Margarita with a straw - Fresh, rebellious brave tale

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Dreams of the pitied upon,  differentiated,  ununderstood- A must see journey power packed with real performances that make you live the story; not just see it.

Kalki Koechlin as Laila
Revathi as Aai
Sayani Gupta as Khanum
Kuljeet Singh as Laila's father
Hussain Dalal
William Moseley as Jared
Malhar Khushu
Jacob Berger
Tenzin Dalha
Shuchi Dwivedi

The film made its world premiere on 8 September 2014 as part of the Contemporary World Cinema Programme at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival(TIFF). The movie later went on to be screened at Tallinn Black Nights Film Festivalin Estonia, BFI London Film Festival, Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) and theSanta Barbara International Film Festival(SBIFF)_(wiki)

Again,  the kind of breakthrough Indian cinema that makes me proud,  every scene is a breath of fresh air,  a story written and told through every sense indeed.

A warning again,  a rebellious stand,  a journey that not everyone can take. The kind where the same people crying inside would walk out in light and say what a terrible movie. Because they can't openly support such issues.

What is wrong,  what is right?
It's a story of possibilities, of tolerance of understanding,  of commitments and preferences.

Some moments are breathtakingly awesome.
The lovely chemistry shared between the mother and the daughter touches your heart.  Every scene is just so real,  just so relatable.

I'd say there are two kinds of movies. One that you see to be transported to a rich fancy world where you can never be. And the other is this- real,  bright,  calling you to see her.

Laila's journey and her confusions make you a part of it.
All characters are so well defined. So well performed.
Taking your heart away are definitely the mom and Laila, the dad and also Dhruv, in his short but impactful role.
Even the nurse. The strong rigid profile that she presents speak of what she's possibly seen and also the extent to which she's practical and in between seethes her desperation. A powerful interaction between Laila and her that really makes you agree and question what comes next.

Nothing is predictable in this very short and powerful movie. Just go,  watch it for a different perspective!
Regal Cinema Colaba1.3 mi
Movietime Suburbia9.4 mi
Sterling Cineplex11 mi

Spoiler Alert.
When the award giver lady suddenly adds as a matter of fact that the first prize was given to the team because Laila is handicapped,  you see that sudden tear,  the angst, the torment,  the humiliation,  the being looked down upon by being differently treated. The way Laila (Kalki Koechlin) does the Fuck you,  makes you feel with her.

Whoa. What? So, I got the award not because I did well but because you think people with any kind of disability are any less?
It rejects and condemns the outlook and narrow mindset of such people in just one go.

When it ended I didn't want to go. I wish it were longer, there was an openness to be interpreted. But what I loved best was the positivity of the end.
The comfort of finally accepting oneself as we are. A man,  a woman,  a normal or abnormal? How do you define normal? The grey shades in Laila's character when she says. 'He could see me'.
What worse could she have ever told Khanum?
He could see her and yet he wanted her.  Was it so unlikely to be wanted? Is it so impossible to be desirable if you have cerebral palsy?
Was that necessary to make her a part of the normal world? Did she herself now discriminate to those that can't see? Or has that been simply imposed on her and ingrained in her blood to not feel as motivated or cherished enough because she couldn't see her?

Directed byShonali Bose[1]
Produced byShonali Bose
Nilesh Maniyar
Written byShonali Bose
StarringKalki Koechlin[2]
Sayani Gupta
Music byMickey McCleary
CinematographyAnne Misawa
Edited byMonisha R Baldawa

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