certain figure/dressing stereotype for an answer)
  • Sonam Kapoor, (for always speaking her mind, being real about the work, makeup, flaws)
  • Deepika Padukone, (for always speaking about gender disparity in pay and treatment even to the reigning bollywood divas)
  • Richa Chadda (AIB's video showing stalking through the generations)
  • and many more
In the famous actress round tables, they all speak up. They speak up everywhere. Much before Kangana Ranaut made the period blood statement, she had spoken about nepotism. But nothing said is better than pure enactment. When you see everything in action, it is hilarious and sarcastic to the core. Even for someone who knows nothing of the Bollywood inside references, a lot is understood. 

Kangana Ranaut - AIB | Coz I have Vagina Re

Coz I have a Vagina re, has repeat value. You can actually watch it more than once. And, to top it all, it is a zillion times better than Chitiyan Kalaaiyan re. To be honest, when I first saw Chitiyan Kalaaiyan, I googled, like everyone else. Then, I realised I can ask for movies and gold earrings based on white wrists. In a way, I was also surprised that the song Chitiyan Kalaaiyan had taken us back to the regressive fair is better social promotion. And this is a new song from 2016, that's not that old. But anyone who put any mind to any popular song these days, would put doveranalyst's over analysis to shame. Cuz, hey, even I don't do that. Having said that, what the writers have done in 'Coz I have  a Vagina re, is commendable. They managed to link it all. I would be interested to see what were the lines they cut out. AIB, are you listening? I'm game.

Coz I have Vagina re Bollywood Diva Song Frame by Frame

Toilet Paper wala script

Toilet paper idea was bang on Coz I have Vagina re video production. I am inferring whatever AIB tried to portray through the song and the video here. The script for the actress, is deemed as trash, anyways, and thus, it really does not matter what she says. Also, in the later footage, hero's script was a bigger sheet of paper, also implying more dialogue and screen space. 

They do show Kangana having a temper and not being so nice to the makeup artist. (I personally don't approve of that. But maybe it adds character and grey layers to the heroine as well, cuz nobody's a saint). And, just then comes the script; a neat roll of toilet paper. Well, if you've words like, 'Mal de iodex mere seene pe apne hoton se', (apply balm on my chest with your lips), that's just as cringy and obnoxious you could get. Needless to add that it was a toilet paper happily resting in dustbin with some shit.
I had a re-look at the video. If you look closely, she gets pissed AFTER SHE GETS THE SCRIPT.

The director doesn't know the female lead

cuz it's female, duh

Coz I have a vagina re official music video: Director does not recognize Kangana
Coz I have a vagina re official music video: Director does not recognize Kangana

Even after the actress introduces herself, he is clueless. The tiny bit of attention to detail are the Assistant Director's expressions as well. Even after Priya (Kangana Ranaut), goes on to offer book of thesaurus of synonyms that slowly downgrade, they look utterly clueless on who she possibly could be. The serious touch of acting craftsmanship, adds humor to the scene. 
Coz I have a vagina re official music video: Director does not recognize Kangana
Coz I have a vagina re official music video: Director does not recognize Kangana
She has to further down the terminology to "love interest". That's when Kangana Ranaut seems vaguely familiar. The synchronization of the Director and the Assistant Director going "Oh!" at the same time, is equally hilarious.
We know someone like "love interest" exists. Of course, we do.
Coz I have a vagina re official music video: Director recognizes Kangana Ranaut as love interest
Coz I have a vagina re official music video: Director recognizes Kangana as LOVE INTEREST

Kangana Ranaut's character is a physicist. Don't you see how carefully the lyricist chose the words iodex? (Side note: How kinky is this physicist? And, who on earth puts iodex on chest! It's not Vicks.)

Epic Hero Entry Shot - Karan Johar's Kabhie Khushi Kabhie Gham style

We all know that there has to be a hero entry shot, just like the must have kamar shot. This was the perfect rip-off from Kabhie Khushi Kabhie Gham's Shahrukh Khan's entry. Just like the doting mother played by Jaya Bachhan, the director senses the entry of the hero from miles of distance. Instead of the tika, there's the drug shot. (I wonder how youtube did not demonetize this video, lol). AIB has done a good job of making it so funny. The powder here is snorted in and for a change, even this act was very convincing.
(none of us remember, the character name. Not like it was Rahul).

