Jungle Book Movie Review | Nana Patekar

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So, there's a huge hype on Jungle Book in Hindi, where you get Om Puri as Bagheera, #PriyankaChopra as ShhhShhh and #NanaPatekar as Shere Khan.

So, after a whole day of tiring work, I walked straight into Eros. Again. Only after finally trying the Chicken Subwrap, meeting a fair frorignor who forgot his lays. Ok, that story later.

Eros, for some reason assumes everyone in the nightshow, is well fed to the top. Which is why, you never have pop-corn.

Thankfully the movie compensated for everything.
Including losers walking into the seat I eliberately had been capturing. Come on, it was just one seat behind mine.

Movie Review:
You know the story. Or maybe you have forgotten like me. But, that's not what we are talking here.

Legs get to the quick D way of doing things.
(WHO? WHO Autocorrects "Let's" to "legs"?!
You got it. My phone.)

Why should you watch Jungle Book, the Movie

  • If you love animals talking to you, it is one hell of an experience.
  • It is a visual experience and every time Nana Patekar was on screen or Baloo, the crowd would cheer and go ballistic, to a point that I couldn't remember people being that happy in a movie.
  • Shouts, cheers, whistles from grown up people were shying the little ones.
  • Couples were watching. Yes.
  • Priyanka Chopra hissed well. But she's there for a very small time.So, don't rush for just the husky voice.You won't feel anything from he hypnotizing snake eyes. Lol. JK.
  • The entire visual experience was nice. 
  • Mogli gives a stunning performance, seeming as if he was really born as that.
  • Mogli and Baloo moments are cute and clever.
  • And in the end of to get to the Overanalysis. So there's this really awesome message in the movie. Mogli cannot be like a Bhedia. There are things instinctive to him that comes from being a baby boy, child of a human. So, here's celebrating what comes naturally to you, using your talent and making the most of it. Not everybody can conform to every rule. Difference is what makes us beautiful. At the same time, sometimes there are a few community rules that keep us all together. Helping each other out, standing for each other and facing your fear on the end twig of a branch and really taking that leap of faith is all it takes to triumph. 
And if you remember my Kungfu Panda review, I'd pointed out how innate hindi voice over artist not getting credit in the end while the English names shows up, huge and bold.

This Jungle book movie, though, had a fantastic ending with an amazing wrap-up song that you stay back to hear. I had company of people lingering to see the pages of the book move left and right with the Amitabh, the monkey dancing along.

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