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Scene 1: Camera close ups on a girl lifting her careless beauties &  tucking them behind her ear. Then on eyelashesup & down. (all covered in half second) 
Phone rings: Ma ka phone aya. Ma ka terima ka phone aya. (track from movie Khubsoorat)
Camera shows face (not in focus) to slow zoom out till waist close up (in focus).
Camera moves to her hands hunting for the phone from a sling coaching bag.
We zoom out to her full profile from a side angle. She's wearing a churridar.
Background : the old rustic gate of the coaching Institute ; advertising clearly painted on the walls- Sharma's CA CScoaching. 
Boys are hurrying out on bikes, (coaching Institute background) some girls being picked in cars...(Highway can be be seen far off and some trees are on the side)
Ria (on phone with an urgency): Han ma, main theek hoon! 
(She pulls down her dupatta from a cool carefree style to really hiding herself at weird lustful gazes from two drunkard men who pass by -  as disgusting as rapists. Camera now mirrors Ria's eyes. So,  we see the highway far off and the trees at the side in the frame in the backdrop when we focus on the men's lusty look. 
Frame shows one look at the men, then immediately cut to the ground, one lookat  men, (a blink effect) then extreme corner trees as if she's looking away. 
(She pulls down her dupatta from a cool carefree style to really hiding herself at weird lustful gazes from two drunkard men who pass by -  as disgusting as rapists. She continues in same tone as if nothing has happened though her brows are creased and she looks violated and afraid.) 
Ramu abhi tak aya nahi hai. Ajaega baba. Yahan bohot log hain abhi bhi. 
(From yahan... Camera completely zooms out. Nearly everyone has left.  She's ironically lying to console her mom.) 
Han Han main andar hi khadi hoon. Array! Tu phone rakhegi to firse call karu na usey! Ab tu mat call kar usay. Main kar rahi hoon na. 
She sighs and angrily calls Ramu who's clearly on last dialed. 
Camera top angle : Only her phone dial log is visible &  her tension, upper body close up in frame.
The scene is even scarier now as the last light at the coaching Centre is shut and it is pitch dark. Everyone has left. 
Two other men again whistle &  go. She brings her dupatta to typical behenji style now taking a few steps back to the gate when Ramu arrives in a rick. Takes a U turn. 
Camera shows Ria sit and then moves to focus Ramus's back. We see the conversation from partial visibility of Ria's hair and ear and half shoulder and Ramu turning back slightly to reply.
Ria: (As she sits in rick & moves ahead)Kahan they aap! Ye koi waqt hai aneka! Apko saat bola tha na maine! 
Ramu: Madam,  bahut traffic tha. Kya bataein. Signal pe ek ghantey se rukey huay the! 
Girl is relaxing a bit,  yet tired,  shifting her bag by her side. 
Han ma! Agaya hai. Hum nikal chukey hain. X signal pe pahunchne waley hain. 
Cut to time forward moving ahead on the road. 
Girl whatsapping
Reached Signal Y
Reached signal Z 
Ma ka phone. Ringtone
Ria on phone :Han ma! Bas ab hospital se guzre. Pahunch hi rahi hoon. Tu serial dekh na aram se. 
Scene 2: At home in living area ( white comfy sofa,  a black glass Centre table and a TV on the right. Ria and her mom are seen in home clothes. Ria is wearingcapri and a T shirt night dress. Mom is wearing a saree or a maxi. 
Ria: Kal 7 to 9 hai
Mom (eyes nearly popping out of shock and horror) : 9! Dimaag kharab hogaya hai kya in logon ka! Tere papa bhi Delhi se wapas nahi aye honge. Ramu bhi nahi hai. 
Ria: Maine Rohit se baat ki hai. Wo ulta aake chor dega. Wo bike laraha hai kal. 
Mom is a little relieved. 
Ria : Ab tu khana pina tyag k puja ghar me akhand diya jalake mat baith jana! Pata chala mere CS k chakkar me tera weight loss hojaega!
They share a little nervous laughter. Both knowing it is still not safe. 
Ria:(reassuringly) Rohit hai na. Theek se chalaega. Bola hai usay. 
Cut to scene 3: Dark night on the roads at 9pm.
Music: Cricket night sound with traffic noise. 
Camera is from Ria's eyes. We see back profile of Ria sitting and Rohit turning back to talk.
Well built tall Rohit looking back from driving seat: Theek se baithi, Ria?
Ria : Han, theek hai. 
Time forward. 
Camera shows them from side angle,  front and back. 
Ria keeps nervously looking behind, holding her bag closely.. 
Camera focuses on some well built rich spoilt brats driving crazily just to show off. 
Ria (Softly to Rohit) : Yar Roh, wo log mujhe hi dekh rahe hain kya?
Mujhe bohot darr lagraha hai... 
