Karodon Me Ek - Ansh Prithvi Festival Review

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Just three words - A must watch.
Get ready to be transported to another world of the human mind, of deliriums,  care giver's trauma &  unconditional family love that delves in the greys of extreme obsession and irritation of the monotonous duty in Mak's Karodon Me Ek - A visual treat.

Intricate set design and an art of lights and sounds synergy brings home the story with an awesome effect.

Written and Directed by : Makrand Deshpande

Artists:Makrand Deshpande, Yashpal Sharma, Kishore Kadam, Ayesha Raza, Nivedita Bhattacharya, Sujay, Dilnaz Irani, Prashant Amlani, Anchal Poddar, Sujay Shah, Girish Rohra

A play that makes you reflect on every aspect of a family bonding,  the effects on a human mind,  keeping up with being rich, helplessness and drive to solve things. You usually run away from these situations. Isn't it difficult to stay with a person and also without him? When after a point your loved one's hallucinations are your own,  what is the truth? What you know exists? Or what you feel like feeling exists? Won't you go mad if someone couldn't see what you are seeing? Won't you go mad if your father sees what you can't see? But what if you are the father and your son thinks you are seeing things? But you are seeing things that are real! He's gone mad!
Feel that tension? The fast deep breathing? Outrageous! Absurd! It is your truth. How can one question it?

Karodon me Ek indeed,  the play is one in crores that deals very sensitively with the trials and tribulations of the human mind. I'm awed by how beautifully a simple story peeps into different zones of life and makes us question things. Aren't we desperately driven to madness?  An inner thought,  a peek into the soul of every character; a story truly does justice when in 2 hours when it exactly explains you what every character is and why,  their deepest feelings and their transitions. It shocks you,  it turns you. From the basic of power politics to the inner soul wanting to trust a friend.... Won't you? Won't you want to trust the little kid you had sponsored the tea for? Yes,  that little childhood friend!  How can you not trust him? You know he will come for you. Won't he?

With shocks and twists compounded by sounds amidst the reds and the blues on the stage you find ablaze fears of your own. The play itself is so well written that class performance by Mak and gang drives you into tears.

The depth with which the father son relationship is portrayed touches your heart. Yashwant Sharma's specific solo moment with spot on where he speaks of addiction and how slowly we get addicted and betray a part of our body to think it's real and then we graduate to tobacco and similarly to betrayal,  we teach a part of us that it is OK to betray and soon it seeps into our blood. It becomes a part of us. The transition into another world of trance like introspection and the sudden whiplash comeback to reality where he asks the rest,  'Am I making any sense?' witnessed applaud of the loudest kind in Prithvi in the Ansh festival. This moment speaks of what lights can do on stage! Commendable performance from all the actors.

Atleast for me it was such a personal journey going back to the seven years of my grandma's Alzheimer, I've cried into the dead of the night.
It touched my heart. It ripped my soul apart.
I don't know if Mak has personally seen something like this but the parent child bonding was as close to duty and desperation and obsession with my own grandma and my mom. Only that we were still Lajjo as an added burden. She didn't remember us who were the caregivers but the rest children! May peace be with lovely lady who brought me up. Oh Shit. I'm again gonna cry.
All the deaths I've seen brought to my face all at once. The character who supported everyone breaks down. The little girl collapses one day.

Whenever you get an opportunity to see it next do go and watch it.
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