The hero autograph shot

I really pity the extra. But this is a very typical activity. And, this particular social phenomenon is not even unique to any particular era or genre. The rockstars, the Hollywood and who's who of Bollywood have all seen crazy fans wanting to have autographs on their bodies. The point to note in the direction here is the absolute nonchalance of the hero. The hero does not even look at the fan. And, this exaggerates this act of daily monotonous routine, where they couldn't care less, but crave for the attention all the time. The hero even throws the pen after signing his autograph. Have we ever heard of this before?
@doveranalyst Hero autograph shot
While everyone thinks that AIB's dig is only at Shahrukh Khan, it is not. The hero in this Coz I have  a vagina re- Bollywood diva song, is the quintessential Bollywood hero, who has his tantrums, and throws an attitude. He is insanely popular and is used to attention like the oxygen he breathes. In several bits and pieces we see this character transitioning into other heroes as well, some that we know of. How many references, did you get?

Lyrics of Coz I have a Vagina Re

Khub maare main aake yahan,
Aaj jaana tum bhi meri baat,

Thumka is the act of moving your hips .
The London da Thumka was quite a memorable song. What they're referring here is the fact that most women just have to give some gyrating movements.
Kalaiyan repeat is struck with "sunke". Usually, 'sunke lena' is an act of listening to someone who is having a mic drop moment as in here.
Not sure if they meant it though. But that is the parody reference of just repeating a word when you find, well, nothing else to throw in the composition that you've received.

Thak gayi nki ass chum chum ke,
Inse jyada broad minds hain baboons ke,
I am done kissing their asses.
Even baboons have more broad minds than them

  • Sycophancy is a thing. And we all know it. And it is true to all industries across the world. It is a global phenomenon. The human heart and mind seeks love and appreciation from everyone it meets. All the top bosses, whether or not they admit it, love some praise, honest or not. Those who maintain their sycophancy are able to be at the top easily. 
Mann ja ve,
O mera role badha de,
Mann ja ve,
Mann ja ve kaanch ki ceiling gira de,
Sirf chaddi mein nachaiyaan ve..

Here Priya (not Kangana Ranaut literally, you know), urges the hero to literally 
'drop the glass ceiling'
 and have the same pay for women too. Also, since hero is the ultimate casting director, in the pre-Mukesh Chhabra era, when Bollywood did not even know what a casting director was.
While the men rarely strip, women are always seen in next to no clothes. Thus, the literal reference of making one dance in lingerie. Post the John Abraham stance, that changed a little in Bollywood. And who else but Karan Johar can be applauded for the welcome change of objectifying men? The John Abraham peek shot in Dostana was remembered even more than Priyanka's water shot, if you know what I mean. Personally, it will be very interesting to see the trend of Padmavati and Bajirao style fully clothed women and shirtless clean men.

There was also an equally lingering shot in Humpty Sharma ki Dulhaniyan, drooling on Siddharth Shukla's abs. But the point is, we can list out all the epic men shots. That's because we don't even need to remember that for women. Every single movie, has a thing or two related to women, while the men are seen completely clothed. If a handsome face is all it takes for a man to tantalize the female/gay/ same gender crush audience, a beautiful face should be all for a woman too. Take the case in point in Chitiyan Kalaiyan. If you're saying white wrists are what I got, and why you should be drooling over me for the rest of your life, then why did we need to show everything other than the wrists.

Na sunte meri,
coz I have a vagina re

Is the crudest possible way of saying, they don't listen to me because I am a woman.
Somehow, even as I say it, the repeat factor of the chorus is still taboo. It gets your goosebumps on. You could speak of it with your doctor, in a scientific set-up, with your close friends, or maybe in a one on one. But in a popular song? No.
It does not have the societal acceptance that euphemism of balls has got. Maybe some kids still think there are some magical, cricket/tennis/football/hogwarts balls to have that make you gutsy. Primarily, the reason why, it shows how accepted and synonymous it is in our society to say : You got the balls, man. And we say that to women too. Oh, hell, yeah. Maybe because we never had an equivalent statement that could match balls= bravery?

Coz i have vagina re,
Mahino se carbs bhi khai na re,
Coz i have vagina re,
Clevage front page pe chapaiyaan re,
Coz i have vagina re,
Objectify even my kalaaiyaan re,

Haven't even eaten carbs since months, cuz I am a woman
  • Everyone knows, how anorexia is famous in women and fashion. The showbiz industry used to spread the diabolic message of dieting, 
  • not eating and 
  • being a size zero, 
  • losing all curves possible before the Wolkswagen ad happened, that told us; Curves are back. 

  • Vidya Balan and Sonakshi Sinha said it is ok to be whatever shape and yet be the leading lady in Indian cinema.

Post my cleavage on the front page, cuz I am a woman.
  • (The Deepika Padukone and Times of India controversy reference. To sum it up, Bollywood actor Deepika Padukone spoke in very strong words against the act of TOI taking a picture of her, without her consent, when she was genuinely bending in an award show and put it in their content for absolute click bait traffic. No matter how much an actor may expose in her work (acting/modeling), paparazzi doesn't have the right to take photograph in compromising situations and benefit out of it, she said.

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