You won't believe what this cab driver did

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Yes, I need to scream that aloud to you. Yes, because you've forgotten it just as I'd. Well, nobody speaks of good people who did good things to you anyways! They never make it to the bold front page newspaper headlines that usually speak of murder, rape and bloodshed.

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No wonder we are damn sure there's no positivity left in this world! We are sure there is no humanity left!
In this world of give and take, especially in Mumbai, of course, you get nothing for free.
But guess if you've that little positivity in you hidden somewhere people do feel like helping you for no reason. Not that I'm any over confident of my likeablity factor. I'd have understood if it was a man courting me. But middle aged taxi drivers really stunned me the second time now and forced my lazy thumbs to write this as obligation.

The first time was when my mom and I were in Gateway. It's damn close and no bloody cab driver would take us home. Late in the night. Possible chances of raining.

The first cab guy didn't let us ask again though. He had explained not taking us as he's a share cab guy. To my utter surprise he went on asking Colaba to every cab guy.
To top that he even abused...saying 'Nahi jaega? Colaba nahi jaega to kya Dubai jaega!'
(Would you go to Dubai if not Colaba)

He kept turning back to us with reassuring smiles just as calm as bad he was with other cab guys running around them for us. At first I couldn't even believe he was doing this for us. Until he did stop a guy and before the people had even got out, insisted on us getting in.

The driver kept saying,'Bhaada nikalne to de'(Let the passengers get down).
But this cab guy made us sit. And says authoritatively shocking us all 'Saab ki family Hai! Dhyaan se!'(It's Sir's family. Take care! )
In that split second, he had actually made us the family of some underworld Don like Doud or something or any politician to be afraid of. It was like we were royal and would tolerate no nonsense.
As the wheels moved I didn't know how to thank this man. I bent my eyes still nibbling my Kulfi. ..with bowed eyelashes I gestured a thank you smile (afraid to talk as I know no Urdu and our local Odia language would have certainly given away that we actually know no one even close to a Doud)

He saluted a patronizing one, feeling as if in eternal bliss from the chance of helping us get a cab. I can never forget that look on his face.
It was a mute thank you I'd said and a mute one that he understood. But there were powerful emotions of humanity in it.

What did he get from this feat?

Did I give anything for the help I took?


Probably I'll never meet that cab guy in the multitude of cabs in Mumbai.
But that's it.

Today, I'd already asked 15 cabs every now and then hurling from Nariman point to the middle of the road and back hoping for some cab guy's heart to melt.

But none would take me home.

The no is still OK.  The long face cribbing how they won't get a bhaada in return is atrocious, to say the least! Especially when you are drained of all energy from work and your mom's telling you how you are not asking enough cabs. (Oh, yeah! How about a video showing you each one that's turning me down like a fly the moment I say Colaba).

Just in case you are not aware and new to Mumbai don't be fooled as my ex-landlady had fooled me saying the house is just 1km Rs19 minimum fare away. Only that it was 6 times and more and only that she never mentioned people don't even take you if fare is Rs. 50

But suddenly a man talks out of nowhere. No, it wasn't my mom's voice who was still on call with me. I turn to look at an old cab guy. He tells me,'Madam, go to that signal and you will get one. This is the turn way so people won't stop'.

I explain how my luck has been worse there thanks to share VT line.
I give a quick update to mom on who I'm talking to.Over and out.

Another cab guy (oldie again) joins our conversation saying how he JUST returned completely empty from Navy Nagar. The first man keeps asking on my behalf now as cab guys turn him down.

Then he declares,'Now, I won't ask. I'll make Madam sit and then she tells where to'.
I smile as I remember Freddie doing the same thing and taking pride in helping women get a cab. That's his dose of social service. But hey, I've also been asked to get down when I tried that feat and even scowled at saying,'Why didn't you ask before sitting?'

Taxi drivers also do the obvious head gesture asking where to even if you go close no matter how much you try not to make eye contact.

The funniest has been one office guy's story where 6 of them join hands when drunk and 3 block the cab from the front and 3 from behind circling it so that it has to take them home.

Back to now.So there slows down a cab and this cab guy asks as politely as he could. He denies as obviously as he could. This guy yet continues,'Le jao na yar. Humari office ki Madam hain. Le jao na.  Please take her.'

I frown for a split second. No, he's obviously not my staff but clearly a cab driver wearing cab costume- the Khaki one.
I get in with that lie. And thank him profusely with the biggest smile I can give and continue telling Mom whatever I've been telling you so far.
How we should really spread messages of goodness around just as we spread bad ones for awareness.  Come on! One needs to be aware there are good people!

I kept thinking coke faked it in the statistics ummeed wali dhoop sunshine wali khushiyan advert. For every __ bad guy there are____good guys.

I'd loved #BombayTalkies play where Sadiya had stressed this. We never talk about these good men!
Have you been touched by humanity like this?

Tell me your experience!  Let's build an example.

Something is seriously wrong with Blogger which is why this post was not appearing at all. Bad search requests show negatively on the site which is not cool. There are many many experiences with cabs now. See me, for real.

The previous vlog.

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