Rohit cuts her responsibly and urgently :Kuchh kia un saalon ne? (extremely angry,  so much that he nearly screams)Bol! 
Ria: Nahi. Par Mujhe bohot darr lagraha hai... 
Rohit: Unki to main... 
(Supporting music with high pace) 
Ria: Nahi!! (urgently)  Abhi pange mat le! Safely ghar tak pahunchna bhi hai! 
Rohit (increases speed) : Tu chinta mat kar. Bag agey le aa! Hath side me rakh! Hilna mat. And relax! OK! I'll drive faster. Fastest! Kuchh nahi hoga (last line nearly to himself as even he's afraid. There are 7 of them and he has the responsibility to protect her). 
Ria: Don't rash drive. Accident mat karna! Bike is our only way to get away! NH10 jaise na hojaye... 
The guys are driving and teasing even faster. 
Camera looks at them from front. Quick cut to back view shows the progression of the other 7 bikes. Quick change to show Rohit &  Ria's faces when they are talking and cut to back and side views of the bike. It's like a very high paced race,  camera quickly alternating.
Rohit: he nearly has to hit the break as one nearly comes front,  slows down) :Oh shit!
Teri ma...!!
He's about to say it louder but realizes he has no power. 
They are circling from every side even as everyone is moving forward in jet speed as the men are clearly teasing this girl now nearly trying to touch her back. 
Camera focuses on side angle to back profile now. We see Ria straightening up and moving forward trying to avoid the touch.
Ria: Ehhhhhhhhh.... (She holds Rohit going as forward as she can)
Camera changes from Ria's back to Rohit upper body close up. 
Rohit: Bhenchod! (turns left) 
Ria: Pagal hai kya. Chup. Shhh!! 
Rohit: Agey signal hai. Police hoga. Hum rukjaenge. Kutton ko nikal jane denge. Tu theek hai na, Ria? 
Ria: Hmmm 
They halt at signal. All the men also halt at signal.. Signal is green but none of them leaves. 
Second green signal. 
Camera on quick face close ups. 
Rohit(tensed, angry, frustrated, helpless but trying to look tough to those men) 
Ria(nearly not looking anywhere. Trying to hide behind Rohit's back.) 
The men: Lustful. Greedy. Rich. 'Even the police can do nothing to us' look on their smug faces. 
None of them leaves. 
Third green signal. 
Rohit: Yaar. Ye chutiye...! 
Ria: Kab tak rukenge yahan? Ma k phone pe phone arahe hain. I just texted traffic. 
Rohit: Tu pagal hai kya? Left lunga to tera ghar ajaega but in chutiyon ko tera ghar pata chalna is very dangerous.
Ghar se nikal nahi paegi duffer!
Madarchod saale! 
Rohit: Kya to? Tere ghar ki taraf to galti se bhi nahi jasakte!
Agey chalna padega. Thakenge nahi kya ye log! Tu chinta mat kar. Aagey se Fortune towers se na ek sudden quick U turn maar lete hain. It will be fast turn. Tu pakde rehna bas. Cut chhota hai. Itne saare palat bhi jaenge to bhi speed lose hoga. 
Ria: Yaar,  police ko nahi bolsakte?
Rohit: Han tujhe lagta hai police unke jeb me nahi hai? Attitude dekh...haramiyon ka!
Green light.
This time all hurry. It's a rush. A do or die. Speed is evident everywhere. 
Turn is close. 
Teasing starts as soon as they are a little far from signal. 
Roads are more soonsaan
Fear,  shivering Ria has closed her eyes as if she's about to die. 
Rohit is pursuing his lips, ready to do it. 
It's dangerous but that's the only way to ditch the men. 
Just before the turn the guy on the left bike reaches out his hand and gropes the girl. 
It's all very sudden 
Ria: Oh shit! She nearly cries. 
Rohit: Kya hua? Kuchh kia kya? Ria! Tu theek hai? 
Ria: still nearly in shock &  crying...
Rohit: Ria,  tu bolegi? Uski ma ki...
Kya kiya Ria! (he yells frantically!)
Ria : Uska hath...
Rohit : Hath Kahan! Oh shit! (thumps the bike) 
Ria: mujhe pata.... Main itni darri hui thi.... Achanak.... Ekdum achanak se usne... Kyu...! 
Rohit: Relax! Agey medical shop pe halt karte hain..
Are you hurt?
Ria nods no. But she's absolutely flustered. 
Rohit hurries immediately with cold water. She drinks. 
Rohit: Muh bhi dho le... Tu yahin ruk... Main un haramiyon ki...
She gets up, hurriedly holds his hand.
Ria: Pagal hai kya? Mujhe akele chor k mat ja!!
He hugs her tight to his chest,  patting her head like a little daughter. 
Ria still sobbing: Mujhe itna darr kabhi nahi laga...
