Daily blog | Day 1: Bulky?

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So, this is not one of those funny posts I write. Not my reviews. Not my fiction world into some far dream land.

This right here, is me.

Life is never short of people who want to put you down or who want to make you feel you are not enough.

Maybe, sometimes it is only necessary to focus on what you can learn and how you can improve. But, then especially with young growing children, (yes, I'm still growing up), you have to reach a state where you just stop yourself. Yes, stop, like right there. You have to take charge of your happiness!

Have a pep-talk with yourself. You always have a choice. And like D always says, life is all about the choices you make. And that, girl, you need to choose wisely. Being fat is a universal problem. I totally understand how boys and girls deal with it. How we think we are fine and we are trying our best to be happy, and then, there's someone talking to our face to say we are bulky.

Honestly, I never realised I was that fat till I actually lost those 17 kgs. You feel that you are fine. You look at yourself in the mirror and because, you see yourself, everyday, you don't realise what is so terribly wrong. But now that I see my jawline I am not gonna have someone tell me I'm Baloo.

Being on borderline of BMI can be something. Technically that's still not obese. Get your facts right. You might be slightly unfit. But do not let anyone tell you that you are obese. Have you even looked around yourself? There are tons of people, like, literally tons. They are like spheres. They are way more than you are. For every fit person who looks leaner than you, there's someone out there praying for gaining some weight and there's someone out there trying to lose twice or thrice the weight you are planning to lose. Feel blessed. It is EXTREMELY EASY to forget what you have.
The easiest thing in the world is to be sad. Even if you have the best body, the best of love, a happy family and what not.

Let no one put you down. If you are not what Adnan Sami was, let no one male you feel you are. It is very important to keep your sanity. There are people who would just say a hi to you and the next thing they say is — Please don't mind. You look bulky and you need to lose weight.

I will totally understand if someone with 8 pack abs was saying this. But someone with a paunch out there has no right to put you down. Also, abs are just extra. It is absolutely healthy to have a flat stomach and no abs at all. If you are an Indian woman and you have thighs, let no one make you cry.We are still dealing with a problem where only 2% women think they are beautiful.

I mean, seriously, at a time when the fashion industry is changing to take note of women of every shape and size, showcasing pregnant women on ramp, transgender, petite women, and what not, this is definitely not the time to feel sorry about not having size zero.

Indian body types are not meant to be that. When international fashion is banning anorexic models, DO NOT STARVE YOURSELF.

Also, because starving or skipping meals makes you put on way more weight than you could imagine, not forgetting, the damage it does to your body forever.

Relativity screws up everything. We all have selective perception. We see what we want to see and listen to what we want to listen.
Just honour the other persons perspective. Maybe there are reasons why he's saying this. Vested or not. Wanting you to be the fittest person or not. Maybe you don't want to go to that extreme. Maybe you are proud of what u have achieved already. Let no one else but you decide your targets. And keep them realistic. Achievable.

This is not a corporate affair to keep targets that jo one can meet and then ask everyone to work on weekends. It ain't sales, love.

It's time to appreciate yourself. Like, seriously, duh.
Of course being a fit person is going to make you more wngertic than you already are,  more active and probably more happy.

But, not necessarily. There are men and women who are absolutely active carrying all that weight around. It could be easier doing it with less. But then, there are celebrities like the likes of Bharti who inspire women to not give a damn on their shape. She prides on being a round zero and her tummy. She's everywhere. She awes you with her confidence. She can do a full split. And what not.

It's time to look at the mirror, without the filters. How fat are you actually? Do not trust other's eyes! Make your starting point your on. If you begin from a mirage there's no way you can make it. Do not begin with altered vision of yourself. It's one thing to say romantically to see each other from eachother's eyes. But if this friend or whoever doesn't say realistic things, try looking around. If someone out there has a stomach of about 50 inches and you have 30, you are still less. Just saying. You don't need to feel how to 50 inches should feel. Or 50 shouldn't feel how a 100 feels when they can't get inside any doors. You know what am saying?

Do not torture yourself. If you think it is important to motivate yourself the hard way, at least don't be more hard on yourself than you deserve.

There's always a correct way of doing things. And starving is not one of them.

For every person with a pit belly who thinks you are fat, there will be a Manish Malhotra model who thinks you are beautiful as you are. But more important is for you to believe that. All by yourself. You, my friend— You are beautiful. Let no one tell you otherwise.

Trust the measuring tape and the mirror but not a person. Some can be just too loving to think you are too thin and others can be mean.

And if you find a weighing machine you can trust, let your D know!


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