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Food by kilo review

I've been ordering from Food by Kilo for years now. I've been in parties where the food comes from there. Here's experience speaking!

(I literally downloaded the goddamn tomato app ( read Zomato app — autocorrect won't listen!) to write this review, because desktop site won't let me! Argh)

Have ordered for 150 people, 73 people multiple times in old age homes, slum girls etc. It's always been great.

Their BEST ever (MUST ORDER before you die):

CHICKEN RED THAI CURRY (which for some reason, they spell as 'kari' ;)

— It's just heaven. DELICIOUS. I've the taste in my mouth after months!
Pronto, Churchgate has an amazing Chicken Thai curry. But FBK topped that benchmark.


— Get your basics right.
— They are awesome people who charge you only for kilo of meat/ veggies!

Didn't understand?
You get more for less if you order gravy items, duh!
Order any gravy & you pay for that 1kg worth of stuff & get the gravy absolutely free!

Which is why the STEAMED BASIL RICE & Chicken Thai Curry can take you on a trip to heaven.

The ABSOLUTE VFM delight:

There's one thing when you have a budget & a crowd to feed—tasty food for least cost!

is my discovery from FBK, that's the cheapest & tastiest chicken you could ever get!

(Can't even begin to tell you my satisfaction from watching old people without teeth relish it as the softest chicken they ever had!)
— Goes with rice, roti, noodles or as a starter. You name it!

So, let me tell you what it is—
Found in Chinese section (not to be confused with Dilliwala Chilli Chicken of Indian section), — real soft pieces of shredded chicken with capsicum, onion and sauce, of course. The medium gravy option makes it a full fledged dish, instead of just a starter.
CAUTION : It is not that chicken that you can bite into.

JALEBI is what you order from FBK, (eyes closed), when you have no money left for sweet dish.
— It's the BEST VFM
—Quantity for price paid (vis-a-vis other things you ordered) might give you a heart attack. Just 2-3 boxes does it for 150 people. Wait, what?

— Stunningly delicious, the amruti style jalebis are orange & designer.
(It's not the basic yellow spiral stuff. )

Choose fish & rawas (Rohi) is what works. That soaks in more & looks big in gravy.
— FISH MALVANI was blessed with oil :(
— Taste was ok
— Orange gravy
— Quantity was nice
Only 2kgs worked for 75 people, with 1 piece each to taste (1kg had 40-50, 1 inch cube pieces FBK had said). But it looked slightly bigger than 1 inch. :))

I've had their CHICKEN & MUTTON DUM BIRIYANIS most of the times. It's great & better than Jaffer Bhai Dilli Darbar & Gulshan-e-iran.

CHICKEN RESHMI KEBAB is again, a heavenly delight for a starter. Killer, man. The taste is alive after years! None of us could ever forget that party!

Their kebabs are usually good. But....

— cheapest veg starter but,
— Hated the taste — the kasturi thing hadn't gone inside the aloo, you know?

— Yum, with condense milk n all
— Long rice which was kind of alive(you know, like not broken down at all)
— It's nice if you have to have a kheer.
But, I don't know how to say it, I just had a big bowl. And I'm someone who could have eaten the whole 1kg in one go! Lol. But it's nice.
— Nice dash of Kesar
— Almonds are very less.No pista, kaju /Khishmish
(If you are a fan of a lot of dry fruits in your kheer.)

— GULABJAMUN is super yum.
It's juicy, with lots of chasni (be extremely careful with packaging though — leaks like rasogolla), kesar centre, texture is perfect— neither too soft nor too hard— perfect brown. Doesn't taste like those readymade things. It's a genuine delight.

Dealing with Mr. Shashi is an absolute delight. Though he sometimes forgets to pass on exact details to his delivery boys, he always CORRECTS things.
Most of my deliveries were a little late. But today was really sharp! ON TIME. Real happy! In fact really appreciate that they wait for me to reach & pay ((toothy grin))

He's an amazing man. Arranges some complimentary stuff. The SALAD is yum.
The AJWAINI ARABI TIKIS, that he did for old people today was very very THOUGHTFUL!
I'm touched.
Couldn't taste them, but they looked YUM & SOFT

The bad:
For longer distances,( Goregaon to Byculla), there might be spillage.

The good:
In one delivery few jalebis had broken. But since then they always took care after I pointed out. Kudos.

— Get a car. Preferably an SUV.
Never forget the Delivery charge and VAT & all the tax stuff while accounting for your final budget

—They never thought of putting a NO. OF PIECES/KG column for a quantity idea. We know how many pieces we want to serve or of what size. Surprise me if you have an idea of kilos & you don't work in FBK.
You have to speak to a representative for that!

— Be prepared for slight spillage out of plastic boxes if your order is super huge

— Delivery charge is as is. (They are very kind to transfer food from auto till Bandra & then to cab. Very fair in that way :))

— Quantity is nice

— Flexibility to order with choice of your sauce is fab. Design your own dish. At the same price!!


Now, if you have read so far, go pick up the phone and order! And tell me, how it was :)

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