Kalaghoda Festival schedule-plays in February 2015 and a play review

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If you quickly want to decide which play you want to see on 11 February, here's a helpful link.
Kalaghoda Festival schedule-plays for 11 February 2015

I don't understand why can't Kalaghoda Arts festival arrangers not understand problems of tired people running out of office and not knowing anything about the area!

For one, their website sucks at SEO. You try to look for a schedule and you get a long history to scroll down. Then when you just thought there's a tiny map on right, that wants to download to enlarge. Seriously? Finally secluded in the corner below it is a day wise schedule and you find a zip file downloading into your phone. Yes, again.

What do you want when you are running against time to get out of the office that would love to squeeze the blood out of you till 11pm? A history of Kalaghoda or 2015 Kalaghoda festival schedule? Guess, it was too difficult for them to answer that. We want the events. What all is lined up. What beautiful moments are we missing!

Celebrating languages is a good idea but why can't we have subtitles?

I mean I'd love to know what that manipuri means. The lady confidently tells us you may not understand the language but appreciate the effort of the artist.

How difficult is it to merely translate?

So that the viewers can appreciate THE CONTENT also?
Why limit us from seeing good art?
We wanted to go for the Tamil play in Horniman circle but went to the Manipuri one in NGMA instead.

Play review at shorthand - started way post 7.15, ended 8.30pm


07:30 PM at NGMA

Company: Molina Sushant Singh Production
Duration: 1 hr 15 mins
Language: English/Manipuri/Hindi
A young Manipuri dancer comes to Delhi to learn Kathak. She feels alienated, isolated and is also mistaken for a foreigner. In a phone call her world famous singer mother, comes to her rescue with hilarious solutions for the various unpleasant situations she is facing.

 Luckily we understood whatever was in English, which was most of the content. Thank God.

Enacted by just one artist with a stage presence for that long, she did a very good job. Phone calls of a young girl living in a different city talking to her mom were so relatable. The finding the phone in the bag! Typical girls. We laughed at ourselves. We perpetually never know where we have keep our cellphones,  age no bar. Lol. The issues and social messages were very nicely presented,  between flashbacks of narrating how the day went to her mom. And oh boy! The landlady scene is way horrible in real. I mean here you are hearing it from someone who had lived in pg for 2 years. Yes, I always knew I deserved an award. (Humbly touched grateful smiley face)

Back to play. Not well edited. Yes, if I could say that. When only one person is there throughout, a lot is expected of the background support team for change in sets, change in costume, perfect lighting, pictures supporting the work, sound aids to make it look real. Which, was not at all helping her.

I mean who has a RINGTONE instead of a DIALTONE when she's calling her mom??

#CommonSense : 'Use another sound file. This time a dialer one. How difficult is to download one!'

I liked the initial parts. The final dance was a drag. She was graceful. But shouldn't have been that long. The pictures weren't enough. Towards the later part her shadows on the pictures looked stunning. If well put together could have been way better.
A soft insight into what all a Manipuri girl had to face. A play without a break. A long queue with threatening mosquitoes, risk of dengue,  patience and time. Lack of network. Ok. Won't regret trading it all for this. But how I wish it were as good as the other day. 3 sakina manzil play review

The biggest shock to us in the end was that she's Sushant Singh's wife (the one who was being kicked in the amazing fight scene in the movie BABY) with such a big girl &  a little boy.

Boy! This was one family event! All voice overs were of her brothers, sisters, mother, sister-in-law.

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