He's about to go again but she stops him.. Ria: Tu hotey huay to unki itni himmat... Tujhe nahi lagta k wo mere liye wapas aenge? 
He pats her again.
Rohit: Yaar! I'm so sorry. Sab meri galti hai! I thought hum nikal lenge. Shit yar! Calm down. Bachha... Shhhh 
Ria:Full sleeves salwar... Typical behenji lagrahi hoon main yaar...Kyun!....
Rohit: Ria yaar... Relax.
Ria: Ma ka phone...! (she's terrified) 
(Nearly goes into trance...) ma... Ma... Ma ko pata chal gaya to! Padhai to dur... ghar se nikalna band...! Main ma ki jagah hoti to main bhi shayad yehi karti. Aaj kuchh bhi hosakta tha. Aj samajh me aya ma kyu itna parashan hoti hai ! 
Rohit : Aunty ka phone utha. Unka heartattack hojaega..!
He takes her phone and texts.. : just reaching ma. 
Ria: Maine underestimate kiya tha yar...! I swear maine underestimate kiya tha! Mujhe laga tha sab civilized hain. Humare jaise hi to the. Young padhe likhe types. 
Rohit: High the saale,  sabke sab piye huay.  U r fine now?
Calm down. I've to drop you. Aa baith. Let's go home quick 
Ria: (she has changed sobbing to shock &  anger) Oh god! Yar... Maine.... Maine... Padha tha bachpan me nearly every girl is molested once...! I didn't believe it then! Bastards! Kya mila un Kutton ko! By grabbing a piece of flesh. No seriously Rohit.. What kind of pleasure can men get in a nano second! 
Rohit: Psychopaths hain yar. Ria just calm down. Relax. You have to relax. Aunty to pata chala to teri coaching band. You know right? 
Ria: Han. I know. 
Rohit: just chill bachha... I know it's all my fault. I can't even tell you how horrible.. Koi ek aur apne sath hota na to main..! 
Scene 4:
They reach under her apartment. 
He gets down too.
Rohit:(matter of factlyMain upar tak araha hoon.
One quick glance at Ria.
Scene 5: Outside Ria's door. 
He holds her face in her hands.
Camera shows them from behind &  then transition to having turned towards each other,  frame shows their side view, Rohit holding her face and then closeups.
Rohit : Ria. You have to look ok. You want to do really well and uncle aunty ko proud karwana hai na? You are still the same Ria. (he says this with pride)...... Aj jo hua ye sirf tere mere beech rahega. Bura sapna samajh k bhul ja. Bhul ja... Ok? 
Ria nods. 
He rings the bell. Mom immediately opens the door as if she was right there.
Rohit: Aunty, apki Amanat. 
Mom: Kya hua. Itni late aj. 9 baje se nikal gaye the na...
Rohit: Aunty bohot traffic tha. Bohot thak gayen hain.
Mom: Pani piyoge, beta?
He nods. Ria has collapsed in sofa
Camera looks at Rohit from a low height mirroring Ria looking at him.
Rohit: soft reassuring motivating smile.
Camera from partial Rohit view from a higher angle looking down at Ria.
Ria looks up and smiles agreeing to believe nothing happened.
Scene 6: Ria's bedroom is small but covered with pinks and pastels. Makes her come across as someone so innocent anyone would feel for her ordeal of last night vis-a-vis her ambition to earn for her family and prove herself. 
Frame first shows glass windows and clouds and sunrise symbolizing the next day morning.
Frame slowly shifts rightward towards Ria tightly wrapped and cosily sleeping exhausted.
Three photographs can be seen in a diagonal on the pale pink pin up wall behind her bed. 
Dad's pic has a cute crafty chit under it - Chief Engineer Ranjeet Singh
A little below on right is Mom's pic with the same chit with her designation
Professor Mansi Singh
A little right below is Ria Singh
Chit reads Chief CA. 
Ria is peacefully sleeping. 
Phone rings loudly on the right side bed side table disturbing her to wake up.
Camera focuses on Rohit calling. 
Ria (Nearly in sleep) : Ha. Bol..
Rohit: Hey Ria. I was up all night.
(we see Rohit's room- mix of yellows or blues without much trace of sunlight.Rohit's hair is unkempt,  he's wearing a T shirt and tracks. He jumps from mid bed to the end thumping on the pillows near the bed lamp. Covering bedsheet half crumpled on the right. A complete contrast to Ria's room. Completely messed up as if he was awake all night. Laptop still on the bed, empty coffee mugs on the table.) 
There had to be a solution. And there is! Online coaching. I've completely researched entire night. Checked all reviews! It's just as effective and even better yar! Ab late night ka no tension. We are both shifting to GOLS. Main tujhe link send kar raha hoon. Jaldi dekh!
Confused Ria slightly smiles and checks the phone sitting slightly upright to her pillows.

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