What exactly Happened? Snapdeal Snapchat | Sonu Nigam Sonu Sood?

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Tweet: Snap, snap, snap! Snapdeal is not Snapchat and Sonu Sood is not Sonu Nigam. Wrong number hai, Bhai. Thoda chill. Love @doveranalyst
Snap, snap, snap! Snapdeal is not Snapchat and Sonu Sood is not Sonu Nigam.

If you're clueless on what Twitterati is up to and what the netizens of India have done, wait no more. So, a lot of people might be caught off guard as they've no idea what the running meme of Babu Rao from Hera Pheri, yelling "Ye wrong number hai, baba" is all about.

What's the Snapchat Controversy?

So, the fumes of anger began a Non-cooperation and boycott movement because, Snapchat CEO, Evan Spiegel allegedly said that India is poor and they do not want to expand to India or Spain.
Now, because Snapchat is a free app available in both Appstore and Playstore for free, there's no question of entering any markets that are poor or rich, How does it even make a difference?

Out of context Media

Well, that's what the India media reported. All Indian newspapers and online sources, most credible sources of news, reported that the CEO did say India is poor in absolute distaste. If you heard the news and you were to do a quick google search on the Snapchat story, you will find headlines that grab your attention just as Wall Street Journal did clickbait to get Pewdiepie for nothing. Pewdiepie was innocent. Felix meant no harm.But the click-hungry media click baits so bad that they now have a habit of taking things out of context.
Now, millions of YouTubers suffer from lack of revenue who had dreamt of making it big on YouTube. (YouTube still remains the most amazing place to advertise as you do not have to pay if someone does not click your ad, or doesn't watch it for at least 30sec.)

Snapchat CEO allegedly called India Poor

Gaurav Gera tweeted the difference between the Indian Media and the international media on how they reported the same snapchat event. International world media had mentioned "Alleged" and that an ex-employee had actually filed a case in the court and had mentioned that Snapchat CEO had called India poor. While nobody is actually guilty unless proved in a court, we cannot absolutely be blinded by snapchat die hard lovers like Gaurav Gera.

The word alleged has suddenly removed Evan of any disgrace whatsoever. The point here is that "alleged" for Nirbhaya (Jyoti Singh Pandey), 16 December Delhi rape case was not the same. Legally even the intestines pulling out Ram Singh and the rest of the rapists were allegedly rapists as it was not proved in a court of law. But the nation had united in huge protests that we had never ever seen before.

Snapchat, is a minor issue. Some Indians go about mocking India more than an outsider did by quoting HDI and financial statistics to prove we are poor. My point is, it does not matter. The context in which it was allegedly said was not the WHO meet, where someone referred to India as poor. For a free app, Snapchat, the CEO was absolutely ignorant to ignore a youth market like India, which is primarily the group Snapchat aims at. If true, the comment was nothing but bizarre. The nation did unite to express its anger in uninstalling Snapchat with #UninstallSnapchat, #BoycottSnapchat and other hastags got trending on Twitter. Adding, huge loads to our shameless carbon footprint already.

Many went to the playstore and appstore and left terrible comments and reviews on Snapchat and even reported it as inappropirate for the PlayStore because of the Snapchat CEO's comment.

The Hilarious confusion between Snapchat and Snapdeal

Now, Snapchat CEO had only called India poor, if at all. And, some of the angry Indians proved what fuming anger can do to you. Prevent blood circulation the brains. To such an extent that, yellow logo snapchat and red logo snapdeal duddenly seemed to be the same thing because of the first common phrase in their names, snap. Now, Snapdeal is an Indian company and our pride of startup that made it real big. In all sense of the word, Snapdeal is Swadesi, an indian brand. So, the SImon Go back naras for SNapchat Uninstalled, was the biggest ironical attack on Snapdeal for a confusion that would have seemed absolutely impossible if I suggested it to you, before it actually happened!

It is impossible, (allegedly), to confuse a digital shopping mall, bright hot red Snapdeal with a social media app, bright yellow ghost, sending snaps, or photographs, or videos to friends that disappear after they have seen it. Snapdeal and Snapchat are two different things! Not sure how it is even possible to confuse. While Snapchat CEO is only liking Indian superstar tweets that support him and didn't tweet a single tweet on his innocence, Snapdeal CEO was asked to clarify it to the world that Snapdeal and Snapchat are indeeed different.

