Life before & after a Note 3

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Getting a Note 3 changes a hell lot in your life if you are one hell of a gareeb like me.
Well,  you don't realise that initially. Because it seems like just the phone you had earlier. Only for four times the price. Which makes you feel worse every second. You never realise what you had. Well,  of course till you lose it.

(You won't get one bit of what's about to come in the following words if buying &  getting rid of a high end phone is not a big deal for you.)

One of the first things that happen to you after you lose it (other than going mad after not being in touch with your best friend- yes you hadn't even known 'internet'  was your best friend before this calamity)
Is realizing how much you need a charger.

You kept thinking it still hangs. It still stops. You never saw all the apps you downloaded &  what your greed had brought you to when each time you think I now have all apps, suddenly even a 32gb phone feels less.

The weirdest things :
Msgs like 'I heard about your loss. May God give you strength to cope and live through reality'

The irritating things:
Back to Micromax?  You were meant for Micromax. Destined.

I can't even count how many times I heard this one.( Make it everyone).

And then you can't even begin to tell how Micromax keyboard is one of the best things ever built for a writer. As if anyone is ever gonna believe that!
Angur khatte, is what rhymes from background.

I remember the time people were confused about the brand Samsung when you had 6k smartphones &  high end notes)  &  iPhones had iPhones. But today for everyone who hated an iPhone or needed a bigger screen Samsung was the name to trust.  Though it is as breakable, as delicate,  as service less as any other. Ok more chances at finding a service Centre.

But losing a phone says so much about your life.
A. I only remember my mom's,  my boss's &  my MD's phone no. by heart.
Yes. And your boss doesn't pick your phone at the night when you need him most though he never forgets to call you even later than that if there's some work.
You realise you are alone, weak,  devastated, (read dead)  without any contact in the world with a storm in Mumbai when you reach for your backup phone (that you obviously forgot to charge),  & when your own number stops ringing &  you hear your worst nightmare -  the switch off refrain. You suddenly struggle to remember the last time you felt so close to meditating God.

Even as losing a huge chunk of money haunts you,  not one single person you ever meet stops to ask you of you got back your phone.
As if I'd not have screamed &  yelled &  jumped &  blogged &  made anything synonymous with obvious to show I actually found it!

Guess what.  Because you haven't seen me doing any of these,  I've not. So stop putting salt on my wounds &  asking if it was salt on my wounds.

What did the police say?

That's another cliché. Well,  as if I got the time to phone them. Rewinding &  repeating what they said is my only hope. They will trace it.

Realization no# 2982
Pictures, data, music is always easy to miss after losing your phone. Especially when someone happily says you can now buy a new phone without giving one second thought to the RIP data that's now gone forever. Of course they can say so as long as it is not their own.

Realization no#2983
You can't live without music.
Atleast not without being cranky!

Realization no #2984
So much about not trusting. Google &  whatever.
Wish I'd actually backed up somewhere!

Realization no # 2985
One good camera app can actually fix a 5megapixel front cam

Missing. Note 3 moment #7

Where's that Palm screenshot gone? I hate pressing volume &  power together only. Hoping I ever get them together!
Well. I certainly believe they help in protecting our right to privacy by making it a little more difficult to take snapshots. (but that was before I ever had a crush in life)

Missing note 3 moment #8


Missing note 3 moment #9

Air view &  playing. With that wallpaper full of colors with magic. Abra ka dabra


Missing note 3 moment #10



Missing note 3 moment #11

Taking a snip with that pen. Who doesn't want an already cropped image to share.


Missing note 3 moment #12

More providers to sell you covers!

Most disgusting comment ever after I lost my phone was however my landlady telling me how careless I am. As if even she knew how my boss had chosen to ignore it could also have been stolen.
I don't know. 60 seconds. Disasters happen.

Most stupid one.
How can you lose a note3!
Well,  guess what? Just as you lose a lava or a Karbon or Micromax. As if the brand had anything to do with it!  As if a cheaper phone was ever less dear to me. As if I was ever the 1% retarded kinds to deliberately throw my phone to get a new one.
Infact probably there's more chance of someone returning it if it was not a note 3.
That's how you lose a note 3. I mean seriously?
Let's face it. Everyone's human. Human is to err . People forget their chargers,  get robbed of every bag while abroad,  break their ultra costly displays &  what not!  Shit happens! I'm not the only chosen one. I know there's no excuse of being robbed also. But still what does it mean how can you lose a note 3! Does it come with a get attached to your skin magnet that I missed or what? Or is there a rule you get your hand cut if you are found possessing a stolen note 3? (here comes the larger question,  if you can get away with stealing or keeping someone else's why wouldn't one in a growing disparity country than ever?)

The most sensible one was however my mom's. The best mom in the world. Don't cry over spilt milk. And I'd thought she would kill me. I still take all the guilt,  responsibility,  sorrow &  pain in the world.

The best thing about having less than half the cost phone is not feeling dead if you. Wait. No its still the same. I can see myself stoned to death for even daring to imagine what I thought! 
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