Spiritual gurus live in bliss

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I don't think anyone in life has any right to advise. Because being alive in itself means we are still under the process. We are still figuring out our own lives. If one seeks to advise on life s/he should have found all answers to every question there is. Right? Because if any form of fulfilment is still remaining, there's so much more to be achieved. So much more to be understood. And when we ourselves have not understood everything completely, how can we ever guide anyone? Any form of understanding that we have, is merely a belief that we have chosen to believe, according to our convenience at that particular phase in our life. And that belief is based on some facts. Or so we assume. Hopefully, that is. But then we would know for sure if there were solid facts backing our beliefs. It would no longer be called a mere belief. You choose to believe things that you don't have answers to and call it your faith.

But what do we know completely in this life? For example, we won't know anything about our pre-life or post life ( after life, as they call it). All our speculations and thereby formed perceptions are based solely on what we see, read or hear from others. Everything influences everything. Just like everything else, it is a chain reaction. But is half knowledge really that dangerous? Or a 1% knowledge of multiverse and its n dimensions? But isn't that exactly what every spiritual guru or baba and ma claim to do? If they have figured this life out, they should be the happiest individuals on this planet. There would be never a moment of sadness or tension. They would be in ultimate bliss. They would have the ultimate secret where everything would work according to their will. Or at least, they would be absolutely prepared for everything. No element of surprise. Because, they would precisely know what leads to what. Right?

I feel life is a journey. And at every point we may try to merely assist and offer our opinions. We may not be right. But we should be always up for a challenge. A challenge to revisit our facts backing our conclusions. At every point what we hold on to is a mere hypothesis on life. We are all Einsteins in our own world. Every soul has her own theory of relativity. Every day is an Eureka moment. And things change when one individual chooses to interact and share energy with the other. And then you are discussing or analysing each other's journey. That particular phase in life. That moment. The events leading to that event. The cause effect scenario.

However right or wrong, everyone always has an explanation. However seemingly untrue it maybe. It is for us to choose whether to believe that explanation or not. And like I always say, the ultimate goal is happiness. You need to be happy. So, you choose to believe what makes you happy. Focus on the positive things. The silver lining. Because whoever is the person advising, is not in an ultimate equilibrium of energies where he's absolutely happy. That gives us the benefit of doubt that a lot remains to be explored. As we move ahead, it is going to be very difficult to control that heart of ours. Because everyone else, and especially, the worst of all—we ourselves, will try to control our own mind.
Like Harry Potter's Occlumency, we have to close our minds and believe that a change is possible. And if you are surrounded by people who think like you and want the same positive things to happen, collective power is even greater. 

Although, we are told that there's only one way to guide oneself and walk ahead, only with the help of some spiritual messenger, we are also told that we can communicate with our higher self if we needed to. Help will always be given to those who ask for it. People who create art, speak so much about the many schools of thought if spirituality, that we completely overlook, while considering it as a mere story.    But if we look back closely at any great art work, there's so much says that is way more than what appears.

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