S06E03 | The Submarine Date | The BUNK BED

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Ayesha and the Devil Series

+Doveranalyst Mumbai Diaries Ayesha and the Devil series
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You know D can get the PhD for being lazy. So, forgive your girl. Link to Episode 1 coming soon.
They had been talking about this for real long. The perfect submarine date. But, how would it be given that Ayesha's got this cold on the day she's supposed to venture into the world of adventure?
©This work is copyrighted.
Copying or deriving characters from this story or any derivative work based on the theme of the book, Ayesha Diaries, or the characters mentioned in this book, is a legal offence.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

The author has tried to recreate locales and popular destinations from her memories of them and woven stories around them. 

Previously on Ayesha Diaries : Episode 2:

Life is surprisingly funny. I'd thought I'll never see him again. In fact the end of first date is pretty vivid still. The cold night air brushing my hair, two equally weird absolutely ethnic wear clad us, were pacing closer to my home on his black Royal Enfield.

'Ayesha, with me there are gonna be so many interesting dates, you can never ditch me. I won't LET you ditch me.'

Hearts racing at their best, he calmly instructs him, as if nothing had just happened. I just keep looking at the corner as if it is some rare Jewel and like a little baby coming to terms with reality, pass a natural smile to the man who's just interrupted us.

And, then..............


+Doveranalyst Mumbai Diaries Ayesha and the Devil series

He smiles after our little escapade saved itself from a narrow escape. Once, his junior left, he quickly had the door slightly ajar and caught me in a sudden grip. He's urgent yet sweet. He looks into my eyes and our hearts are close again, my hands in between, my eyes locked with his. Not everything happens perfectly in real life. In real life, your hands don't know what to do. In your first ever intimacy with your date, your hands are exactly protecting you, as if out of inertia. Expectant, the sudden adrenalin rush is making my beats skip. He's looking at me ever so fondly. We smile from every inch of our bodies and soul. Our eyes are daring, a glued gaze trying to read the unread in each other. He quickly steals a kiss. Yes, with my hands, still sandwiched between his chest and mine. As his lips touch mine, a comfort seeps into me. I want more of his soft lips. I repeat with quick, soft tastes, smiling through my lashes and lunge backwards. But he grabs me back by the waist.

'You sure he won't come back?' I breathe onto his nose.
His eyes twinkle mischievously but he bends by the door, peeking out. And quickly returns, eyes declaring triumph, holds me by the waist and lifts me in the air, as I bend down to him, nearly hitting the roof of the low ceiling lunch radio control room.

'So, what were you saying?'

'You were saying something about doing in a submarine...'
I laugh, 'What? Will you take me on this little dining table?', we both look at it, smiling through the corner of our eyes, cheeks touching and blushing.
'Oh, I wouldn't mind'
'Wouldn't mind, huh!', I hit his chest playfully with my fists, 'Look at you! Wouldn't mind..'
He giggles as I mock. It's great to see him happy.
'And your subordinate will come running, "Yes, Sir!"'

He moves his fingers through my hair and tucks it behind my ear sending shivers down. I never knew all this also happens in real life. It feels like a romantic book is coming to life. He quickly releases me, 'No, you are right, we must step outside.', he whispers bending to my ear, 'I had said when I had thought there would be no one other than us. I didn't know this maintenance work was going on. I've an off today but now that I'm here...you know'.
I nod, fondly smiling.

'This is the kitchen right here. Now we can't actually have a fire or anything. So, orderlies don't get to cook everything. All our food options are limited. We enter into what looks like a normal kitchen, with spaceship-like bolted closets. 'There's this hot plate. We somehow manage rice and tea. Nobody else is at work today otherwise, would have shown you how we make tea. This, right here, is made so carefully, so that we don't have any spillages, because of the constant movements in the sea...'
That explains the bolts.


'And we eat in that room on that little table like I showed you and we work there rest of the time, we have our meeting, watch TV, our only form of entertainment, everything right there. Multipurpose table...'

'I hope you don't do other things on the table', my eyes gleam with a tease.

'What? With the men?' He laughs dismissing it.

'Ya, you do have all your shirtless pictures with just shorts—'

'Ya, just underwear.' he holds my hand as you would hold a lady, 'it's too hot here. We are at the sea and then we don't have any option, right. We have to manage with what we have. We have to manage with what food we have and with as fewer clothes as we can wear. After all, it's all men'. Again that casual flare.

He guides me out by the hand, holding it ever so slightly and yet with warmth and care. 'This is the main area, where all the work happens.' Smoke from everywhere is making me feel I'm walking into Titanic's steam room. There are pipes and machinery everywhere. He keeps on explaining passionately how everything works and I am all ears. We move ahead to a thinner chamber and he opens a strong white metal door. It's way hot in here, like you could sweat.

