ODISSI Dance Adruta | 14th May| Juhu ISCKON Temple

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Odissi,  (Odiaଓଡିଶୀ Oḍiśī), a major ancient Indian classical dance(originated in the Hindu temples of Odisha), enthrals you with Abhinaya (enactment) and delicate footwork. Rescued by Adruta Home for Children, these parentless children of international fame, present a visual saga of devotion and pure magic on stage.  For FREE. Yes, you heard me right.

Adruta children have performed across the world. Art transcends beyond borders. It touches your soul. Adruta kids are back in Mumbai once again, and the event is absolutely free!

Odissi, as a dance form | An expression

Odissi encompasses spiritual ideas, particularly of Vaishnavism (Vishnu as Jagannath), religious stories, and cultural heritage.This performance art, has artists and musicians play out a mythical story, a spiritual message or devotional poem from the Hindu texts, using:

  • symbolic costumes, 
  • body movement, 
  • abhinaya (expressions) and 
  • mudras (gestures and sign language) set out in ancient Sanskrit literature.

Odissi is learnt and performed as a composite of basic dance motif called the Bhangas (symmetric body bends, stance). It involves lower (footwork), mid (torso) and upper (hand and head) as three sources of perfecting expression and audience engagement with geometric symmetry and rhythmic musical resonance.
An Odissi performance repertoire includes 

  • invocation, 
  • nritta (pure dance), 
  • nritya (expressive dance), 
  • natya (dance drama) and 
  • moksha (dance climax connoting freedom of the soul and spiritual release).

Adruta Home for Children | Skill Development beyond belief

Abandoned by parents, rescued by ADRUTA, these children bring magic on stage. Last year, it was the very talented dancer, Hema Malini, who showered her blessings on the Adruta kids. This year, Juhi Chawla was mesmerised by their performance at Girgaum Chowpatty. She personally invited the Adruta kids.
Having performed across the world, the ADRUTA children bring in Odissi finesse, a touch of class, pure love and devotion. The dance performance visually brings you the stories of Krishna to life. Enchanting as it is, art goes beyond every language and gets treasured in your heart. 
Also, the cause behind the event makes you wonder, how deeply cared these children are, that their skill development initiatives have brought them so far. 
ADRUTA is a home that banks on only one capital for helping such children - grace.
We warmly welcome you all to come witness the saga. We would be grateful if you would like to add your bit to rescuing such hapless children and promising them an empowered life filled with love and care.
Please contact us:
Prof. Aditya Kumar Mohanty (Founder, Chairman) +91 9438471488
Dr. Sagarika Mishra (Director) +91 9438553645

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Date: 14th May, 2017

Time: 3:00PM to 5:00PM

Venue | Odissi Dance - Adruta | ISCKON Temple, Juhu, Mumbai

When you look for free events in Mumbai, often you do not come across such visual treat to the eye. The best way to spend your Sunday, this 14th of May, would be to come witness these children dissolve themselves in Odissi devotion.

My Personal Experience at Adruta Odissi Performance

Being an Odia myself, watching them perform Aahe Nila Saila, brought tears to my eyes, (here's an English translation). I could feel that touch of spirituality engulfing me. The real gold adorning the splendid carving in ISCKON Temple, as a backdrop to these little girls, dressed in traditional Odia handloom, shining, pink and blue, was such a visual treat to the eye. The music touched your cores. The vibes transcended you to another level. It is an experience worth having!

Juhi Chawla on Adruta Odissi Dance

The Adruta girls are a touch of grace, said Ms. Juhi Chawla, an epitome of grace, herself. Coming from her, it made me feel so proud. The Bollywood actor, producer, extended her stay to watch the Adruta girls perform a little longer. Dressed in a pale yellow and white salwar, the graceful Bollywood diva had her eyes glued to the children. She praised the efforts by Adruta, saying that educating a girl leads to educating a society. She was humbled by how the little kids have preserved such a unique cultural heritage that makes her proud of being an Indian. Juhi Chawla also warmly invited the Adruta children to perform as an inspiration in her own initiative where 1500 kids study.

Often you are skeptical about donating to an organization, where you are not sure what they do with your money. One wonders if the donations actually reach the kids in need. Here, in Adruta, founder and chairman, Prof. Mohanty has not waited for funds to come to begin the movement he began, the upliftment of children in distress. Director, Dr. Sagarika stays in Adruta, bringing up these children who call her 'Mummy'. She herself got all the twenty girls lined up and ready with makeup, costumes and hair all done. Preparations for the 9:00 am show in Girgaum began at 4:00am. You just pause to wonder what goes behind the performance you watch. Adruta already provides the best amenities possible to these kids, and welcomes you all to pay them a visit.

After the performance, Prof. Mohanty was swarmed by individuals wanting to appreciate his vision and thoughts. The simplicity just touches your heart in the very few lines he spoke.

"The only capital we bank upon is his grace", said he.

Community contributions have empowered and enabled Adruta to drive the change in children's education and well-being. Prof. Mohanty gave us the example of a daily wage earner who would give 2 kgs of rice. Adruta has been humbled by the sheer power of intention. The least you could do today, is say a prayer. Remember everyone in need today. They need you. They need your intention. They need a kind smile.


Organizer of Odissi Dance ADRUTA home | International Fame| FREE ENTRY

Adruta Children Home  (A unit of RAWA Academy)

has been doing pioneering work in the field of rehabilitation of the abandoned, unclaimed, parentless and destitute children, especially girl children, in need of care and protection.

ISKCON Temple, Mumbai, 

officially known as Sri Sri Radha Rasabihari ji Temple is a temple in Juhu area in Mumbai. It is set upon four acres of land and a stone throw away from Juhu Beach. It is one of India’s most beautiful temple of Lord Krishna in Mumbai.

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