Why we love taking selfies?

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Here's why we love taking selfies.

+Doveranalyst: Oh yeah, that selfie look. It takes practice to open the jaw, make it gasp at your own face and make some big eyes too. Basic instinct.

Today, you 'll get the answer to the biggest question you have pondered on, this entire life. Since, the last few years you thought this over and over again but never really found the answer to why, why, really? Today, is your life changing day. Today, D will give you the reasons why, exactly, selfie lovers take selfies. Why is selfie a word in the dictionary?

Why do selfie lovers actually take selfies? 

Trust me if you ever had to measure #hardwork, this might just be the one measure that measures it way too well. Nothing can beat this. This one activity is not vanity, but a measure of perseverance, self-motivation, and a drive to never give up until the results are delivered.

No, we are not narcissistic people.

(Though, it may seem very very likely an assumption.)

It is easy to be intolerant in the current times. (I don't blame you.)

The moment you even think the selfie trend is narcissism, look at all those innocent creeps trying to get one nice picture, trying to look, only ok. Not flawless, maybe. Just, ok, alright? Allow them, that one second of happiness. Allow them a momentary pleasure. Allow them the human right to have a positive self image. Allow them to feel they are not that bad, huh? (Usually, we are all taken aback cuz none of us thought we could ever look this good.)

What happens when someone else is taking a picture and the girl is posing and posing and posing? (Not like you haven't seen this spectacle before, right?

"What?! You didn't take even one yet! What were you making love to my phone??!"

Firstly, it's so awkward & sad to ask someone to take your pic & then they don't take it. I mean, even if they do, they screw it up— EVERYYYTIME!!
+Doveranalyst: After you are dead tired from taking a zillion selfies to put up one DP on social media. #Hardwork

"Ya...it's ok..now. Th.h.anks".

Thanks?? Uh? For this? I'm 5ft 8. I look 4ft from this angle!

Why do we love taking selfies?

+Doveranalyst: Things we do in toilets. #Toiletselfie Jeez, it's got lights, OK. Stop being judgemental.
Because we can never be ok with anyone taking our own picture.It's like, we want ourselves to take our own picture. No one else can understand that lighting, that perfect angle where you look
  1. slim,
  2. pretty,
  3. gorgeous to death,
  4. and also understand which filter will make it most fab. 
You know exactly how much to capture!

+Doveranalyst: The lying down selfie. Cuz we can multitask, ok.

You don't want that extra 20 hours spent on editing, to crop unwanted flab.

No one else seems capable of understanding what is flattering to YOU.

Unless of course, if you are dating a top notch photographer who can take casual iPhone masterpieces out of you.

Which is —well— not my case.

Or yours.

Which then leaves us at a point where we can't afford to buy a clone.
+Doveranalyst: The I-am-the-tallest-person-alive-selfie (cuz I can't afford a selfie stick)

And that's why instead of being really clingy and a pain in the ass to other people, we do our bad work ourselves.

We sweat for hours to try different poses to take that one perfect selfie.

That everyone appreciates! But no one understands the amount of hard work that has gone into it. SIGH
Well, technically selfie is khud ki lena.
You just saw what I did. Right?
Grow up, people!
(if you don't believe in selfies or selfie videos.)

Everyone needs and deserves a good quality front cam.

Because it's not for fun. Sorry. We moved way ahead of stone ages, dark ages of going to the shop to develop a film of pictures. Remember that reel thing?
Yeah, I also remember dinosaurs.
But they are gone...Furrr
See, thing is we evolve. Become better with time!

Which means you know exactly what goddamn thing you are capturing and how. You have total control.

Why settle for less when you get more?

I mean, seriously, tell me, one good reason why you want to stare at the back camera, which means that lens—yes that thing without any life— take picture after picture and then spend that much time looking at what you shot.
Nah. Nah. Shehhh.

Why waste that amount of your life when you can do so much more with that extra trial and error time!

Especially if you have other people with you in the picture or video, everybody has a fair and transparent idea of what is there. No cheating! No trying to take that Sushant Singh Rajput in the background.
(Yeah. Saw ya. Creepy girl.)
Go ask for a selfie. He will give one.

And, my beloved upper gen..moms n dads,

For all those concerned about deaths from a selfie, let me ask you this, won't the kids fall down if they were trying a back camera capture on a hill top?

In fact, a front cam will at least tell them there's nothing behind! That they are gonna fall! It's like a warning system.

+Doveranalyst quote: It isn't the selfie that kills you, but your foolish lack of common sense. Might as well save yourself for the last picture. 

It's like having eyes in your back. It's just safer!




+Doveranalyst quote: If you take a selfie with a shark, (front or back cam), you are going to DIE, my friend, (maybe after the selfie)

What causes deaths is not selfies but madness or rather greed to capture everything.

Now this ain't funny ok.

You! Yes, you out there! You! You need to step up & be responsible!
Because I'm not gonna hear because of you. You are maligning the entire fraternity...ok?

So, you! You go save your life.
Seriously, have some responsibility for YOUR LIFE.
Don't use flash near electrical fields like trains.
Don't take selfies trying to capture of that background and killing yourself...
(Aiyo face)
+Doveranalyst quote: The last selfie

Be safe! N I love you!

Muah! Muah! Muah!

This was D's today's piece of over analysing things.


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