'The main engine area. We have to come on errands to see everything is working fine. We are all trained on the levels. In the first year, this is your main duty. You have to go everywhere in the submarine and check everything is fine. Then we have uniforms like you saw of Sharma. Black, because you have to work with the grease and the dust, the oil, it just stains so bad. We do the real work, Madam. Even now, we can't wear your favourite white uniforms. We wear the pale and navy blue ones. Because it is real work, real tough job. Now, you see. Now, what do you say, I ask you again, like I had said I would, you still think it is easy to be in the forces?'

'Oh, I never said it is easy to be in the forces. I said it is difficult. But it is way more difficult for their near and dear ones who live so far away from them, not knowing when they might just hear the news of their death. They sacrifice their entire life staying alone, doing so many things on their own. And there's always the unpredictability, the chance, the fear that grips you. It is so vulnerable. Of course, I respect the country's men but I meant that you are dedicated to what you do and at most die. But what about the young widows, the mothers, the old grandparents who have to see their little child pass away in front of their eyes? It's not easy, ok. To constantly stay alone and worry.'

'It is we who die and you who play the victim.'

We laugh. 'It is also here that all officers sneak in, to smoke'


'Ya, where else can you smoke? Smoking is not allowed anywhere else. Everything is critical here. You touch any wire, anything goes wrong, it could be fatal. It is very dangerous. We have combustible items, we can't light a fire. So, the only place that is actually left is here.'

'But the heat...'

'Yeah, the heat. But for a drag, you have to compromise on certain things'

'Why do you have to smoke so much?'

'Tum try karke dekho'

'You know, I'm allergic to smoking.'


He takes me back out of the chamber. 'This is a similar hole that you came from. There's a ladder again. Do you want to try going down? This is just the first floor. There are many many floors.'

'Oh, dear. What is there inside?'

'Mostly the same. Not much different'

I bend down to have a look. 'Oh, ok. Then—let it be.'

'Come.', he swiftly takes me by the hand, away from the working men whispering into my ear, 'now, are you ready to see where I stay?'

I breathe. He opens a very thin pale creme laminated door neatly striped with tin on the edges, showing a gleaming age. It's a college girl rush. The tall handsome leads me in and before me is a very small place, as if from one of those kids' rooms from some Hollywood country house, bunk beds, in neat blue, tucked with discipline and cosy as hell. I mean, there's not much room to stand.

'Yes, that's all we got, my lady. Humara gareebkhana. This is where I live for the most part of the year, where there's no 14 feet by 14feet room for us. That right there is KV's jacket. We have jackets like these, here, with our names pinned to them..'

He's really keen and a happy-happy guide. And I love this happy guide air about him. He does not want to pin me to the wall or anything. He respects me and my company. There's leisure. There's togetherness.    Perhaps, even stability. Somehow everything is just falling into place. I don't care about the future. Right now is beautiful. Why waste a beautiful now for a scared tomorrow?

'...so, over there we keep our shoes. Because everything is moving all the time and we don't want to...'

+Doveranalyst Mumbai Diaries Ayesha and the Devil series
I've a child's amazed eyes, drinking every sip in. A new world. A world I'd never have even dreamt I could see. And it is happening. Right now.

'We have navy blue sheets all year round so that they don't get dirty. KV sleeps here. MISHRA sleeps there on the upper berth. See, how I was telling you that I can't fit in. Being 6 feet 3 is not easy', he giggles a boyish way, proud yet humble and also nearly creating that innocently troubled face. He's so adorable.

'Which one is yours?'

'This, right here. The lower one. Let me show you how I crouch in. So, the trick is to first put your legs here and then you sneak in, here, like this. And then, slowly get your head up here.'

I sit down by his side. There's not enough place to sit obviously. But then, again we have a locked gaze. And this time, there's no time to think. I silently lay down on his chest. He engulfs me, his arms tightening loosely around me. He's there, but he's not hungry. It's an amazing feeling. I can't even think right now. Everything has stopped. There's no music, no chatter, no sound. It's just calm. An absolute tranquillity. A peace that has made time stop. I'd completely given up on ever getting this feeling again in my life. I'm sinking in. As if skydiving into happiness. This is pleasure. Whose arms feel this good?
+Doveranalyst Mumbai Diaries Ayesha and the Devil series

Oh, boy. I snuggle as a pup, moving ever so slightly next to that fabric. Though I'm not a fan of navy blue, this navy officer, in navy blue full sleeves shirt, on a navy blue bunk bed, was beyond words.

