Baby Movie Review-after seeing twice (wait I'll explain how)

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Hello people!! Here I'm again giving you a REAL REAL review after watching BABY #twice! 

I always feel movie is different to different people. 
So,  if you like a movie you can go for with your family,  RUSH while it's still there. 

For those who are 
  • not patriotic, 
  • only go to a movie for sex scenes or a kiss,  sorry to disappoint you! 

The naming of the movie is the most misleading. Had it not been for the RJs across all FM station unanimously praising and saying Baby has nothing Babyish about it,  I for one would have never gone.
Infact,  I'd actually skipped seeing the name Baby and had twice chosen other movies. 

Quickie: So, if you are the substance movie kinds this certainly is a good attempt. 

Now when we come across such movies it's usually quite a fun element to notice the loopholes. You hate it's not completely perfect though it could easily have been. 

Spoiler alert now. Trust me to stop. Ok don't. That won't be reasonable. Lol.

What I liked :

  • Acting!  What were you expecting? Akshay Kumar's all time best or no,  because I've also liked his Hera Pheri (1) and Bhulbhulaiya. 

Anupam Khaer as usual amazing. 

It was not about Anupam Khaer. It was about the very short span he comes for post interval and the very amazing and adorable (the character you take home)  is Shukla. 

Tarzan aur Hulk. K bas ki baat nahi hai was the line I excitedly patted again even in the second time. 

The patriotism,  cinematography was good. Cruelty was needed.

Spoiler alert again:

If you dare read now,  you know who to blame. Yes that thing staring at you in the mirror.

You know what we said when she said ' Bas marna mat'?

We said' First timers!' to all those giggling in the movie hall. Can't deny it was one of the best dialogues and sadly the only that the leading guy's wife says. Or the only that really matters. Her presence was merely to add a soft side to the tough guy who was always jumping into death. To show that we should cry for him. Well done.

The way he slapped that PA. My God,  Apke samne. diary me likh liya hoon(while on telephone)  was such a nicely written dialogue of situational comedy. Not to forget how Akshay slaps him and how he's terrorized the next time he sits across the room..  I blasted laughing even second time! I'd say the true test of jokes is when you CAN laugh at them second time!

I wish I remembered the rest. But I laughed at some more. Like the Nepal terrorist saying,  ' aap.... Aap. Udhar. Jaiye.. Udhar....'

The BEST SCENE (surprisingly even to men. And you know how many I'd have talked to about it &  known they agree...)  was the woman's fight scene.  I understand she had to come showing off her tattoo and thighs at the last 2 second scene for the party but the fabulously directed fight scene where she GETS SLAMMED and YET slams this guy to unconsciousness when the quick cop Akshay arrives.  It's one thing about super heroes. But seriously,  there's nothing be trendier than reality. Realism accounts for the thrasher to be thrashed.  No I'm no lover of violence. But if I was there I know very easily he could have banged me with my God's statue that I picked to hit him. A man's physical strength is always more.
And when she yet conquers you feel a Durga or Kaali moment!

Also the unpredictability.  Remember that look on his face when she chose the glass?

Guys went in second time to theatre to watch it!

Remember that scene about the last mission?
When they are in hotels. Shukla taking out his wig. Hulk doing what he did and Akshay standing. #Amazing.

And rewind. Rewind. Those marks on his face. Good they stayed till the end as if the wound hadn't dried!

And Gowde, my God!  What an adorable character. Horribly underutilized character actors like the guy who was driving!
How on earth could he just be driving?

Religion k column me hum BOLD AUR CAPITAL ME INDIAN likhte hain.

5%. It's a good %  Sir. Main to 1% k sath bhi jaata hoon.

Amazing quotes from the movie really!

What I did not like:

Storyline somehow lacked something that was not putting (rather stitching)  everything together.

Don't get me wrong, but when the rest of it seems as flawless as Khosla ka Ghosla,  you want it to be picture perfect, no?

The people in background could not have in worse. And,  I kid you not, I did not notice them the second time but right there in the first time where they were so obviously unreal with their unbelievable expressions. Like the fight scene. Who is that OK about two well built men running after each other and fighting so much right when someone still chooses to sit with her fork in her food only mildly amused as if she saw a baby kid. Oh wait, even a rat would have made her squeak and yell and- yes,  run!

They were not supposed to look like they were told in advance it is a Bollywood shooting and they exactly looked as curious as one would be at how movies are made in some other country!  What a blow to the poor actors trying to give their best.

My friend asked why the repeated running to bore? Chasing then leaving. Catching. Then oops. Then re-catching. I said,  for you people who don't get it even the hero loses.

The entire background on why the original foreign government would not allow him to go to bathroom without cover (as he was supposedly the disowned Indian Intelligence guy)  then how were they allowing him to interrogate?

How I ended up there? News flash! The only other movie was Khamoshiyan. I mean like seriously? It was better to watch Baby twice than watch that creepy tomato sauce dripping woman with bulging lips over swolen with Photoshop. And none of us regretted it. We had initially planned

All in all Baby was such a pride to watch Baby on 26Jan. VERY valid msgs. First timers to me.

  1. The govt. is always afraid of diplomacy. Lol. Should do more for these ladies &  gentlemen. 
  2. Terrorists can be Non-Pakistani 
  3. Educated youth,  mostly. Engineers are horribly manipulated to feel they don't belong to India. 
  4. Cases and trials always mare a terrorist stay and get chores of tax payers' money spent on him so people like Kasab can stay in an AC. Room. Later there's horribly incapable policemen taking them to courts,  so easily killed to free high profile terrorists. 
  5. Confessing and confiding terrorists are protected. Terrorists don't care about their own blood. Forget caring for your little cousin
  6. There are Hindu militants. There are Hindus dying to save Muslims too.  It was never about religion. 
  7. It's good to strive to stay alive for than die for the country! (pls change from jaan bhi denge to jaan nahi denge. Jiyenge aur bachaenge) 

P.S: Move that lazy thing. Comment! Just type & hit enter or touch,lol! ;) I love to hear from you. 

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