Joke? A play review - No. This one's not a joke!

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Joke? Mano to... Nahi to joke!
The way Makarand Deshpande begins this piece entering ever so naturally connecting with everyone in the audience,  no wonder he seems to date his audience. The old man next to me kept yelling,  Bohot Badhiya Bohot Badhiya!
Kya baat hai!

I found myself clapping as loud as I could. You know those moments when a line just steals your heart?
For an actor it is his dialogue delivery but for the audience it is a thought,  a well said thought,  a seed that's now planted in your head. A thought here to stay.

There are few plays that are not solely for entertainment purpose - you take a piece of them with you back to your home. You think about it once. It's not forgotten.
Days after I saw it I can still remember it clearly.

A story that successfully takes us to our childhood to the world of dreams and fairies. Hadn't you read a fairytale in your childhood? Weren't you fascinated with the concept of fairies?
Did you know God that well? I mean when you were like really small. Really really small. Who did you know first? Did you eventually stop talking of fairies as a process of growing up just to play cool? Because probably it's no longer sane to do so?

OK,  what's your thought about Dahi handi? Do you think it's a religious event? Do you think religion today is what it was initially meant to be? The way we do it,  I mean. The lakhs of sponsorship, the party leader's wide grin looking down at the little God in the banner. Sounds like that neighborhood thingy you saw last,  doesn't it?
No no no! It's not one of those OMG,  PK or Dharamsankat kinds. It's a fresh original story,  with romance and wit and pure comedy and oh yeah satire. I love creative works of art that also send home that msg. Sometimes it just makes you think. Makes you question-things that we stop doing.

A visual treat again like any of Ansh's plays,the debutant wife's dance breathtakingly captures the audience. Needless to say stunning performance by the entire cast - Makrand Deshpande, Kshitee Jog, Aseem Hattangady, Nivedita Bhattacharya( amazing Lajjo forgotten by her father,  the sibling envy,  ever so beautifully she plays the love for and also the competition) Neha Joshi & Sanjay Dadhich

Another beautiful msg was' What's with the my God,  your God? '
No. Don't get me wrong. It's not about the Hindu Muslim,  Christianity or any other riotic situation. It's a simple' one religion example' simplicity. And even there it's shocking the extent to which we are lost.
What are coincidences? Should we stop believing in miracles? Or are we over believing in them? Do you believe in the always discussed power of the human mind that we discuss so often?
Questions like this and many more. Ask your heart with the rib being tickled with the irony of the stage in two parts, the simultaneous peek in the life of a writer and a blind widow.
In the backdrop of religion let's not forget the sensitivity and the fineness with which relationship issues and drinking and driving draws our attention to the diabolic consequences in a very subtle manner.

Joke is a must watch. Wherever it plays!

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