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The Blogger blogspot journey to custom domain drama

Ok, we moved. I mean, seriously. The new address is from blogger to a bird flying to custom domain
Switching from "Blogger" to "Custom domain"
If you wish to hire me for these kind of cool blog graphics, well, hire me!

I have been on blogger since time immemorial. Yes, go ahead and say it's an old figure of speech. But, guess what? That's how old exactly, this platform is.

Blogger, the company owned by Google, had stopped innovating on the Blogger offering since really long. Come, on. Google ain't instagram. You won't get an update all the time.

For many years I have been reading up and contemplating the shift from blogger to my own custom domain. I also secretly hoped somebody would give it to me as a gift. Oh, come on. I am the queen of thrifting. Who, wouldn't? (Wouldn't hope, I mean.)

@doveranalyst from to
I am a sane Marketing MBA topper. And, with that comes the curse of optimization of resources. You begin to think that if you haven't earned anything from your blog yet, you might as well, wait it out and invest the money you earn from your business into growing your business. Sounds pretty ok so far? Kinda. But reality is a little different. The Godaddy 99 rupees offers have come and gone. Your doveranalyst was always adamant on not investing on it, also because, come to think of it, it only looks professional. That's all that's there to it, isn't it?

The fears, myths, and my own personal experience

shifting from Blogger to buying my own domain is a thing now, at least for a year
Let's put it this way: I might be alluring enough for a nice dinner in Taj, but nobody felt like gifting this to me. So, girls, I gifted it to me. 
Having a positive outlook to life is not a good thing to have. It is a must.
Write that down somewhere. Or maybe I should put it on a shirt and sell it. Would you buy?
So, are we broke and on the street? No. Then, we are doing good, my angels! Why I say this is, the tantalizing offer of 99 and a .com is too good to be true. All the bais (maids), being shown in godaddy ads are, well, not bais. Bais can afford a 8k smartphone. And let's not forget they have a steady income and have weird spending decisions.
There is the obvious hidden marketing cost with it. And if you're living in India in the golden era of all time, then there's GST as well. Your dot .com comes with a GST. And, no, no company is actually giving it to you for 99. You have to adopt a child and feed it all the time. In short, there's a recurring expense of 800 or more, if you just buy the domain, every year. And, oh, don't even get me started about the expenses, if you also took their hosting and email addresses offers!

But is a blogger to a custom dot com domain even worth it?

I kept on reading blogs and articles and bloggers who have done it themselves, on how bad it actually is. And, by that I mean, the migration. Switching from your own old treasured blogspot means you lose all your links. Wait. That's what she said. I mean, everyone said. And, if you say that a zillion times, boy, isn't it true?

No, you don't lose your link juice } Blogger to Custom Domain Switch

Thank me for breaking this to you, but dear blogger friend, you ain't losing a thing if you go directly from blogger. The redirection, itself from to is not even counted as a redirection; (redirection, is very bad for Google rankings). But, well, well, looks like internal things ain't counted. For e.g., if you used, for your redirection like I did, technically made even more sense than, cuz that's even more trendy? I don't know. The lack of food is talking right now. What I am trying to propose right now, basically means that I can surpass years of publicity and awareness, (and, wait, did I say "learning", if you know what I mean), of ".com", by some tiny url shortening service's newest innovation.
doveranalyst making a face
But however fancy that little .com ring might be, it ain't getting me to breakup. Not because I don't want to. But because every relationship will have its own demons. That's why, this picture of me makes the non-usual doveranalyst sad face. Like, ok. I am just drinking this all in. I mean, I know. I have been doing a PhD lately, in switching and hopping. But, hey, ever heard of a thing called laid back?
Yeah, that. And, also, just the fear (imagine Voldemort and some soul sucking dementors for appropriate imagery), taking away years of your hard work from you. That would mean, even the one link back that I would have earned, will, well, go away.
But, Oh, Hell, no! (Fluffy reference).
Looks like it won't. I had to pull the trigger right before my birthday. And, that was like an early birthday present/disaster depending on how it turned out. Let me not give you high hopes, it was a disaster in many ways. One of them being, I still don't know if you can see ads on this site. And, if you do, be the first to click on it and let me know it works, please? Comments are right at the end of this post. Be nice. Add to good Karma. (:

But, let's go to the good things, first. Now, shall we?

Pros of shifting from blogger blogspot domain to custom domain
No, wait. I am no blogger guru and no, I won't give you any gyan. But tbh, what did I really feel?
Nothing much. The .com ring is fab, obviously. Kind of made of diamonds or something. But being an indian, .in was even a character less than the three in .com. But we roll with whatever is cheap. And, right now, that little less expensive in our cost evaluation was even more widely known .com.

