PK Movie Review

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OK there's been just about so much talk about this one. More often than not in the past weeks I found people asking me why the movie was banned after all.
My typical reply(wish my lazy self could record it to play it)  : No. Nothing at all. I found it not offensive to any religion. You know how people are. Everyone in India has a right. So the intermediaries who are actually fooling people would have created this but it's ok. I guess this publicity only helps the movie.

Want a quick conclusion: Ya,  good enough.  Worth a watch.

Can't begin to tell you what an anticipation this one had. Right from the time when we were seeing Dawate - i-ishq &  Khubsoorat,  the posters of bare Aamir Khan staring at us with a radio had enough curiosity.

I saw it the first day first show (luck by chance)  in the best seats of Inox. And I don't regret it.

If you are a new one to my blog,  I've a queer logic of paisa vasool or not. Like I'd hated wasting 450 for Jai Ho in a same set up. Know what I mean?

Acting: For someone who's not a Sanjay. Dutt fan(you could count me in anti-party) I yet go ahead to say what a pleasure he was to watch.  The chemistry (even though for such a small time that he &  Aamir shared was unbeatable. That's what makes you feel when the dialogue less Aamir holds the shoe later at the show.

I heard someone saying it's too much information overload. But I felt it was OK. Little messages here &  there. Be quick enough to catch.

No one needs to save his or her religion. God is all powerful. He doesn't need us saving him by killing other innocent theists who have absolutely nothing to do with you.

Same goes for that lady who said give birth to 5 kids. I mean I swear why doesn't she watch PK.
Wherever there's religion,  there's going to be controversy,  just as poor Boman Irani. with his lovable acting had tried to explain. He already has three marks from a trishul on one bum and he dare not have another.

The things that I found new. The sudden setback you get in the beginning of the movie on how innocently she asks,  'Par Pakistan Embassy kyu?'

It's so relatable to take it for granted that someone a fan of Bachchan,  who looks Indian had to be Indian. The song was an apt slap to prejudice we hold at considering every Pak guy a terrorist. Wonder they think the same of us too.  For a pure Indo. Pak relationship the end was pretty cute.
The very less frame acting of that lady was amazing.
I've seen her in serials. Forget her name.

Quite a nice well put movie with a stunningly alien &  same old concept.
Not as good or moving as 3idiots because it had Anushka. Lol,  I've nothing against her. Her character was skewed. For someone in such an orthodox Balaji family why did she have to forcibly run around in such small clothes? Somehow some loops holes remained. Like it was pretty obvious that the parting letter was not for her. I mean to us the audience. Wasn't it obvious it was for the cat lady or was it just me? How could someone be such a fool to not even ask once for a year?

And that too someone who studied media abroad?  I won't buy that.

Had we not got the suspense from the beginning the climax could have been more interesting. But certainly worth a watch.  Sushant was as usual great.
Loved watching Boman. Wish he had more to do. Underused actors. Fun message time. Go watch it.

The same message to be god loving rather than God fearing as in Oh My God. Though it didn't top the level Oh My God had set but certainly to it's standards. (Don't kill me. I'd seen that long ago. Lol)

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