KASUMAL SAPNO (MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM) | Rajasthani play adaption review

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My all time favorite romcom, Midsummer Night's Dream adapted in Rajasthani. 
Lol. Had to be worth a watch! 


07:15 PM at Horniman Circle

Company: Ujaagar Dramatic Association, Jaipur
Duration: 1 hr 40 mins
Language: Rajasthani
A Rajasthani set up to Shakespeare’s "Mid Summer Nights Dream",  a romantic comedy where the plot revolves around four lovers in an imaginative jungle of Amrogarh. It is an interweaving of layers of society:  the palace,  the group of amateur actors and the world of puppets.

Why you must watch Kasumal Sapno

  • #Music, music all the way. That Balika Vadhu backdrop song thing? Manne kyun tarsaoji, shaqal dikhaoji,  thaari sharaarat sab jaanu main... tu Chanda main thari chandani... You feel like jumping up and dancing along! What an art we have! #ProudToBeIndian
  • Hilarious in parts
  • Fun with the colors of Rajasthan
  • An experience with 32 actors on stage, especially with the cute dolls gigantic in size doing what they did
  • Acting of Pyaare (Shahenshah Hussain),  the Fairy king and the entire poor play company, the guys who rehearse the play in the forest! Stupendous performance! They were so better than the four lovers seemed so lacking! The king and Queen were also elegant,  poised and nice. 
  • the end where the characters are also laughing. God knows what happened but it was a laugh riot. Raghuvinder, the guy playing Moti who was in turn playing Prahalad within the play, was like delaying the dying scene. Tara with a nice beard &  pink dupatta to match 'You died? Or not? Marjao to bata dena!' 
  • Moti says, 'Maharani ji pehle mar to lene dijiye, phir angoothi de dena' 
  • Should I come back to life once more to get one more ring! 
  • The play master Kundru Bhaiya with those shades, dhoti and torn Banyan was such a Prabhudeva!

What should have been better

When a play with a potential to be perfect is not perfect I feel terrible.

  • For starters, why didn't they do more of the jungle confusion of the lovers being interchanged every now and then? It could have been 90 times more hilarious.! 

Laksh (Lysander) & Hetal(Hermia)  love each other. Hiram (Helena)  loves Devesh(Demetrius) who loves Hetal. 

The kasumal sapno song was not played much clearly every time they put it. What I fail to understand is why didn't they have a little purple flower or something? I heard people comment while going out that they loved the hand mudras &  gestures for pouring it in eyes &  so did I but it would have been way better with a flower &  gestures. 

Firstly for some reason they didn't do the cross-connection. 
The magical love flower juice was to be put in Laksh's eyes when he sees Hiral. 

Then there is a chaos scene where Laksh is after Hiral who's after Devesh who's after Hetal who's after Laksh. 

But that circular comical angle never happens! 

Then the correction is done and the juice is put in Devesh's eyes and now both men want Hiral. That was well executed.  But where was Hetal crying? 

She pulling leg of Laksh was funny who was pulling Hiral and Devesh was also pulling her. But she doing it after he calling her Kalmuhi was odd. Isn't she supposed to be shocked? Or atleast make a typical statement like kya jaadu tona kardia hai. 

Then from where on earth does come a anti-magical flower juice to reverse it? Pyaare (Puck) had only brought the flower not the antidote. If the fairy king already had the antidote why wouldn't he put the antidote on only Laksh? 

He tells to Pyaare to go put it on Fairy queen but he does it himself! 

Then Pyaare puts antidote on everyone! 

Then isn't Devesh supposed to be in love with Hetal again? If reversed to original situation? 

Originally, what I remember there was no antidote as such. Lysander gets juice on his eyes again and he's made to see Hermia. Finish. 

Biggest issue was,  why were there no trees? No props for trees when for most of the time the set is the forest! No visual aid,  projector, people staying as trees? Nothing! 

Since when did queen of fairies have paras? It's only part, the Sakhis. 

Worst drag was Hetal in Laksh's arm for so long and the pas na ana. What do we have to do if the slept together or in separate beds! Keeping the lori (lullaby) is a good idea but they hear the song and fall asleep right there under trees while sitting. The touching feet to feet was cute but why should an ideal love force to have sex when he's going to marry her the next morning? 
That's equally odd when he utters not a single word when she's yelling &  singing at the top of her voice in front of the King &  her father were to behead her? 

Where was the Indian boy on whose slavery the king &  queen of fairies were fighting?

I didn't understand why the Pariyon ka Raja (king of fairies) was dressed in black like a villain. 

P.S: Move that lazy thing. Comment! Just type & hit enter or touch,lol! ;) I love to hear from you. 

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