Bhanwarey releases 24 March, 2017 with Phillauri

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A quirky and insane laugh riot, is what Bhanwarey is. The story was set years ago. A time, when there wasn't #Tinder. A time when there wasn't #Whatsapp. A time when you had Yahoo Messenger. A time when you did ASL. 
Karhan Dev, Shaurya Singh, Jashan Singh Kohli from Bhanwarey

Written and Directed by 

Shaurya Singh


Manoj Bakshi...
Maqsood Bhai

Karhan Dev...
Pushpender Vohra

Priyanka Shukla...
Sonia Kharbanda

Jashan Singh...
Machchinder Pal Singh Sodhi

The movie, Bhanwarey deals with an often not talked about subject and the madness that unfolds after. Here's the IMDB page of Bhanwarey.

Even a four year old is often seen asking his mother in a local train, "What's this magical jadibuti this babaji claims to give?"
Watching a lot of stuff these days, in times of global exposure, the youth today has desires that are usually unfathomable. And, not being able to perform is not something a man wants to hear. The Bhanwarey men would do whatever it takes to solve the issue. Little did they know what would stand out of the Pandora's box that they have opened.

Here's the wiki link to check out, more.



When movies are based on stories that revolve around a sexual problem, the lack of, the more of, and the dysfunctional sex, it usually takes a hilarious turn. Sex Tape had the couple roaming around the city hunting for their own footage. Bhanwarey has three men running around to save their very precious prized possessions. (Here's Bhanwarey official facebook page.)


Cinematography by 

Prashant Sehgal

Editorial Department 

Pushpendra Surywanshi...colorist
Darkly lit, the bollywood movie, Bhanwarey speaks of a dark subject, (read taboo), in a fun manner. Sehgal has tried to give a very raw and realistic feel with more of blacks, and blues, giving you an uncomfortable feel, keeping you on the edge. It reminds me of Delhi Belly, Chandni Bar and Aamir. The raw take at an Indian city. The uncanny corners, the dimly lit spooky corridors, the

I was genuinely worried about the treatment. It is a sensitive subject that can go too raunchy. But Bhanwarey is a comedy film you should watch this 24th of March after you're done with Phillauri. Or if Phillauri is not your kind of a movie.
With realistic characters, that are more than just guys next door, Bhanwarey's essence is more about the paranoia ofwhat happened that one night.

In the drama of pursuit of being the kamdev, Shaurya Singh, does what he shouldn't have. And as luck would have it, he does not remember what happened thereafter. The three Bhanwarey men, run on this quest to find out what happened that night amidst a diabolically saddist badman, who loves looking at the men as guinea pigs. We heard of no cruelty to animals. You cannot test on animals. But who cares if you tested on young men?

Written and directed by Shaurya Singh, the movie marks the  feature film debut of Karhan Dev. Yes, he has just changed his name and forgotten to change it on wikipedia. But I've an awesome chit-chat and real discussions on the movie Bhanwarey coming up on my channel soon. So, make sure you subscribe. Now.
Here's a sneak peak.

There are some films, where the trailers deceive. There's no graphic content or cheap or vulgar portrayal of any kind. The subject of sexual health and performance is such that Bhanwarey was bound to get an A. But, not like the majority of India is below 18. You tell me it's a hilarious take on the grief of ejaculating too soon and what a man does to solve it, and what he does to solve to solve the solution he took, without actually even showing a kissing scene. And I'm game for a mature subject. So, let's check it out on 24th.

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Stated to release on the same day as Phillauri, on the 24th of March, 2017, it shows a hope of how far we have come in cinema. Dreamers put all their life to make their one movie. And when it is happening, let's hope just as a spirit of collaboration made Dilwale and Bajirao Mastani work, a small film like Bhanwarey can also reach you.
Independent films and low budget cinema often don't even get the screens they deserve, especially when they are releasing along with big budget films with movie stars that can pull crowds in.
The very fact that Bhanwarey managed to get screens speaks for itself. Do give it your time after you're done watching Phillauri or if you'd rather watch a chaotic situational comedy than a man married to a ghost in a tree.
PC: UrbanAsia Shaurya Singh, Jashan Singh Kohli  and Karhan Dev from Bhanwarey

Check out article on Bhanwarey here.
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