Crossed over 250,000 blog views | Feeling Awesome

Alrighty lovely people!

#Day1 #Gratitude | Thankyou all so much for continuing to visit my blog and seriously reading it !

I can't even begin to tell how awesome it is to cover this entire journey from knowing nothing .

Alright guys, here I am..

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So my blog SLICE of life that speaks of a slice of life,  relatable stories that are not afraid to conform to established standards,  that present life in a raw way has because of you all got over 2 lac 50 thousand views!

And without much marketing!

I mean atleast my friends are barely 10% of the whole audience.  And who are so lazy that they just read it out of their email!

And also reply in email or chat! I sometimes feel like a taking screenshot and showing as testimonials!

Anyways,  this has been a major journey.

Parts that involved being extremely lazy and extremely passionate.

Extremely. Lazy are the times when you did NOT get a post from me.

And yeah extremely passionate was when I got my. Lazy thumbs to write.  Well,  that was never a problem.  But all the patience in the world to copy image urls,  banking on other people's servers,  battling with Google Chrome's double tap forced zoom because they think we don't have 6inch Android phones or iPad Air 2 not letting you scroll inside of a blogger post!


Anyways, talking of technology.. God! I've learnt so much. It is always a theory of relativity. So,  there's SO MUCH out there to learn. But this doesn't stop us from celebrating our little moment,  right?


So, right from not knowing what a template is to customizing it to an extent that you forget what was,  to doing html alterations,  Google analytics reports,  social media optimization, SEO optimization... Woooooffff

It's been so much of a techie journey..

And also the writing. So much has evolved..

Pls don't go to the old posts.. cuz half of them have a weird color sense because I had a different background before.

So,  there's a lot out there in terms of romantic fiction,  Web series or a book however you wish to call it.

And of course podcasts!

So,  guys like,  comment,  subscribe. Keep coming back because I love you! Muah...!

P.S: Thanks so much for coming! Like, Comment, follow, subscribe for FREE!


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