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Just a few photographs &  a myriad of prejudiced assumptions. We Indians are predominantly generally speaking overtly judgemental. We judge like a reflex. We know judging like the back of our hand.

No time to ask is that what you meant? Digital words &  emoticons:

Dating life today has become very much a mirror reflection of our overtly stressful lives screaming for lack of time at its best.  Online world is the even cruder &  unforgiving form at its rudest.
 Especially when you don't know the nuances of a person. The little things you know about a person's temperament. Like I know my friend use caps when she really wants to stress something but some other might be too casual as in lazy to not even notice he's got caps on. To me two exclamations are like. 'Oh. HELLO!!'

You know that tone? Someone could be just trying to be enthusiastic!

When you text someone your own assumption takes the driver seat &  depending on your conclusions &  expectations from the person you craft your own imagery right there in your own head. Add to it tons of theories &  experts available more than you can possibly count in a lifetime.

'She's saying no.  When women say no they mean yes.  That means she means yes'. See what I mean? The worst deduction you could get. But who do we blame?

If everyone were straight forward &  no one played hard to get or if men learnt to appreciate a hot & intelligent woman who was also interested in them or partly interested,  it would be a different game altogether.  Today the more you don't get it, the more you want it.  On the absolute paradoxical irony you have a fast life not ready to wait for anyone.

Being who we should be than who we are:

At times I feel like stopping to ask the generation. What do you want really? Blatant truth or Edwardian games? Is the indirect more appealing?  Decide on one thing &  make sure the other stranger understands the same language. Because you cant have two contradictory worlds at the same time.

Half the times I'm left with a feeling there's more of men 'wanting to be sweet ' than they actually are. I agree that the 'we are supposed to be this way'  is a good guideline helping everyone do the right thing but guess,  we are plain overdoing it. Overdoing it so much that we feel doing Lemons law is unkind yet we can't bear a date if we still decide to give life another chance. Aren't we being hypocritical anyways?

Photographs to be that quick one nano. Second judge:

Top it as a cherry on a cake are strangers with just a few photographs aiming to be your life partner forever or your boyfriend or whatever. The logic here is just as you look at a person &  deduce a complete personality from only what is visible.. What he/she is wearing,  the expression,  the background,  the tattoos... Is she a fun person? Enjoys life? Reserved or straightforward? Friends person or a loner? C..... or not? Ya, it's funny but some people just look good &  then they look like they are a typical C...... So many questions. Just one gut feeling. You judge with whatever is in front of you. Depending on your own mood at the moment &  the one quick overall feeling. One single overall vibe. It's incredibly funny. Some try to show they are having fun, jumping in the sky,  funniest expressions, drinking sessions,  their international travel, ofcourse! Some even sport pics with other women either to show they already have a lot or that they are a ladies man.

There are two kinds of people in this world. One that can accept you as you are &  the other that can't.  Whether or not they totally understand you it takes a hell lot to actually be as mature &  broadminded to accept you as you are.

Being comfortable with not being the only one:
Gone are the days when one would look into one at a moment. Blame sex ratio. Be it as serious as marriage or as casual as a friend without a full stop,  no one is exclusively dating anyone(unless ofcourse you have a boyfriend /girlfriend) . Everyone is aware that others are looking at others,  meeting others, trying to figure out multiple personalities &  develop multiple bondings &  evaluating which one is more comfortable than the other &  which is more feasible. In a world of no love &  mere decisions from the brain,  the generations' constant aim at always getting the best bargain,  no one is really good enough.

Someone is hot. Someone is close by. Somebody's family is more accepting. Someone has some brains &  some conversation man! Someone can make you laugh. Someone is not pretending as much as the other.
What actually baffles me is exactly understanding who wants who at what rank. In a world of rebellious youngsters to break just about every rule,  it often helps when you talk with rivals. Who speaks on the judgement while still in the game? Some do. Men &  women constantly offer advice &  an inner perspective on how the illusively dangerous men &  women psyche &  what actually goes in inside.

It's the primal questions we all wonder about either casually or seriously. What are you thinking. What's actually going on in your mind.

Whether or not it's right to swipe left based on just photographs (as you claim to not want looks) some sites provide as many as 20 photographs when it comes to matrimony,  while I'm left wondering if it's always right that men look better than their photographs.
What we trade off here is cruelty &  lack of patience for convenience. Who reads ton of info if they give it anyways. Judging with less information - well was always easier!

Got any questions? Any perspectives? Here I'm to help &  answer! Lazy head, go ahead &  comment. No verification asked.

Just type &  hit enter. Or touch enter. Lol

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