You won't believe what happened

Cuz neither did I. I was really longing to see Moana and had even quite saved up for the 3D one. But by the time I reached, I fell into the trap of indecision. Yes. You lose a single minute of a movie and then you feel, 'Oh, God. Should I watch the next show instead?'

Bad decision.

Befikre was probably the worst movies I'd have watched lately.

I know. I know. Even after watching and reading all those bad reviews. I know, right?

As if the jinx was not enough, while returning I was again stuck for a cab. We have many finding a kaali peeli cab in Mumbai stories. They're just so fun sometimes. One of my friends, who was a heavily built man, (yes, zero is a geometric figure), tall and grave, everyone assumed he'd have an impact on cab drivers.

I can actually make a montage of the times, he'd teach me to just enter inside a cab and not say a thing, you know. Each day held a sense of adventure. Of whether or not we can beat the odds and take a cab home. Home is a short distance away. A distance short enough for the cab drivers to agree to get you seated and long enough for you to walk.

Sometimes, being as large a Santa as he is, he'd just open the door and ask me to sit. But that just does not work all the time. As you see in the video, what just happened with me, right!

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