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The Vivegam Official Teaser Reaction crossed 16k views. No kidding.
Being an overtly reactive element, reactions come natural to me. doveranalyst is someone who over analyzes. I'm certainly a larger than life creature, always dancing and prancing around in glee. I try my best to be a happy person and spread positivity and warmth. I used to be called Na and K, cuz I was so reactive all the time. Those were the two elements I used to remember in the Periodic table, therefore. Haha. doveranalyst is still very much, the expression ki dukaan.

Vivegam Official Teaser reaction and interaction with such loyal Thala Ajith Sir fans taught me so many things. For starters, an artist needs a fan.
I have not seen the bollywood movie, Fan but living in India, I know what a fan is. (I meant other than the 'What's up?', 'Oh, ceiling fan', reference).

Thala Ajith Sir fans are very loyal. If they love you, they love you. South is known to worship their heroes. What surprised me further was, Ajith Kumar is a hero for Thala fans because of who he is. Acting is just a tiny part. Part of showbusiness, Thala fans like him because of his humble beginnings, his personality, honesty, dare to go sans makeup and with white hair, keeping it natural. I would have never dreamt of such things. Just like Bollywood, Tollywood is also filled with rivalry. But I appreciate objective judgement of things. You don't have to hate another actor cuz you like one. You see? The more you give, the more you get. If you give love, your positive karma rises. Just as I say in the honking video, don't let the negative karma rise. Haha.

doveranalyst remembers her first subscriber

It is crucial for your viewers to love you and your channel. I had earned my first subscriber +ketan keshri from #fame. In those days, some of my other actor friends were paid a ton of money to live stream on this app.
I was a free service enthusiast, though. Nobody paid me anything. He used to attend my shows (all livestream content) and supported my YouTube channel. The first day of this baby, just when the channel doveranalyst was born. You might be surprised to know that my first ever subscriber was not someone I knew in my everyday life. Also, someone I have never met. Someone I have absolutely no influence on. Someone who wouldn't do it for just being my friend, you know? Someone who actually loved my work. This man liked my facebook page, and my channel, when I had not even posted a single video. I cannot begin to express the first rush of blood that hits you, when you have your first subscriber.

Starting YouTube in 2017

When you do not share your youtube life with people you know, it may be impossible to start in 2017. Just as +pewdiepie says, the first 100 subscriber moment is huge, it makes you really really happy, I was at the top of the world, when I earned my unique +YouTube URL.(Ok, somebody, tell Jio to tag youtube).

YouTube had never been this tough before. A lot of changes (all of them, last moment), was the toughest challenge to new budding YouTube creators. We all know that ad rates are differentially very low in India. So, if you intend to make even 10 bucks, you must have millions of views.
Views are not counted unless you have been watching a video at a stretch. Rewinding a video adds to points. The moment a video drops, sharing it all over social media and nearly creating a spam war, makes it reach the suggested video page. Blog referral links really help. But who's got the time to do all of this trolling with your own content when you have to look good (most difficult part for me), film it right, edit it, color grade, do the sound correction, noise reduction, organise all filed from different cams, hard disks, add music that's also copyright free, check for any form of copyright infringement chances, (even though taking content for analysis purpose is legal in both fair use US and Indian YouTube policy,) Once all the edits are locked, you have to wait a century for the video to render (and only hope, there's no error of any form after it took all your youth to finish). I use two professional editing suites and both of them have come with an update! Yippee. I love creating. And creating the best. The toughest learning for me has been to settle. Sometimes, settle for not the best. While you want to up your youtube game and share the best possible video you could make, there is a mass production and sub4sub spam(that YouTube wants to stop), running in the background. While I am worried about my sound quality, despite an original RODE microphone, (that is damn expensive), and professional post noise reduction, and bumping the sound a bit in the editing process, there are youtubers who produce videos with just the mobile microphone. The quantity really helps. Having excelled in whatever I've done, I love being the best. It takes effort, learning and above all, time. And time, is the most crucial resource over here. So, I've learnt to let go. With time, I am going to improve and better the game even more.

