TAKEN 3 movie review

Nothing in the world like a real real movie review. You know the kinds that are not paid for..? Yes. The gareeb ones like me. People were saying it's ok when we went out of the theatre. As in they had expected more.

Well after spending 550 a ticket just about everyone becomes expecting way too much.

But, I loved it.

Let's come to the why.

Taken 3 Movie Review 


Bryan Mills: “What’s your first priority here, inspector?”

Inspector Franck Dotzler: “My job is to bring you in.”

Bryan Mills: “My first priority is to protect the only one I have left.”

He Knows How to Disappear

Inspector Franck Dotzler: “At 21, he joins the Army. At 23, he joins the Special Forces. He’s a trained sniper, an explosives expert. No service record, no discharge record, nothing. This guy right here, he knows how to disappear.”

The father-daughter moments

The father daughter moments are just as strong. The pace is quick. The optimism is nice throughout the movie.

Worth a watch

The detective is funny eating bagels all the time. The way it comes out in the end is a little surprise & nice. Not the best movie ever. But worth a watch. I feel no movie can be judged without a taste. Do you like these spy movies? Action? Being smarter than LAPD? Then you have a nice chance of liking it.


I liked the cinematography.. The aerial shots of skyscrapers to down ground cars running & hitting at high speed.. were stunning. The piece where they blow up the passage way vertically on the building! Man what a scene. It takes so much precision. I wonder what would the director do if it didn't go the way he had imagined it. The story vaguely touches on the importance of & complications of relationships, friendships that are always there for you as action & pure wit & outwitting the other is the main theme.

I am to keep it short before I give away spoilers or doze off.

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