S01E03 | The Valentine's Day kiss

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Previously on Ayesha Diaries :
S01E01 Day 1: Pre-Valentine's Day with Flamboyance and massage.
Getting lifted in the darkest corners of South Bombay behind trees more... 

S01E02 | Where do you take her out on Valentine’s Day? 

For Ayesha,  it was becoming a dream come true. A chance date.
Ayesha had thought it would end at the first date. But life surprises her, as always. An understanding date who respects her consent and comfort so much. He's been constantly speaking of Valentine's Day and made it much awaited. Someone who's seriously asking,  'Would you be my valentine?' But what actually happens on Valentine’s Day? After deciding on entering Taj what will happen? 
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The author has tried to recreate locales and popular destinations from her memories of them and woven stories around them. 

Yes, I gave in into his arms. Walking confidently my arm tucked in his,  who could say we weren't residents?

The pool on my right smiled at me magnificently. Some were swimming even at this hour. The grown up pool party was being wrapped up. The left had small round cosy corners for cosy dinners where couples in fifties sat looking at their food. With grace and charm I ask the butler,  'Which way is the washroom?'

spirit riding on me, I gleam of childlike rapture. Oh.My.God.Is this happening for real? look still on my face, I sassay along. Oh, but it says spa. We are certainly not going to spend on spa. In Taj. I come back like a little child to the base of the steps, asking my tall man, now raising eyebrows to ask me what happened. He comes with me and we enter solitude. No one around. It's like it's all ours. Passageways. Halls. We both giggle at the thought. More into the presence as if someone could be watching us, he begins, 'But the washroom should be somewhere here.' I giggle again as he gestures me quiet.
But we are guided at the same place. So, this time I walk. Into the spa. Oh, how beautiful it was! Apparently the only washroom was there. I was already loving him so much. I checked myself in the mirror wall reflecting the exotic orchids and lilies on the contrast black marble. The spa fragrance was utterly soothing. I must look better. I let my hair loose. Pout with some gloss. I look at my waist line with the elastic belt showing the real me and therefore the curves. I was indeed looking very well. Atleast slimmer.
'Wow. Thankyou. ' I hush.

Sitting at the bench, I say, ' So,  the fighting couple left? '

' Fighting? How do you know they were married? '

' Oh, come on. She was straight in her honeymoon, cribbing to her mom. Lol'

'Mmmm. We should make our moment here memorable '.

He clicked some selfies. We looked great.

' Dad',  he hushed as he moved with the phone call.

I sat for a while waiting for him. Then I ventured into the dark walking path lighted by solitary dim lights on the side.. It was wet with all that raining.

As I breathed in the Taj, waiting for him, a tap on the shoulder surprised me. He cut my gasp turned smile,  ' So,  the lady chooses to have a romantic walk alone on Valentine’s Day?'

I laugh. 'I was waiting to have your company.'

'Isn't this much more beautiful than that Dome? I thought spending that much, we could better be in Taj! Here we get the pleasure of walking alone privately by the gardens. '

I couldn't agree more on how happy I was. He took some pictures of me where I couldn't believe it was me. So tall. Such long legs. And shiny. Wow, isn't that supposed to be sexy?

Deciding it's been way longer than we were promised,  we called them up. Their excuse was they couldn't reach us. Back at the reception we again stood for our table,  frustrated. At nearly midnight the restaurant was packed to the core with a long waiting.

'A side table? Really? '

' Ya,  especially after all this waiting? '

We got it changed.

' This is so much better. See,  we even have the lovely red roses at the centerpiece. ' he said smiling.

' Yes, and the lovely little red velvet hearts ', I placed the roses he had given me by our side.

He ordered. I'd no idea about Taj. Natasha used to say the food is horrible despite the charm. But guess you need to know what to order and frequent the place like my date, to know what works. The fish was the most delicious thing I'd ever eaten. With a little salt and pepper sprinkled on top, the poached fish with greens and asparagus and the Bawa fish ensemble tasted divine.

'Why do you order Asparagus, Mr. Grey? 'I teased.' You know in Fifty Shades he used to feed her asparagus –'

He smiled. It wasn't lust. It was something nice and warm.

Eating out of his fork was probably the most heavenly feeling at the moment. I could feel his love breaking little pieces and feeding me. It was also lovelier and easier because I didn't want to embarrass him with my fork and knife skills in our only time in Taj.

We went for a drive. To Ballard Estate. It was testing time now. The last time we were here he had lifted me and said he would wait to kiss me.

He was such a marvellous person to trust. Hiding behind a tree to just lift me and hug me,  without even trying to kiss me, had touched my heart on what a gentleman he was. All the 3D flashback with his embrace stopped short when he pulled over in the parking.

Anticipation it was.

Again he cut into my thoughts, 'And another one to give you so myself!', he said excitedly giving me one more rose.'Yes, that's all I could buy today. I said whatever you have just give me. '
I wondered why he didn't give me all four together.

' And there should be something sweet today on such a sweet occasion –'

Oh. God. I gulped within.

'–So,  here it is. Intezaam hai. ' as I wondered what was coming now, he bent behind the seat, ' There were others. But I liked the heart shape to fit the occasion the best. '

With an OMG smile I opened it to have one chocolate and gave him one.

Now was the time. He must have been expecting. With all those cultural differences that made me feel I do not know him,  I had serious holding myself back issues. The droll of the kiss when you are right there but haven't kissed,  like really close to someone and feeling his presence is sweet. But when it's a new man you have no idea how he will be. How will he kiss? Will he be a gentleman or will he want to eat you out. Anyways amidst all this analysis and nervous tension, let's not forget that I was extremely sick. My medicines kept coming in every now and then to give me respite.
But sometimes,  you don't even have that much time. It had been weeks and this man had been there for me when I was crying. Sans make up, baggy jeans and over sized T shirt. That made me look way more fat that I am. He certainly did not seem to be an asshole. I mean, not the kinds who would run away the next morning. So, he certainly deserved it. But let's face it, I really wasn't ready. But a kiss to thank for my forever dream?

He was sloppy. Way too sloppy for me to handle. But what do you do when you have already started? You have to do some moves of your own too. Just functioning. That often happens with me. Just doing it. So, it's his move and then it's your turn. Performance. Deep inside me, my heart had sunk because I'd wished he would be my type. I couldn't let him go. He was the most romantic thing that ever happened to me. He said he enjoyed the kiss. You could see that glow on his face,  getting something after wanting it for so long. And also waiting for it with pleasure for so long. What could have I said? I didn't want to spoil it for him.

But well. Silver linings and smiles. We got down to hug and he lifted me despite his failing thin waist for a V shaped body. The lift in the air in the man's arms is one of the most awesome takeaways for me.
On our way home, however, we talked on the kind of kiss I liked. And deep under the huge wall tunnels, in the split second of darkness,  I escaped to show him. He turned from the steering wheel. And a quick smooch. Like a taste. Like acknowledging someone's presence. And it was awesome!

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