Internet has been another struggle. And the struggle is real. When I once said I'm so broke, a dear subscriber thought I was kidding. But when I referred to using my mobile data plan to upload videos to youtube, he was sure I wasn't kidding. Buying a camera that has rear 4k and front 2k is futuristic. Being Indian middle class, you think of the future. When you have a global audience, they are not going to settle for less. And thus, your laptop screen should also be 4k to be able to view what you are editing in 4k. Also, a laptop that can support 4k video editing is going to need a lot of that horse power and tons of money. However, rendering it to 2k or 4k, really takes twice or thrice that century time and time, is important.

BBC tip: When you're counting 180 -300 bucks, VAT, service charge, the cheapest thing you can buy so you can legally use a cafe's Wi-Fi to upload, it's time to ask your subscribers to never skip an ad.
BBC stands for Broke Bitch in Colaba
And then YouTube suddenly decides you cannot earn even those 4$ you put in your piggy bank, until you reach 10k views. But we did it. After the spell of not even being able to add to piggy bank of possible earnings, we crossed that milestone and more. Collective positive energy can work wonders. The least you can do is believe in me. And, together we will.

Being a girl on Social Media

Countering negativity is a huge thing on social media. There will be people who will call you ugly. For someone I'm ugly af. (I respect their opinion, though I don't quite agree with them). I have got this self-confidence with effort. Only 2% women believe they are beautiful. Let's change that.

The inner beauty of your soul is far more important than your dark circles. - doveranalyst 2017

There was a time I had an inferiority complex. But I've learnt the lesson and grown a lot in life. You need to love yourself. It's not vanity, it is crucial. At the same time, if someone does not agree with your opinion, just be ok with it. Acknowledge it and let go, you know? They are just not holding the bee today. (Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder ( I mean, BEE holder).

In order to not lose it and have a healthy mental balance, you got to be grounded. Never seek external validation. Be ok with yourself. Some comments would tear you up for being sans makeup. And when you wear makeup for your videos, there would be some who would want to say you're extra or fake.
Little did they know how much over the top makeup others put on, lol. You need a peace, a calm, a tranquility within your soul to realise that everyone's exposure to content is different. Not everyone knows what you know. So, the spectrum of the theory of relativity is very very different for them and you.

A huge part of adulting or growing up is to realise this. No one sees the world as you do.

Aditi, the Indian comedian commented on the round table with Rajeev Masand on being a female stand-up comic in India in 2017. She was not ok with people writing hate comments on her channel. The males get hate comments too. I'm sure someone as famous as Tanmay or Zakir Khan have got their share of hatred. You're not supposed to take it personally. @iisuperwomanii and Jenna Marbles, who was her inspiration in youtube get their share of hatred even today.

You have to be mature enough to understand the hatred is not directed at you. Neither is it because of your work. It is a way more personal war that's going on there. Lilly Singh got racist comments recently and posted a roast video to educate the racist that India, Pakistan and Afghanistan are actually 3 different countries. I like the message and humor. I don't take underperformance at anything. If you're a racist, it's time you become a good one. Haha.

More than any other learning in YouTube, it will be important to be happy about dislikes.
For starters, people can randomly dislike your video. Without even watching it. For desserts, it actually helps your video. Next time, you hate something, don't actually dislike it. It brings it in the engagement report and brings it on top on the YouTube watch list. +Pewdiepie, the biggest youtuber with 55 million subscribers, enlightens us.
People like Rebecca Black and Justin Beiber started getting famous because of their youtube videos getting tonnes of dislikes.
Miranda Sings is a channel that banks so much on the HATERS, that she got two seasons of Haters Back Off on Netflix.
When some people think my expressions are a little too much, I usually give Coleen Ballinger's Miranda Sings reference. She's a pretty girl with a sane channel as Psycho Soprano too. But who cares? The character Miranda that she created, pays the bills. If you ever hear someone say exaggeration, you know where to pass them on.

Ad revenue is important. But so is Love.

Isn't everything we do in life, a way to be loved a little more? (Before Sunrise 1995).
It is surprising how a 1995 movie still makes so much sense. If you know the Before trilogy, we are friends! My blog post on Before Sunset quotes.

