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One of the best movies ever made.Equalizer is a must watch movie.

Why should you watch Equalizer?


  1. You feel good coming out of the theatre
  2. You do not regret spending as much you did
  3. You wish more movies were made like this
  4. Amazing acting
  5. Class action
  6. Lovely cinematography
  7. Touching story line -when nonchalance gets you!

Won't regret watching it again!!

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What doveranalyst loved about the Equalizer Movie

Loved the seconds game. How in few seconds he observes,  he observes,  he plans, he executes. The last guy across the table smirking the most earlier now at his feet.

'Now blood will come rushing. Oxygen will stop...... You should have taken the money' 'Who are you? ' 'Everyone wants to know that

Moments from the movie. (Do tell me if I miss out on some)
Washington walking ahead as the oil bursts behind. Not a tinge of emotion. Pure nonchalance.
Don't get me wrong. You can't find a bugger fan of expression than me. So for me to appreciate non-chalance is a biggie.

When he sits at the last killing. Light on &  off.
On &  off.
He walks down the stairs. No glee. No regret. Nothing.
Yes. The lack of anything. A likeable stoic he portrays so beautifully. He shows no emotion. Yet his eyes. Oh. My. God. Don't miss that wetness in the eyes when he sees the girl in the hospital &  in the last scene.

You know those moments where a movie very gently subtly hits you like a kick on the heart?  With the absolute lack of Maran Johar scenes but an impact that his movies aim to make?

Yes, when he sits next to the woman(I didn't understand his friend or sister but certainly his colleague who knew his wife well -  probably the only one he's left with) The way she asks why did you do it?  What did the girl mean to you?

He says I don't know. I just- I knew she needed help. And I helped her.

When she turns back to tell her husband,  ' He didn't come here for information. He came for permission'.


Yes.  I think this is what defines motion picture. Quick. Bang on. Moves you. With as much as a second.

Although all actors were superb cannot forget the completely tattooed &  silently fierce Nicholai.
In typical Indian style- if the villain is not bad enough you never like the hero.

But here is what I call maturity in cinema. It shows you reality.  Nicholai wasn't born bad. Washington wasn't always good.
Life is all about the Grey shades. Not the Fifty lol.

The moment when Nicholas who is across the table waiting for Washington 's assassinator-to-be, he comes by himself with glasses smeared with blood completely stoic, placing it as a gift in full glamor.

I felt like I always had the fear of losing with him as he seemed so vulnerable. He was not perfect. Hey, when he won so effortlessly each time.... I felt the quiet joy along with him. As if it was me in his team. Very few movies can make that happen.

How can we forget the security guard! what character it was! lovely! Truly love the way he showed his strength and perseverance and the way he moved with that bleeding leg in 40 seconds!


Directed by

Antoine Fuqua

Written by

Richard Wenk

Cinematography by Mauro Fiore 
Edited by John Refoua 

Denzel Washington  Marton Csokas Chloë Grace Moretz David Harbour Bill Pullman Melissa Leo Music by Harry Gregson-Williams 

Produced by
  • Todd Black ]
  • Jason Blumenthal
  • Denzel Washington
  • Alex Siskin 
  • Steve Tisch
  • Mace Neufeld
  • Tony Eldridge
  • Michael Sloan
  • Neal H. Moritz 
Based on The Equalizer by Michael Sloan & Richard Lindheim

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