Incoming is not free on letters!

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How do you stop corruption in a country like India where Indian Post is as good as a man with a gun on your head asking you to give money?
Correct me if I'm wrong. Where have I been missing? When I post graduated (no pun intended, I'm an MBA), I had learnt that in a free country India, where we pay taxes, our postal services are free. At least incoming, I mean.

A country where even incoming calls on mobile, even roaming in entire nation is free, why do I have to pay for a pre-paid letter/parcel?

Also, I thought it is uncouth to open someone's sealed envelope. Maybe, there's a reason someone sealed it and posted it in the first place? Just maybe, you know? Just maybe, they printed or typed the receiver's name clearly on the envelope so that the postman does not actually open it confusing it as his own? Just a thought.

Also, what do you do, when the postman not only opens the document, (in this case, your identity proof, delivered through none other than the Indian Postal Services, thinking it is the safest and most orthodox route to do so), but he very blatantly puts the identity proof in your hand and then demands money as bakshish.
You say you don't have money (given the cash crunch, post demonetization, of course.)
He then says that the other girl staying with me is earning and I should ask her to pay for my OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT DELIVERY, which is, (let's take a wild guess); pre-paid.

I thought tipping was a voluntary act. But not anymore. Because the bakshish (read bribe) is the perk not included in the salary the government pays the postmen. And, thus will be demanded. (I've not even been able to file a complaint for my unpaid salary! I should learn from postmen.)

Also, is it just me? Because I felt any sane person should first be mad at the post man for having leaked the identity proof. We all hear of identity thefts, these days. (I know we should have heard way earlier. But, what can you do! Sigh). You shred your bills. But how will you save yourself from your post man?
He is the representative of the government. What can he do, you say?

Well, the fact that I smiled and politely said that it is sarkari (I wanted to bring my insides to yell, "It is your job, after all. Why should I be paying you to do your job? We are already paying the government all the due taxes.And I'm broke and dying. I earn less than you do, postman! Zero is always less than anything.)

The warm eyes, assertively looking at you are a little difficult to say no to, and a polite way of extorting money. Because they don't leave until you pay. They stand right there staring at you, as you ask if you have to sign somewhere else. After a series of no, even as some other guests are waiting at your door, waiting for him to finish, so they can enter; he shows you what it is to not give up.

He says, "Ok, Madam, next time", with absolute confidence that the next time there's no way he would deliver an article to you without payment.

My mother, being the typical afraid mother in India, tells me not to complain. Why? Because I'm a girl. Even if he would have kept the photocopy of my identity proof, the post man would now use it against me as he would hold a grudge if I complained. And you never know what the men can do, right?

Well, I did complain. Like, obviously. And what happened, you ask?
Let's take a wild guess again.
No, try.
Try really hard.
Nothing. Obviously nothing happened after tweeting to Indian Postal Services on twitter. They told me to fill in the complaint in an URL. I did post in all fields and I was asked to contact the Post Master in the Colaba Post Office. That's it. We didn't want to face them in person. (For grudges, and rape, and all other reasons, every mother gives her Indian daughter, remember?)

And, that's exactly the last option.

It is my demand. My birth right. I hereby declare that I shall not deliver any parcel unless and until my earned due is presented in my hands; the bakshish. The tip is compulsory and absolutely mandatory under the Indian Postman's Law punishable under the Non-delivery and Threat to Mishandling of recipient's goods Act - Time Immemorial
- Your beloved Postman
WIP: REST coming SOON.

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