And now you know, why Babu Rao from Hera Pheri was seen as a running meme, yelling, "Ye wrong number hai!"
To what extent can people be unaware to not know Snapdeal? Aamir Khan's Unbox Zindagi and dil ki deal, comes to mind? Poor Snapdeal had advertised more on 'deal' rather than snap the deal. Lol. I understand many may not know snapchat as it is not widely popular in India like Whattsapp and nobody would get  aheart attack if you said you don't have snapchat.

The Sonu Nigam and Azaan controversy

Similar to snapchat and snapdeal confusion, there was a major confusion between Sonu Nigam, the singer and Sonu Sood, the actor. They just have the same first name Sonu. And, as #BoycottSonu went trending on Twitter, people confused which Sonu they are supposed to target.

Sonu Nigam had a huge problem with loudspeakers and the way Azaan used loudspeakers to wake people early in the morning. And, that was given a religious tinge and suddenly in popular media, Sonu Nigam became Anti-Muslim. Sonu Nigam goes on to twitter, even today, 22 April 2017, reiterating,
Arti is important, not loudspeakers. Azaan is important, not loudspeakers.
But not like anyone is listening, right? Nobody cares in a herd mentality. How I wish people would use this energy against criminals and abusers rather than somebody's opinion on loudspeakers.
And even if it was religion, no religion needs humans to protect it. It is a faith you hold and others may have unfavourable opinions on your practices. And having an unfavourable opinion does not mean they hate or disrespect your religion. In response to a Maulvi who challenged he would pay 10 lakhs to anyone who would shave Sonu Nigam bald and have a garland of shoes tied to his head and make him move around. And, today with entire media and press presence, Sonu Nigam, got his head shaved as protest.

This is 2017. Are we still living in an India (or Bharat, however, you wish to call it), where women could be stripped of clothes and painted black or authors could be blackened with ink or comedians could be thrown in jails? WHy are we so intolerant? WHya re we looking for an excuse to pretend to be a BHagat Singh and be the revolutionary leader in uniting everyone against a cause? Why, then, is our cause as meagre as somebody's opinion on us?

When a loudspeaker hater and Sonu Nigam supporter got stabbed

Why can this massive energy not be chanelized for fighting against mindsets, and rape? Why can't we get #anti-corruption trending on twitter? There are much bigger problems in our country than loudspeaker or someone not liking a particular act of a religion. India is a free country and we have a freedom of speech. To stab someone who supported Sonu Nigam is screeching of an era where herds walk without a head. Where there's aggression and brawn but no critical thinking. Where no one even cares to know the truth.

And, oh, wait, why Sonu Sood got confused with Sonu Nigam?

The comedy of errors, saw Sonu Sood, the Bollywood actor being confused with the singer, Sonu Nigam. And, as saddening and condemenaable, as it maybe, people started boycotting his movie to be released. Hundreds and thousands of people work on a movie. A film is a work of art and holds no ground reality to real life people. It is a mere story that is being told as a business for people to make a living out of it. Just as Ae Dil Hai Mushqil had suffered because of the Fawad Khan issue. (The only problem that the Pakistani actor Fawad Khan had appeared in the movie for a few seconds). It does not matter who is from where and who said what. People who are there in a film have a billion dreams associated with it. And food. It is not fair to boycott something so huge and so massive, that is way beyond an actor who acted in the movie. And even then, I get uninstalling an app as a protest of not being consumers when the comment was on filtering a said consumer. But when did a filmmaker say his movie is not meant for Indians or Pakistanis? You see? No matter who was in it, it was for everyone.

Sonu Sood woke up to angry tweets calling him names and gaalis and asked twitter on what had he done to get it, only to then find out the Sonu Nigam, Sonu Sood confusion.

So, Babu Rao, Hera Pheri goes, "Yeh wrong number hai, baba".

What could have been a comedy, indeed, turns grave when some anti-India Kashmiris allegedly installed Snapchat as it is anti-India. Where are we headed? And why? Why are we making enemies and not friends? Can we pause to have a look at the farce we have made of ourselves? There is no Jallianwala massacre that we are reacting to. For our selifsh urge to unite for a cause and make a change, we are choosing meagre causes. Every religion has rapists and murderers. By the time you read till here, 4 or more women were raped in India.

Let's be human, first.

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