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You wanted to see #doveranalyst in #saree.
And, it's done!



Also, I can't possibly just leave you with only VIVEGAM OFFICIAL TRAILER REACTION, right? So, here are the Vivegam Trailer Reaction BLOOPERS, along with some vlog footage. So, enjoy the Bhubaneswar, India vlog, doveranalyst madness style. Enjoy being goofy, making mistakes and laughing on them.

Why we love Bloopers

I have always loved bloopers.
In fact, for me bloopers are way more interesting than the original content also. I am growing as a youtuber as you can tell. I constantly believe in constantly improving. You ask why I say this? Well, have a look at my really well earning blooper video. (which means, I earn 1$ from it. So, do your good karma. Make sure you never skip an ad. ;)

Introduction to Tamil Cinema (South Indian Cinema)

The story of the VIVEGAM OFFICIAL TRAILER REACTION + BLOOPERS! is crazy. I did not know who Thala Ajith Kumar is before. Then, I did my first reaction video in Tamil language genre. I don't even understand a single word of Tamil. And, as you could obviously guess, I did not know any Tamil stars. My entire history of knowing anything close south would be Rajnikanth or at max Chiranjeevi and even then, I would not recognize Chiranjeevi if you showed me his face.

So, obviously I had no idea who Thala Ajith Kumar is. But, then I had only reacted to Vivegam Teaser when it first dropped, based on requests from my lovely D'angels and D'stars, (that's what I call my family of subscribers on YouTube and everywhere on social media that support me). You give me a chance to connect beyond language barriers to what is most important. You can never know much of books, art or cinema. I am fascinated by the different kinds of filmmaking and storytelling means.

I have been friends with senior game designers and worked on simulations. I have designed them, and worked on that front of creativity in addition to script writing.

Movies and the love of storytelling

Movies, are definitely what brings home, a classic taste of manipulating and spoiling the human mind with illusions to tell and suggest so much to the human psychology to tell so much in such short time. I can always watch a movie. Also, talking about and addressing stardom, we don't realise humility. No matter how big you're someone on planet earth may not know you. People I know, do not know the biggest youtuber with the maximum subscribers on earth - Pewdiepie, and similarly people don't know Thala Ajith Kumar either. YouTube and social media in general, in trying to be a public figure here, has widened my horizons. And, thank you for that. You must know that you have made my life awesome. Thank you.

doveranalyst storytime videos

I also have some story time videos. Hope you enjoy them too. Here's when your beloved D was mistaken for Deepika Padukone.
Wait, what?
Remember this scene and still from the famous Farah Khan directed, Om Shanti Om, Bollywood debut of Deepika Padukone?
Part 1 of YouTube Mobile Live Storytime where I tell you exactly what happened in Filmcity, Mumbai that I was confused for Deepika Padukone.
Part 2 of YouTube Mobile Live Storytime where I tell you exactly what happened in Filmcity, Mumbai that I was confused for Deepika Padukone.
The time your Uber Driver played Enrique and earned 1.5 lacs a month and made sure you know it.
My now married, MBA roomie and I, went Crawford Market shopping only to encounter anti-secular hate speech transmitted through a loudspeaker in Manish Market, Mumbai, adding to intolerance so openly. This was public and that's exactly what should send a chill down Mumbai Police's spine. They couldn't find my three expensive electronic devices. Nevertheless, Mumbai Police is usually the best. But, in this particular instance where we were scared like crazy and also, somehow to some extent, not really. That, is a dangerous signal. We are so used to hate that it didn't bother us as much as it should have. As a responsible citizen, however, I did put it in my blog and urge you, who's spending your time reading this, to spread love. Never ever hate. If you really need to hate something that bad, please hate bad deeds and do something about it. Bad deeds that should actually send a chill down your spine happen across religions, cultures, language, caste and creeds.
Just as Rahul Bose had said in his speech in my B-school graduation days, pick only thing that angers you. Do something about it. That will help you create change.

Nothing is more your own, than your own true self, your own soul and humanity. Everything else comes after.- doveranalyst 2017

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