Free Hosting with Blogger = You got a .com website

doveranalyst kind of thinking the pros of shifting
from blogger to .com
The thing with free is that everyone loves it, whether or not they accept it. However, sometimes, it also comes with the problems associated with it. But then haven't we been dealing with these said problems for the last so many years? I had tried to change my template so many times, only to encounter some mishap and learning to switch back to my disney land castle of customizations. These are the moments when I truly realize what a creator I am. I love customizing everything that meets my eye. (Yes, go hide). Don't get me wrong. I have tumblr at have but wordpress ain't giving you any hosting for free. They all say it is the best but if Google is the biggest search engine that's giving us everything, how can it not support its own little baby, Blogger? I don't know. If you're still reading this, we're in this together. We have pulled the trigger. We bought the domain and we even decided to use it. Now what? What changed?
  • Links remain
  • Free hosting with blogger lets you buy domain from them or elsewhere like or and then freely host it with them
  • Ah, the diamond ring of the sound of .com
  • Well, what on earth happened with the ranking? They say it will improve.

Old Blogger template to new blogger template

For one, at least the google page developers page speed testing improved. Not because of the domain change. But definitely because of the obvious revamp to the blog template. Now, come on. After you spent on the domain, you'll certainly spend some time changing the site's clothes, now won't you?
But, because I took another major plunge of completely changing my template and re-customizing everything from the beginning, I got rid of the bad boys, shareholic and things. The blog, along with this post is still WIP and will include a lot more juice.

I never earned with Shareholic.

How is that even possible, right? You, tell me, shareholic. Basically, it seems like a perfect scam and some perfect share buttons. But I am stripped a bit, with lot of flairs missing and coming back to just the basics isn't as bad. was also addng several jquery scripts which led to the page speed being slow.

My idea of html editing is finding colors on google and changing them. This new template was pretty cool cuz I could customize it. We will make it more professional. As of now, please let me know whatever you see as an error or something.

The CONSEQUENCES of shifting your blog to custom domain

I speak only from experience. I have recently switched from blogger blogspot to .com. A lot of big youtubers like sjlovesjewelry still have their blogspot address and she has a lot of money anyways, as it is, from her family. She makes about 4 lac per month herself. Yet she never decided to go .com.

For starters GoDaddy was my choice for better or worse. If you call them in the night you get some lovely accent to converse with. If you call them in the day time, there are Indian people who are trying to help but, well. My final experience with a girl, however was very good and she got it solved.
the cons of shifting to a custom domain from blogger's
 free hosting

My DNS update happened perfectly for my other blog. 
Of course, I did not have the guts to pull the trigger directly on this one. I wanted to see if everything is working perfectly or not. Then, once it immediately redirected in the URL field, I was pumped and repeated the same process for this one.But, it never redirected. For days. 4 A name records and 2 C Name records have to be added in GoDaddy DNS settings page, from where you manage your DNS. One of my C Name record vanished the other day because I had not deleted the already existing C name records. The foreignor had happily accepted the error and taken accountability on Godaddy's part. He asked me to delete everything other than the 6 requirements from Google's blogger immediately. After that it was ok for about 24 hours and I was done waiting and waiting. When I checked again, some A name records had vanished on their own. Mind you, any vanishing, clicking save again, any possible change will trigger the 24-48 hour time for the redirection. That will mean that, anybody clicking on your link at the time will never load anything even on the Fast and Furious 20 speed of data connection.

That said, all of this meant—in simple words—that, I was in soup. No matter what I did, the vanishing of the A name records also led to "some form of update", and voila, your time of 48 hours starts right now. It was as if the clock timer wouldn't even begin while we are begging for it to end asap. Now, you know, why I am making that face. 

After numerous attempts of calling the customer care, finally, it was done. Of course, there's no suspense. Didn't you check the URL while you're here. It's .com, baby. Basically, we paid for the blogspot word to go from our life. Or more? I don't know, as of now. But certainly, there will be an update to this post and so, you'd know too. Make sure to comment and subscribe to the comments to watch what happened when doveranalyst tested out GoDaddy and Blogger.
  • I had to go and update my site and re-verify
  • all tags and verifications done prior to this were gone. But that's ok. It ain't a lot to do, now that even yahoo search engine is controlled by only bing webmasters.
  • the adsense, though
  • https died. As of 2017, blogger supports https secure connections only for sites 

Google Ad Sense after shifting from blogspot to custom domain .com

Yes, a very peculiar problem. Just like the other tags and verification on the site that vanished, my ads stopped showing on my site. After many trials and errors, I removed all ad units, put a brand new template, customized it all over again, and in this clean slate of affairs, I added the page level sticky ads from google. Also, this template tells me the ads are kinds locked as the content moves on the desktop version. The irony of google ad sense is that, I still cannot see any other than my preview window of the theme page.

Some posts said that as ads are not showing after updating to custom domain from blogger settings with a domain that you previously own. I was certainly not the only one. But that doesn't solve our problem, now does it? We also don't have a customer care or any accents in the hosting department. All you can do, is send the orangey feedback. I had to reupdate the ad code. I created some new ad units. And, now in Adsense, they show that they're active but I seriously need you to tell me, if you can see any on your end.

Making this switch from blogger blogspot to custom domain was primarily to have a better rank, better ads, better professionalism, you know—all that jazz. So, let's see how it goes. Roll with me.

© Copyright owned by Doveranalyst. This work cannot be reproduced without attribution. However, sharing a link would mean a lot to me! Thanks!
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