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Here, it is.

The story behind the excitement for Rode VideoMic Me

Do you know the feeling of something you have been wanting to buy, but that, you are postponing since forever and you finally buy it?

This, Rode Video Mic me, for me, is that one vlogging microphone that I wanted to buy and finally ended up buying. (If you use, here's the link to buy.)

UPDATE: Here's a full test of Rode Video Mic me for smartphones done on Samsung Galaxy S7

I won't say, I didn't consider the Rode VideoMic Me vs Rode SmartLav and Rode SmartLav+ ish. (Here's an link.) Because, obviously, I did. Duh.

I started out really cheap, where I didn't want to spend at all and was using my earphone mic which was constantly breaking. Please tell me I'm not the only one whose earphones just break and start working on just one side. Once upon a time, my WhatsApp status used to be:
Be grateful about life. It is just like an earphone that just works from one side now. I mean, you could see it as working from one side or being broken on one side. Left or Right. The choice is yours. As always.
Life is always about choices. It always gives you a choice.

My YouTube story

I definitely had the huge struggle of budget. I didn't have the money to spend on a microphone.

Let me tell you my YouTube story. I was certainly inspired from starting out on YouTube and just about everyone would yell out loud on how much important audio quality is. I learned a lot of stuff myself - make that everything.

I had also considered this Zoom H1 Handy Portable Digital Recorder

Links to buy Zoom H1 Handy Portable Digital Recorder:
Today, I can export 3D visual effects. Nothing fancy. Really. But if you really see where I'm coming from, it was actually overwhelming to wait for hours for some seconds of work to render. It was incredibly more overwhelming for me to be speaking 1080 Pascal graphics, intel i7 6770 HQ (which means a quad core, just btw), 16 GB RAM, 6GB VRAM, and SSD, (which overtook my earlier boasting capabilities of knowing what an RPM is, (Rotation per minute of the hard drive).

I wished I could speak of all these specs when an ignorant Apple retailer in Bhubaneswar laughed hard and 'educated' me from a just dial telling me that there's no Apple laptop, it's called a MacBook, hahhaha, Madam, you need to learn a few things.

Well, little did he know, that I also happened to know what an iMac, iPhone and iPod was. Wait, did we miss Apple watch? God damn it. It is called Apple Watch.

What is absolutely unnerving is that when we can call a Dell laptop, a Dell laptop, we cannot call an Apple laptop a Apple laptop. And, hey! I know that. But my pride kicked in. (Which is usually nowhere to be found when settling on my pay). He was talking to a postgraduate like that. (What, you thought, I was actually going to bring in the Marketing and HR MBA topper, and second in University thingy again? Nah! We all know, only five point someone's are counted.)

But my spirituality kicked in even further. So, going ahead in the story, being utterly humiliated by someone who so falsely accused a legitimate laptop buyer who, unlike the stereo typical women laptop owners didn't call her laptop, the Pink Laptop, but actually knew the config in and out, chose to remain calm. Yes, I deserved that man didn't deserve an inch of my life, my seconds or any bandwidth from my brain. And I simply, cut off, resigning to peace and harmony after a deep breath and a deeper sigh.

That, aside, I digress. Again.

Microphones and portable microphones that can be carried with you without a lot of hassle. And wires come nowhere close, when I say that. Did I forget to mention wireless can lead to loss of quality?
If you are a content creator, this makes sense to you. Otherwise, it is just a story to you. A story of an underdog who wanted to make it big. An underdog who has dreams. An underdog that is struggling on all four legs. (I don't get to have four legs if I'm a dog?)

Anyways, back to the point. (nth time now.)

So, you look for a cardioid or directional microphone if you want to eliminate background noise. Yes, that fan that keeps my make up from melting off if I'm filming in India, which, I obviously am.

It's not just the fan. You also happen to have a few things to interfere whenever you are filming for a vlog.
Like, the fan, the AC, the people in your house speaking, someone barging into your room, a dog barking, a sudden road fight, a traffic signal fight, horn honking, crazy sound of buses and trucks, of cows, of motor engines, of generators, transformers, of mosquito repellants, the mighty wind, the mightier sea waves, (if you're still reading this, I love you. Comment, #iReadList below). Just a few things, really.

As the list goes on endless, vlogging in India is not easy if you ever get to record what you want to say, when there are a billion people and a billion things around. It also happens to not help if you are traditionally brought up to think what others think. And, others don't think very highly of you when you yell on the streets trying to be coherent.

Did I justify my need for a microphone yet?

Having realized, you want a vlogging microphone doesn't solve anything, does it? You go ahead with a price low to high filtering on amazon, with a filter of average customer review set to five stars. God damn it. Amazon doesn't have any. Four stars?  Well, why did no one tell amazon they need to fix their GOD DAMN SEO!!!! It always takes away the filters and you've to REPEAT what you just did ALL OVER AGAIN.


And, we forgot to click amazon fulfilled, also. Cuz, doveranalyst hates delivery charge. Why pay when you can get it for free?

My sound engineer friend tells me Ahuja microphone is not good. I keep spending my time and energy and INTERNET DATA, on reading on the best vlogging microphones for youtube and smartphone vlogging mics.

My hands ache. Will come back. Till, then subscribe, India Rode VideoMic Me

Had bought Rode Videomic Me for 6k. Rode VideoMic Me Link

As goes for my crazy unboxing video here, just a little bit of context here. As you might have guessed it, this is purely for entertainment. This is exactly what happened and even slower. (Notice those few seconds of fast forward? So, it's been trimmed guys. But I want you to get a real perspective of how bad I'm at opening packages. LOL.
Rode Video mic me was my final choice after tons of research for the best smartphone mic 2016. Yes, I did those searches. Yes, I considered cheaper options.

And actually making this heavy investment is a big thing for me. And, also I'm a very excited person, usually. If that helps.

The detailed RODE VIDEOMIC ME Complete review and demo (Microphone test in different surrounding in India) speaks for itself and gives you a realistic picture of how you'd sound like in different noise environments.

Samsung Galaxy S7:
Didn't buy this online.

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