Getting things right. Like right now

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Often in life you decide you will start taking charge. Like right now. You decide you will juggle up everything. Manage everything. Live life to the fullest.
Run with time and give it a cute side smirk 'Hey, I passed ya!' not knowing what lies ahead of you
when you turn your little head back to focus on your track. When did anyone tell you there ain't gonna be any boulders on a racing track of reality? Talk about playful childishness in everywhere. Wholesale k bhao pe bikta Hai. (It's sold dirt cheap).

So you lost hope? Just with a little date with life? Come on, man. People who live on, move on. You had a major setback recently. Everyone wants to know. Or no one. How does it matter? Going on talking about it is not gonna help you anyways! So. Let's stop cribbing.

There's so much to do n such less time. You want to overcome and divert and just try all these new things. But there's so much that you 'have to do' that you don't 'want to do'. Sheesh. Back when I was a kid I used to pray that every second should pass by slowly so that I could experience every moment of life to the fullest. Naive I was you can say. Didn't know what all risks hold when you ask a day to pass slow. But no, really. Getting a sudden check for a homework forgotten could be as disastrous as being found in your worst sick look by your crush or for the men being caught by the wife red handed? I mean just when you thought she was happily shopping with your brand new credit card!
Disasters are everywhere to take us down if we just let them. Do you want to let them? That is the question you got to answer, honey.

You either get to a be a coward crouching at home thinking time won't move till you stood up to face the world or you get to face the ticking clock and be as brave as you were as a kid to face whatever comes and deal with it. No, I'm not being too smart. Trust me, I don't know how to deal it that thing that's coming my way. Guess no one does. We never know. No matter how much research we do there will always be something that we don't know. So there's no point waiting right where you are for forever. You are not happy right now. You got to do something about it. Like right now. I laugh at what Professor Benga (frog in our language)  used to tell us.  Time is now.  And now my MD tells us time is money.
Not much has changed in terms of realism,  come to think of it.

The doing about it is exactly where we all stop. If I now say doing that change is where kantaal ata hai(getting bored of/too lazy to do) my mom would start at me being Mumbaiya.

Well,  you exactly know what I'm talking about. Yeah. About that not moving your ass one bit &  cribbing nothing changed part. Yeah. And you thought we went unseen. Well. We ourselves see ourselves doing nothing, yes,  absolutely nothing about our shitty lives &  pretend like that little kitten drinking milk eyes closed.

Do you even remember that you have this one life?  I mean,  like just one ok. That's all you got to make the best of,  screw up, mess up, &  also clean up with.  Yes,  no replacements.
So what do you tell God when you walk up there?  That yeah,  I got a life &  all my life I waited for the life to finish to do all the things I ever wanted to do.
Time runs out of your hand like golden sand slipping out of your soft grip as much as you harden it in the backdrop of a setting sun so serene,  so orange cast upon a pale blue sea,  you almost forgot to hold your smartphone &  click a selfie for your dp.
But don't worry. Get that lazy thing moving. Smile. Now. Yes,  now. Because like I always say if you really know how to act,  even acting helps. Karte karte ajaega. You will really smile. Because the only person who can change anything is (surprise)-YOU.

So,  jump! Dance like a duck gone wild if you want to!  Enough of thinking what others would think. It's time you did the right thing. That feels right from deep within.

Lots a love &  best wishes.
Write to me on what you did,  like right now..


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