I will believe you (Song)

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I will believe you.

I will believe you.
I will believe that you never lied to me.
I will believe that you try
I will believe you mean what you say.
I will believe you're busy.
Day after day
For months, for years.
I will believe you will call me once you have time.
I will believe you.
I won't be the doubting friend.
I won't be the insecure trend.
Won't budge, wont bend.
I will stand strong.
I won't sing this song
Just tell me all of this again.
And I swear to you
Assure you
It will be like before again.
I'll believe you. I will believe you.

I will believe you like I believe you now.
I will believe you.
I will believe you crave to be free for me.
I will believe you desire to talk to me like before.
I will believe you like a fool.
You never used me like a tool.
I will believe you deeply care for me.
I swear to you.
Assure you.
I won't be demanding again.
I won't ask you what happened to the meet up plans
I will believe something happened.
I will believe you got busy.
I will believe we are as we were.
Through thick and thin.
Hand in hand
Eyes in eyes.
Smile in smile
I know it's been a while.
But I'll believe you.
Just let me know I'm not senile.
Just let me know
Just tell me once.
Is it too much I ask?
Just give me that one chance..
Just let me stay in my trance.
Let me have my last dance.
Cuz I'll believe you.
I'll believe we will meet someday.
I'll believe that someday will come oneday...
I'll believe I mean the same to you.
I know it's been a while.
Just tell me once.
I just need an assurance.
Just give me one chance.
Is it too much I ask?
I swear to you.
I won't be demanding again.
You won't have to ignore till I cool down
All by myself.
You won't have to be annoyed on my one hopeful text.
Loved you like a fool by @doveranalyst
I'll let you rest.
And take my test.
In zest
I'll believe you.
I'll believe you. AGAIN.
I'll believe you never lie.
I'll believe I was only a fool to cry.
I'll believe you
I'll believe you like I never stopped believing.
I won't be insecure.
Just ever so sure.
Just assure.
Give me that one chance.
Let me stay in my trance.
Let me have my last dance.
It has to be one weird occurance..
When everything's against you
But I believe you
That it's all cool
To frown at a single text
Cuz I ruined your rest.
months And years quest.
Cuz I believed you.
You want to meet me as much as I want to meet you.
I've been so cool.
Tell me I've not been a tool.
And loved you like a fool.

Or just do me one favour.
One tiny little favour.
Be brutally honest to me once.
Don't keep me guessing.
Just tell me once.
And I'll believe you.
I'll believe it's all cool.
I'll believe we are still good.
Just don't prove to the world, when I believe you, that I was indeed .......a fool.
And..... loved you like a fool.

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Never thought I'd churn out an attempt of a poem. If you're reading this I writemuch better fiction at j.mp/ayeshadiaries  (Just click the fiction tab above).

N do comment if you can well, speak anything about this randomness. There's a challenge. There.

From a hurt heart 

Poetry often comes from the deepest darkest corners of our heart. More often than not you meet characters like Alizeh from Ae Dil  Hai Mushqil (check out our review here), and you wonder how people can be so devastated and be still in love with the people.

People Stuck to People

Normal relationships and breakups can only be as tormenting as you allow them to be. Beyond a man woman relationship there are a zillion ways of being betrayed in friendship or merely believing an acquaintance or a close family member. This song rendition speaks of the selfless love that blindly keeps on giving all of herself and believes the other genuinely. A little expression is all we need sometimes.

Lack of Communication

Lack of communication ruins the best of friendships.  If you've ever stoped interacting with someone as much as you used to without a reason given or sought you will relate to this. If you ever asked your were told it is still the same.
You do not want to let go. Not because you can't. But because you rarely come across people who are a gem of a person and then you want to hold on to them forever.
But is it always mutual?
You couldn't care less. But what if in a vulnerable second you did care? What if you did wonder?

The longing for love 

Human beings have a primal need of being loved and wanted. Just like animals. Just as any living being. We are social creatures and we hold our closest bonds ever so closely. It is easy to speak up and say, "Move. On.", if the other partner is abusive and a sadist. I've seen women in cases of domestic violence going through THIRTEEN years of torture and yet asking for my opinion, and yours, on whether they should move out! Why would you need someone else to tell you what you can see for yourself ever so clearly?

Brutal cases of domestic Violence and why women still love them?

Despite our Indian culture of orthodox and traditionally submissive women who hunt for a voice and are never able to scream with sound, the free and liberal west is shockingly the same. While the Indian woman claims it is a love marriage and she cannot reveal the disturbing truth behind closed doors as her parents would give up on her as it was her love, her destiny and not choosing an arranged marriage that this happened. She brought it on herself. India has a very strong culture of victim blaming and victim shaming to an extent that rape and domestic violence cases go unreported and victims choose to die than say.

Even the educated women of today would be seen passing a comment,"If she suffered for THIRTEEN years, why was she quiet? How could she not open up? She's brought this to herself. Tolerating is as bad as torturing."

If after THIRTEEN years somebody is trying to escape and do ally find a voice, this is what she gets. Doubts.

Surprisingly, the liberal West has women happily married to the love of their lives, ( where we certainly do not have a concept of arranged marriage), still choose to suffer. They are repeat vicitims. They report their husbands or partners, get them in prison and sometimes again take them back.

What kind of a mental and emotional state could these women be in?
How can you take someone like that back? How can you still claim you a love a person who's splattered your blood all across the hall way and bedroom, left you bruises that would probably never leave you? Your one eye is blood shot and nearly gone.  What are you trying to achieve, woman? How can you still love this person? How can walk hand in hand to a restaurant with him and your child?
The child deserves a better father or none.

There comes an immense courage when you're a mother. You have to look out for your child. You have to give the child a better life.

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