He fondly caresses me and lifts his head just a bit. I respond. We look at each other. And he kisses me with so much love. It got slightly passionate but just in a second we stop.

The door opens just ever so slightly and a sudden, 'Sorry, sir!'

'Oh, shit!', I'm still breathing deeply, polishing my ponytail and tightening my scarf. We couldn't have stood on our feet. So, he was sleeping and I was sitting by him. 'Did he...?'

'Oh, come on. No. He saw nothing. He had just assumed it to be vacant. It must be Amit, the junior I was talking about. He's got duty today. No one is expected in these chambers. He must have come to change. It's ok, he will use another one. Relax. You were sitting and I was clearly down and he didn't even open. He sensed human blood, if not female perfume', he laughs.

'You think it's funny?' I twist my brows, making an angry bird face.

He mocks and laughs. I get up fixing my thin pink belt.

'We didn't even get there'

I eye him squinting with steel glare.

'Let's get, out of here'

'My lipstick?' I'm the damsel in distress, 'the bright matching pink. They had seen me with it. And now you have eaten it off. Your lips are pink—'

'Really?' He looks at himself.

'—Uffo, tumhe apni padi hai. Here, my bag is kept out. I can't even fix myself. They will know.'

He is busy rubbing off his lips. 'Array, it's ok'. Comes close and holds me by the waist, pulling me ever so slightly with his large fingers printed on my back, 'you still have everything fixed. You look beautiful. Prim and proper. I'm the one who now has pink lips', his satirical smirk is killer. 'I'm the one who's gonna get caught.' He giggles blushing. We walk out.

'Chal, let's go up.'
'Yeah, I will show you around this side'

'You mean that same distance that I came out, you mean, the same length, the same height, to be traveled again, to see this next thing?'

He nods casually.

'Do you have any idea how many beats I skipped while I did it! Oh, God. I don't have so much guts.'

'Oh, come on. You are brave.'

'Am I?'

'You can try. This is where we go up for network n all. That's where I used to talk to you every day. Because inside, you will obviously get no network.'

I'm quietly perplexed.

'You can try'

'Ok'. I look up at the steep height staring at me, streaks of light flooding through this small hole. The steel ropes look welcoming.

'Just be careful not to touch anything.'

'What? I say looking down, now two steps up, hung in the air.

'Be careful not to touch any wire. Everything can be dangerous. Just don't touch anything and you are fine.'

'You are telling this now, when I'm already up! Oh!' As I look down, he's fondly looking at me with that elder guy smile. I keep going step by step. Right leg up. Ok, feel the rod. It's —there. Then, lift left to the same place. We can do this. Ok. One at a time. No hurry. No hurry. Hung, mid-air. Damn. Wires. Don't touch. Don't touch. Keep hand to its left. Oh, dear. This is really scary.

I feel his flesh stuck to mine. He's there. He's below me. I can't look down now. But I can feel. He's coming with me. Wow. It's tantalizingly safe. The tease of a wire gap between his shirt and my ass, and my legs and his hands. Left and right, arms and legs, climbing up in the steep steel ladder, daringly brave. It's way easier now, knowing that he is with me. He's right there, if I fall. He will catch me in his heart.

'Ohhh', I breathe weaves of sighs between my steps, 'Where—where do I keep my hand? I mean, I'm here. I can see the outside. I'm peeking out hut I've to get out. How do I get out?'

'Keep your hand there'


'On your left. Anywhere'

'There are wires everywhere. You told not to touch any wire'

'Ya, that platform. You see something at a slight height above the rest?'

All I can see is, black. It's all pitch black, the scorching heat nearly blinding me. It's as if I am peeking into some photo development room. It looks like it's wood painted black, but you know it's metal.

'There...just on the left of the wire, find a safe place. Just rest your hand and try to get out. It's ok. You can do it.'

I obey. 'Oh, my God! I actually did it! I squeal, nearly jumping with joy. He follows and I give him my hand. 'Funny, I actually gave you a hand. Haha!' I rub my hands as he stands tall by my side, 'there was no one to give me a hand. I came by myself!'

'Yes, you deserve it, girl.' He mumbles, bending for air, lighting a cigarette.

'Oh, come on. No. Not now. Not today. Not when you are with me!'

'Just one. Haven't smoked since I met you, have I?'

'But we just met'

'Ok, I'll make up for it. Let's first take a picture of you. You made it all this way. It is scary, indeed for someone who's doing it for the first time. Stand by the Navy flag. You made it, girl'

'Show me'! I lunge forward. 'Aww I look fat'

'Ok, let me take from this angle. Go a little behind. I'll also go back. The flag should come with you. Smile. Yup.' He chuckles with his cigarette. ' I've taken a few. See if you like'.
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