Best basic phones 2016 | Nokia?

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While going ahead with the serious decision of shopping for basic phones, I really lost it. 
Obviously, I looked at a few articles, some videos and what not. Then, I thought, (we all have those moments), "Am I seriously spending so much for a basic phone? "I mean, time and energy! Come, on.

The budget for basic phones

We think of budget when we are trying to buy a flagship. We think of budget when we are buying a basic feature phone. We are Indians.:D
And, if you are a shopaholic or you are me, you've certainly crossed the budget already.I fail to understand my own consumer brain that actually rationalizes saving 500 bucks and adding to a good flagship or a laptop or a camera budget.Although the budget for this basic phone list was under 1k, we went ahead. I've been penny wise pound foolish for long. Although I would love to buy the 500 rupees phone, I wouldn't know if it is worth it. There are these brands like iKall and Micromax (Let's not even go about my experience with the brand. My 20k smartphone is still in the service centre for over a year now and I do not get my phone back. And, it was brand new. So, can I trust anything they sell? Hell, no).

No, the same money does not buy a better phone

Back in the day, we used to buy these basic feature phones for even 7000 (before smart phones - android or iOS based phones ever entered the market - at least for our eyes). But now somewhere down the line, it has just sinked in real real deep in our blood that with time, technological advancements and what not, yesterday's 7k can buy so much more today. The purchasing power of the same money just increases, right? Or, so i thought till i actually went searching. Because without the Internet, this does not seem to have moved with us at all. 

Our buying criteria while looking out for the basic phone

  1. Music, no voice leakage, sound clarity
  2. FM
  3. Bluetooth
  4. Longevity
  5. Battery
As simple and as difficult as the dichotomy of this hunt get, we thought this time we are being nice. We are being nice to the Internet. Real easy. We are not asking for more, are we?


Remember why Stevey invented the iPod? Steve Jobs was not an idiot. As much as convergence makes sense, you do run out of battery and always having just one thing for everything makes you frequently run into memory problems with that little beast of yours (that if you are not wise and lucky, has a limited storage.)
If you are charmed by the Finding Fanny movie's Deepika Padukone's character, you also want to be one carefree Indian in a Mumbai local train, listening to music or FM from your pocket, (something that actually fits in your pocket, no matter how badly you need the 5 or 6 inches). More than anything else, this is a figure you are supposed to be ok to lose. This is an investment, that you already bought for the thief. This should be an amount you wont cry on and yet, (because we are Indians), we want it to work, also.
It should have amazing sound clarity or speaker volume, that smartphones like Asus makes don't have.


You have a high end phone and it does not have FM. How sad can your life be? Well, very. Especially, if you live in Mumbai with over 13 stations to choose from and less memory to eat from.


You do need something to share all that music we talked about, though.


Who does not need  a phone that lasts? (I can hear some people who change their phone- without losing it- every 5 months raise their hand with a loud WE). 
But the normal public? All the broke people in the big bad city? Hell, no. We want our money to give us our return on investment. Our Nokia phones still work and if I were to count how much money I actually spent on repairing the old Samsung flip slider phone, I could actually buy a flagship. Only, I didn't realize it then. Now, I'm wiser than ever before. And, I wish to recycle that junk but even environment conscious as I'm, I cannot throw it anywhere and living in Mumbai, India, there is no place to recycle it. (If you know of one, quick, let me know @doveranalyst).
You miss those rugged old days, don't you? Your phone would fall but nothing would happen? Feels like stone age, right?
I've still not recovered from the emotional trauma of three high end Asus smartphones: 
Asus Zenfone 2, Asus Zenfone Selfie and Asus Zenfone 5, with corning Gorilla Glass 4, shattering to pieces with the slightest 1mm a distance fall.

They redefine the word FRAGILE.

Asus said they used Corning Gorilla glass 4. Why are they not suing Asus. Because if that is so breakable, what is strong? Even the earliest release of Micromax Canvas 2, glass is still shining without a scratch, without a tempered glass protection or without a plastic protection! That was the only good thing Micromax ever made and probably all the people who made it have left the company. So, we cannot trust the brand any longer.
While searched all over, when it comes to the brand, we know Nokia is something we can trust when it comes to phones. They are really rugged and they last. So, out of the two best out there, I chose Nokia 130.


Reason why the market for basic phones is increasing, is the one major thing that every smartphone provider misses out on while trying to pack in major bells and whistles. The battery. What would you do with all the fancy things you have in your life when you cant even turn it on? Well, buy a battery pack, they say. But power banks are not that easy to find or choose from, anyways. That's my another struggle. I'll come back to that later and help you with that too.
The earlier phone possessed is Samsung GT33322, which has a battery of 1000Mah. We have been so lost in smartphones that we don't even know how much is good or bad in a basic phone. We just do not have any buying guide. But a good way to start is to start from what you have. You must have used some phone in the past. You knew how long that lasted. You know the pleasure it gave you from telling you, "You don't need to charge me, baby". ;)

You do not want a camera in these basic phones in 2016.

Because you will never use their camera anyways. Even when I had the Reliance Jio LYF Flame 6 , the best of Flame, they say), I refrained from taking  a single picture even though I had a shooter with me. You really think you would use the VGA cam, if they gave you? What good would it do to you?
I know, I know, back in the day, even my first phone had a VGA cam. I would never buy a phone without a camera, as the saying goes, the best camera is the one that you have, at the moment. Because even if you have one at home, if you are not carrying one, it's as good as what you have before the moment is gone.
But going by budget I told myself, it is ok to live without it. Let's just choose for quality of calls, sound and well easy use.

Nokia 130 in Amazon (Black @ Rs.1790)

Nokia 130 in Amazon (Red @ Rs.1950)

As we speak, for some wierd reason, the price for the red version of Nokia 130 is on a steep rise. While last night it was at 1790, it moved to Rs.1890 and look at where it is now.
Snapdeal link is here.

Nokia 130 in Amazon (White@ Rs.4290)

For the most weird reason ever, the white color of Nokia 130 model is at Rs.4250. Wait, what?
I had obviously considered, Samsung Guru Music 2 SM-B310E

Samsung Guru Music 2 SM-B310E

Link for all three models in black, blue and white is here.
The white Samsung Guru Music 2 SM-B310E obviously looks classier. It's got an expensive, classy, elegant look, at least from the pictures.

Samsung Guru Music 2 SM-B310E

For the first time ever, I'm sharing with you something I've not used yet. But as you know Doveranalyst over analyses everything, I'll be back with my analysis to tell you if I was right or wrong.

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