Prem Ratan Dhan Payo movie review

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Not every film is for everyone. If you are a Sallu fan and would watch his any movie, love beautiful grand sets, (awesome cintematography by V Manikandan  and lovely makeup on women making them look dreamy and if you don't mind watching a story you have been tired of watching and do not expect logic, go ahead.

Second half Sooraj Barjatya’s Prem Ratan Dhan Payo might be really atrocious, though.


Prem Ratan Dhan Payo Cast


I wish there was any. So, there's this Prince Vijay Singh (Salman Khan) who's attacked just before he's about to be crowned as a king. Prem Dilwale (also, Salman Khan) who's a look alike of the Prince wants to meet the Prince's fiance Princess Maithili (Sonam Kapoor). And that's how loyal Prince team get him to play act as the prince till the real prince is ok. On the younger brother Neil Nitin Mukesh's team are a CEO (Arman Kohli . Seriously India is asking, did they get no one else? No one?) and a secretary.
A CEO and a secretary? That's a very flat structure indeed.

Why like everyone else I went and added to the money making

Kudos to the Marketing team that even I dragged my family up there.
Don't get me wrong, you barely get to see a movie that you can watch with your family. So, yes it lived up to it. It's clean.

And though I've been a Rajashri Productions fan that I can blindly go and watch Vivaah because of the Hum Aap k hain kaun legacy, this one was one hell of melodrama of unrealisitc cinema.

It was nothing compared to the earlier entertainers and grounded storylines they have offered.

Point is Rajashri was known for emotions. I'm sorry I've loved the legends. I don't think it was ever known for melodrama or even for giving its women any less position because that's how the so called 'tradition' was?

Real public verdict after the first show

The trailer kept saying 'Prem is back' and PRDP trailer won't stop trending. But isn't the truth out after we enter like bees for a first day show?
Only after Ready was Salman named 'Prem' again but he seems more Dabang than Prem. That character has been lost somewhere.

Let's talk about live update from Eros in Churchgate, that is symbolic of Bollywood.
And, a lot of people agree that the real public are in the stalls. We had hoots and Oooos at every wrong scene. At every dialogue where Sonam Kapoor (just being grateful to Salman for changing her career) went on saying how she would as Sita do anything for her Ram. Ok, are we still in 2015?

I just had to check, you see. And who was that idiot who spoke about a character graph or even about maintaining it?

 In this age of changing Indian cinema when the Indian audience is expecting realistic cinema or at least some logic or flow in the story, Prem Ratan Dhan Payo is only beautiful frames on a screen. 

There's lot of room to laugh. I mean for plot holes

Sonam: Finally she found a film, where it would look like she acted.
Now Sonam's Rajkumari character is one that goes out in brand new designer fitting white shirts and lots of make up to give relief in flooded areas where women who have no clean clothes find it fun to drape it around her, over the shirt. Thank god she didn't actually change into a Saree and start dancing with them. That would have been too much for a relief distribution scene.

But the feminist that she seems to be, ( and 'independent' as she mentioned, who even gives the king a chance to call off the marriage because she can't do 'Yes, Sir' to whatever he says, goes ahead to deliver this dialogue. More than the movie I felt sad for the audience which went ballistic as if a shrew had been tamed and had finally learnt to bend down in front of the man.

Surprisingly no one wooed when Salman was trying to pacify her angst. And the crowd just couldn't have been happier in the last scenes where she's draped in every middle class man's fantasy — red saree, lots of patli kamar to expose and of course, the mangalsutra.

Sudden changes with no explanations

Just going by the story, even if you really genuinely wanted to be with them it just didn't work. Anupam Kher as Deewan Sahab is forever angry on Dilwale. He has just shouted 'Get out!' and thrown them off knowing well that he had used them. But the moment he knows the real Salman Khan, the Yuvraj is kidnapped, he suddenly very happily begs them to stay longer after lovingly narrating past royal stories. And the change of heart was caused by?

Neil plays a dumb young brother's role. So maybe we can forgive him for changing from 'I want to kill you elder brother because you don't sanction my bills' to absolute love. This moment was executed very well, him asking how to say sorry and adding to hug him slowly as someone remembered they are bleeding.
But surpisingly, he didn't once say how wrong he was in trying to kill his brother who keeps saving him all the time?

And so it was the women's quarrels because Maharaj's kamzori led to two step sisters. And the Maharani obviously went mad after the girl had thrown her son off the cliff. The major conflict between the brothers and sisters written off merely as a women's quarrel.

The Oomph dripping secretary is merely there to prove a point. That the crowd needs some masala. So.let's give them. But to prove that she's not that dumb, in the scene where the photographer takes her shot, she says kyun hilaun (kamar), still (photograph) le rahe ho na?

Deepak Dobriyal: The man to really look out for in Prem Ratan Dhan Payo 

The man who shone above everyone else in the movie in terms of performance was Deepak Dobriyal. Right from playing Sita to the old photographer, he was absolutely believable and truly adorable in his screen presence. He was the treat to watch out for in sheer brilliance of acting. And I loved the way he fought in the climax. Oh, did I need to tell you? Of course you knew there was a fight. But no Salman Khan didn't take off his shirt.

So how did it make so much money?

The biggest and best decision was to buy all screens possible. So, at least anyone who wanted to go to a movie today didn't have a choice. There was a huge waiting outside and people were going out and yelling 'Happy Diwali Sallu'.

Although there wasn't much logic, if you have to see it watch out for the lovely frames when they romance with the Salim Anarkali feather while flowers keep falling all over the place.

But let me know if even you wondered how 'ek dusre ko neecha dikhane me lage the' , anyhow related to wahi short dress and barbeque. And why did she take 3 hours to get ready in that Maharaj's favourite short dress?

Anyways, we don't have answers to major questions. Like why the manager was so dumb that he went to reveal that he had planted a seed in Vijay's mind that Prem will be getting Rajkumari and probably he was on their side and not his.
And why did he let him unlock the king then? So that they can have a dialogue and clear things?

Also it is a land of horse carriages and apple iphone 6 plus. One of the hilarious moments was when Anupam Kher keeps saying 'Chhutan kisi bhi waqt bata dega' and according to him that is the real killer's fear. But the young yuvraj actually writes a note in his own writing saying do yuvraj nahi chahiye. Only to write it out that he's involved? He seems least bothered about being exposed. And we all understood Haldiram's had paid a lot of money. So, when the yuvraj double granger or hamshaqal gets fed up of eating boiled food, he eats Haldiram's thali. Good. I didn't know they have a thali.

But yet despite all lack of logic, there will be some who love the songs because suddenly they are not in Punjabi but just Hindi even if they start out just like that.

Even I appreciate the music in some songs that we were already exposed to. But there's not much to the movie beyond the trailers. Let me know what you thought or if I missed some real funny illogical part. Lets have some fun.

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