So, you feel loved. And that's important. It is very healthy. You get loyal lovers like +Starry Sheikh  and +shubham tripathi who watch all your videos without fail. And every video has their comments. +abhay no regrets tells me to post some of my pics on instagram. Well, I started then. (I've always been so scared. Looking at @amberscholl insta, you shouldn't be though. She happily sports a stone studded bikini, while we wonder what would...
+Anand Tuse begins to think what should work. And as a special comment, +Adhiraj Barmeshwar catches my eye. Cuz first time in history, someone called me sis. Like, this happened before Vivegam. (Adhiiiiiiraj, Bro, "Like", was on purpose, this time.;)

And post Vivegam, I did see a lost of sista, sister and sis comments. I had forgotten that the word sister existed. That a man can ever call a woman sis. (+BehenhogiTeri's dialogue: Who in the right sense of mind would want to say, what a girl, how I wish she was my sis, comes to mind?)

So much so that, hilarious as it would be, Bro +Adhiraj Barmeshwar and I happened to meet on a comment section of a standup video on YouTube, and someone commented, Nice try, man. And he says, she's my sis. And he wonders what a comeback that was, until he finds out.

Positive vibrations and the Collective Intention

We have stopped believing in pure connections and positive vibrations. That there can be heart- warming interactions. That there is a power. That there is a touch. That there is a feeling that can even touch your heart virtually. That it need not be lust/attraction/love/bromance that drives everything. Just as I post today on, there are so many connections we also happen to make, (or might be seriously missing out on), if we are relying just on tinder, trulymadly, meetup, wechat,snapchat,instagram, to meet new people.

You would never meet a taxi driver who would tell you how he never had to buy an umbrella in Mumbai, ever. And have you wondered what a sudden relaxation on your guilt trip you would have missed?
Now, you don't have to sulk and make a face, staring at your toes, by the kitchen wall, trying to gulp, as you say, "Ma, I left the umbrella. Again".

A silver lining, like I always try to find. An interesting thought to a depressing occurrence. (You know the meaning of an umbrella if you have lived in Mumbai rains. Just as Kussum used to say, (to Kumud), "Yeh Mumbai hai, yahan kabhi bhi baarish ho sakti hai.If you know this, Ekta Kapoor reference, I'm spellbound.)

I strongly believe in the power of intentions. I called my supporters, my D angels and this connection we have, (even though, virtual), D home. Just as doveranalyst, delves deeper into things, the home, is our cosy little space, our warm hug, when we need it most. It connects you and me. The power of internet (YouTube, facebook, instagram, twitter), keep us connected. Without it, we would have never known each other.

You choose people you want to be associated with

Such an amazing app where I met people is through pure voice. Listen is an app, you can download. (That's not paying me anything, just like everyone else, currently). Some of my interactions and my stories led to people asking for my radio station and then, being guided to my video station, YouTube.
But even those that didn't, will always stay in my heart. I cannot even remember what I conversed about, but there was an American woman. And what we talked was very very uplifting. I'm glad I could help her. And I'm also glad, I've no obsession. I can easily let go. While it lasts, if it is with good intentions, every conversation is amazing. Conversations are so special that the intoxication they give can transcend all boundaries. If you have spent at least one sleepless night in conversing with a person, where neither of you was romantically interested in each other, welcome to the club. There can be a normal affinity for humans. Just that. Without any label. Without any explanation. Remember your first time? The first time you chose friends? There's always a striking likeability in certain people, that you choose to associate yourself with them. Without any reason. Just pure instinct.

And then +Rajesh kumar suggested Vivegam teaser. Even for him, the success of this channel was important. You're a member and it's your thing. Remember how the first time, you chose a team and wanted it to win? (If you're an Indian, it was probably the Indian Cricket Team).
An artist is nothing without its audience. I love it when you become my angel and support me. Help will be given to all those who ask for it. (Potterhead).  I, very clearly ask for it.

The much requested Vedalam Hospital Scene Reaction video is also here.

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