Do the dishes. No, die

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We are born to be taught some lessons. No matter what part of the world or country we are born in, we certainly come across a certain kind of people. Some that we love. Some that we do not know why they love us and the majority category of people who seem to be loving us. Well, they might be. I'm not completely talking about the dark forces here. Life is not always black and white, you see.

There are many shades of grey. Yes, even more than fifty. And we are not even talking about one person here. Everyone is unique. We have all heard this. But the uniqueness actually brings about that many different moods of the person. Some, you know. Some, you don't.
For example, when you really know someone too well, you know that this is a list of things that can make this person angry, no matter what. And you expect anyone you live closely with, to remember that list of yours. Because in an unsaid agreement, you seem to have closed down on this that they will always try their best not to bring up those topics. And if they do they will be prepared for the volcano eruption. As if their only goal in life was to keep you happy. Even if they wish you all well, (and believe me, some don't), and all of them forget that list of your things that drive you insane. And if you are very closely involved with them and you have a feeling that they know you, then you feel awfully baffled when they keep repeating it in patterns.

And it's not even about love, any longer. I mean, some basic facts. Some people say certain things. Most naive people believe them. And then when they grow up, they learn to believe only a very handful few, they would like to call family or best friends. And when this very close lot doesn't stick to what they say, we either term it as amnesia or lack of good reported speech, or whatever. But sometimes when we really believe in someone or what they said, and later it is shattered to pieces by they themselves, we might just end up feeling bad. 

It could be the smallest thing in the world. Say, washing dishes. What if your roommate or whoever you lived with always did the dishes and said she loved the activity. You would like, 'Wow, someone lives it. Thank you God.' And whenever, you wished to reduce the work by using as less cutlery as possible, she would top it on. And each time add that it is her share and she doesn't mind doing it at all. And suddenly out of the blue, one day she is all praises for someone else who does her own dishes. How difficult is it for people to just say what they want you to do or not? You can't always go about saying, look here, I want you to live and actually mean that , 'Please, die'.

Absolute contrast of things on what they mean and want to be done really confuses a human mind in the end. Every time you feel like you have mastered the art of people sulking and they actually wanting to be taken out and saying they want to stay indoors or something, there's more room for development. Somehow, people can't be direct. And it shocks the most when people who call a spade a spade behave like this. Because you don't expect this out of straight forward people. No, you just don't. Because they are supposed to be the only sane people in this world. Decoding them should not be difficult. Only they sometimes become difficult and you never read the exceptions category to their user manual.

After a long term at dealing with people and nearly a PhD, you don't feel bad anymore. There's no room for self pity. You are almost prepared for anything and to take it in your face and go do the dishes. Even very carefully to do it in front of him or her, maybe? Just to prove your point. Here, you go. And all you needed was to just say it. And also, when you never enjoyed it, you had no right whatsoever to keep adding to the dishes to be washed. And then make it sound as if the other one was at more fault because of your own intervention.

It's nearly like, ' He's the best guy you could ever date, You will be so good together. Just marry him. Never let him go.' And one day you read your friend's diary where she says he's the worst guy you could ever have and she has no idea how to tell you. She feels really sorry for you but is in a fix on how to break it to you. Really? Well, probably by not saying the opposite to the power infinity? It just doesn't help your case, you see. Not saying anything, could help. Trust me. Dil Dhadkne Do's Aamir a Khan comes to mind? These human beings have something inside and something outside. When others do it, they call it hypocrisy. When they themselves do it, they call it duniyadaari.

And sometimes when words are cross and you clearly know that you have reached a misunderstanding, (so, clearly that you know it's a MISunderstanding), and you yet go she'd to price your point based on why she said it. You know she didn't mean it. But, whatever. You know that teen thingy? Some grown ups are also like that. They know they gave hurt you a lot of times in the day. And they know they don't to sulk and keep making a big issue out of everything. But they would.
At times, one even feels terribly bad instead of feeling happy having proved one's point. Because you know you have clearly hurt the other one. And it no longer matters that you are right in the argument. And it terribly helps if the other one gets over the whole thing by herself. Because then you have the guilt that you didn't even have to cheer her up. She's so nice that she tries to be as men friends are and always starts off on a new note. A new topic ?

What do you do?

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