S04E04 | Is this for real? #Fridaynightseries

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Previously on Ayesha Diaries

Be careful what you wish for on a Friday night Part1 S04E01 | The After Party

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S04E02 | Be careful what you wish for on a Friday night | BIRTHDAY DANCE

S04E03 | Friday night at his place.

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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

The author has tried to recreate locales and popular destinations from her memories of them and woven stories around them. 

Previously on Ayesha Diaries:
Ayesha heard a dance number, Hey sexy lady, enchanting her to walk out of her apartment. She did meet the host and got invited to this afterparty. However, the birthday boy was busy and his friend Rohan charmed her. Now, she's left with the birthday boy after a romantic duet. What will happen next? Will she stay over?
What do you do when in your heart it feels absolutely the right thing but somewhere your brain wants to stay awake?

'Ohk' I find myself saying.

No, Ayesha! You were not supposed to say that!

'Thanks,' he leaves my legs as his back rest, bends forward holding my four fingers,' I'd ideally suggest that I should be a good host and have something for you to change.'

'What's wrong with this?' I look at my buttery satin dress interlaced with black lace around the bust and shoulders.

'It's amazing. Probably too amazing to be a night dress. Come.'

He takes charge before I can even decide and he's too polite to be admonished.

'Ah!', he looks at my bare feet, heels thrown somewhere during the duck dance.
The tall, shirtless, Mr. Picked-You-Up picks me up in his strong arms, dazzling me. His skin feels nice. I'm having my arms around his neck. I notice his jawline, that makes something churn. I feel like kissing his cheeks but I don't want to give him any ideas.
'Do not start worrying again, Ayesha. It's a trustworthy man you've met. Nothing is gonna happen. You are in safe hands. Literally.'

I laugh.

'And those hands are taking you to his bedroom. But stay relaxed! That's it. Welcome to my little planet!'

The view in front of me is beyond belief. I can smell a strong alpha perfume. A night Iffle tower stares at me in pink on the wall, streets and outlines of a city landscape are shining in the dark. Lights on black. It is surreal. As if a scene from a movie is engraved on the wall. The night's just captivated me. I can't think.

Thump. He throws me on the softest bed in the world. Or at least the softest I know of. The kind they show in movies. As I turn to process the soft pink bedsheets, the hot ripped man sits by my side, 'So? Better than the hall way?'

'Mm mmmm'

'Allow me', he fondly caresses my cheek as he gets up. The room is flooded with lights. 'So, don't turn off the lights, I wanna know what I'm doing, is right. Hahaha!'

I laugh along.

'Here, girl. What? Which?', he points at a neat cupboard thrown open with options of T-shirts and stacked shorts that he puts in front of me on the bed.

I try to control my awe. All I've is one Godrej almaari for all of my clothes and I always hear I've too many clothes. Re-definition of too many!

'Wow.' I murmur picking up a maroon, an olive, a copper-sulphate. 'Charcoal grey. I love this shade of black but grey. Oh, it says something too! Since, when did shorts speak? I knew T-shirts speaking.'

He laughs.

'Ummm...I got it? Lol. Seriously? Got it? Got what?' I roll showing him the lettering straight so you have to bend to read, 'Like someone questioned you if you got it!'

'Umm, yeah.' He pretends to be serious, then laughs.

I choose a red full sleeves that's says, Stop staring at my eight pack abs. I also have brains. Yes, up there.

I read it aloud and roll again. 'That's quite something for me to wear. Abs? What? Who? Who are you talkin to, man? Got it?' I show the shorts quote hip as I wear it. 'Oh, gawd!'

'I—I will go for a quickie shower. Just a minute. Be comfortable. You can ask chachi or me for whatever you want.'

'Oh. But I need to use the rest room first'


I hurry with the T-shirt as he gets ready with a salmon pink towel. What I see is something I should have expected by now. But my poor imagination! As I hunt for the lights on the left and accidentally touch the correct ones, there's chandelier in a washroom! Wait. What?

Warm dizzy yellow light floods a white pearl marvel, shiny with grace and class.

'What is this? I had to pee and say sorry to the pot'.

'What? You. Are. Funny!'

'Dunno why everyone says that'

'Probably because you are. Lol'

'But I never talk the same things with anyone!'

'More,so the reason'

'What's with the pink?', I say trying to divert.

'What?' He looks blankly at me, 'Oh,come on. I love pink and I'm straight. It's like My name is Khan but I'm not a terrorist.'

We wait a second, staring and burst laughing.

'No, i mean, I'm tired of giving this explanation all my life. Anyways,' he gets the frosted door, 'that would only make you safer in the dead of the night'

I stare at myself, the T-shirt is cool and feels amazing. As I turn, I can see him showering, just a vague outline. I force myself to inspect, instead. Be a nice girl. It's rude to stare. But it's fair to explore. You know a lot about a man from his room, especially if you walk uninvited. Assuming of course, that it wasn't some A-game plan to predict me walking in.

Dark mahagony table that nearly looks black has old world style chest of drawers. I quickly open one. Jeez. Shower sound is on. I hope he doesn't hear. A diary with a green pen stuck to it stares at me. I tantalizingly hold the black leather, flip it open, to see a picture of a little boy smiling happily with just two hands on each side in the frame.Cute. Usually I never like childhood photos. People look so different. But this was smart. A sudden sound makes me skip my beat. I quickly close the drawer and stand on my back, gasping, as if I wasn't doing anything. It was so quick, I couldn't even decide in my mind, what I should have said that I was doing. Blank stare. I'm blank. I can't think. Luckily, he's looking down at himself now in red shorts, drying with his pink towel. I use it to walk a step ahead, basically to be away from crime scene, slightly consoling my raging guilt.

'So? Mr.Pink...'

'Lol. You are funny, girl. I tell ya. I've never met someone like you. Damn, there, there I said something cheesy, with more cheese than a cheese burst pizza. But it just came out. But ya, no backing out now. Not even, if you laugh some more.' He pauses nearly making me hit dead end at a wall pinned book stand of sorts, 'No, honestly. I mean it. I always wanted this though.'

'What? To be cheesy?' I say giggling daringly, still about to be pinned to the book shelf.

'No. Girl. To meet someone like you. It's nice.I like it. I like it' he is becoming calmer as he moves away putting the towel. 'It's an interesting connection'

'You believe in connections too?'

'Do you?'

'Ya, I do believe we meet only the people we are meant to. And also for a reason, though we may not know what. You know, like they say, each single person we meet in this entire lifetime, including, the people we just pass by, are supposed to pass by. We are supposed to look by. Because they meant something to us in the past. In our past life, they were something to us. Everything is planned. And that is so overwhelming. The probability of it all.' I'm on my knees on the bed half protruding out towards him as he sits on the opposite corner,' I'm probably boring you to death'.

'No. Go on.'

'I. I don't know. I just get carried away'

'Which is good. So many people keep wishing all their life to get carried away'.

'What? I didn't understand a thing'

'Hmm, I know'

'Know what?'

'Nothing. Do you believe there's afterlife where you can fulfill your leftover desires or do you take life in one full swing, not knowing, what is to be, what could have been and what may never be?'

'Wow, you can speak'.

Is that all you had to say, Ayesha! Luckily, he smiles down.

'I can girl. And so can you. And there's no point denying you understood.'

'I did. Ya. I do believe in reincarnation. But that changes nothing. It's still one life you got and still things you need to fulfill in that one life. You get only one chance. There are so many things we are supposed to do. So many things we want to do. And only, some, we end up doing. You only live once. No matter how many times you are born. You won't know it. You won't remember it—'

'So, do you have a bucket list?'

'A what?'

'Bucket list'

'A bucket list of things you want to do before you die?' He nods.'You mean, like a list of movies you want to see before you die?' I laugh.

'Well, yes, babes. Why not?' He lies flat on his stomach, making his shoulder archs even more visible, looking up at me.

'Well, because it's a funny thing to say after you just had a shower' I lie down on my stomach too, facing him, eye to eye. 'Why don't you have a shower list?'

'Because you can't save a list there. It will just flow away. Shower ain't preserved. It flows like free desires. There are no controls. But there have to be controls. There's a hoarding mentality when it comes to buckets. Imagine a wooden bucket with hidden candies stocked between hay and fodder'


He laughs down at the sheet and sits up. 'You must be hungry. What a rude host I am! I'll just get you some, ummm, will you have dal khichdi? That's what's in the fridge.' He looks at my unaware pout, 'Oh, wait, there's pizza. A fantastic pizza. Thin crust, olive and jalapeno one. And there are the cutlets from tonight's menu. Craving for spicy kebabs and finger food?'

'Mmmm mm' I nod vigorously like a little baby, worried her ice-cream will walk away.

'Just a sec, girl. Blink and I'll be back.'

'Really, now.' I mock.

He smiles and rushes. I'm no criminal, for I'm still looking at him, going, instead of going back to the little boy. I look at the shelf to avoid the drawer. A Thousand Splendid Suns. Hmmm. Pleasures you didn't know. Romance in the a Wilderness. The He & She story. Vampire Diaries. Harry Potter.

I turn right. Curious me. There's a wind chime by the window, with sparkles and dainty mi hanging above the huge pink couch with white cushions. An empty stool, some sports magazines thrown here and there. And then, there's a the entire line of chic white cupboards also with thin lines of silver sparkle streaks at the edge and tons of mirrors.

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