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Yeah. Whatever. 
I'm not gonna think of SEO. Not of getting my meta data right. Not thinking if it really comes as an amazing piece I can be proud of later.

Done with all the bullshit..(read: she's so gonna be pepped up and be herself later. Bear her for now)

Well. WHATEVER.  Yeah this post is gonna be titled that. Exactly. Whatever. Live the nonchalance. 

How do you remember yourself?
No seriously?
Like not what you are now. Ofcourse you know who you are now. (Yeah. Ofcourse). But who you were. What parts of it are you still the same?
Transitions are such a hardcore part of life. 

We grow.  We improve. We evolve.

Have you in parts felt our inherent thought processes are the same as in Before Sunrise? Our soul remains the same.

How cool is doing the emotionless detached thingy?
Always was mad at my best friend being so detached. Maybe in a way you get to envy how free from hurt one can be this Buddha way.

When was the last time you felt this deep pang of hurt hurting so deep like a half sword half knife piercing your heart like in, say, a nano second? Like you feel yourself refraining, taking a step or two backward meekly, swallowing the mute gulp and the assertion in your voice remaining just as calm and strong as it was.

I so know I need to listen to songs. Some good ones.

'Well, you are sounding low.'
'Because. I'm low'

'But you really are sounding low'
'Because ((guess what)) I'm low'

Well.  Whatever. 

Are we supposed to make people get to understand? 
What is the sportiest behavior when misunderstood?

I will tell you how I'm feeling.

(Btw as distracted by this song.
,as I could ever be. Never gonna keep you up. Never gonna let you down. Never gonna say a lie and hurt you.  Never gonna make you cry. Never gonna say Goodbye.
Lovely lyrics and I wonder if a man ever means it)

Have you felt utterly taken back, frustrated about something and ended up doing the same thing yourself? 

When I assumed and asked if I was correct(things you do when you have an overactive mind and the other just won't communicate that much). .I was met with an answer. 

'As you please.'

I did the same.
I don't like to argue, so 'As you please.'

If you think so, so it is. The truth for you. Which may certainly be different from my truth.
But who cares.  If you can't understand my words, you will certainly not understand my silence.

There are people we meet. We always crave to be understood. Without doing anything. There are people whose words hurt us. We say words that tear us apart. Why do we say them? Because we have a habit of self pity. We like being thought as the victim and believe so ourselves. We like the other person to realise that we are hurt.  If that were so easy why would there ever be fights?
Fights occur for that primal reason in every relationship : be it friendship or love or yeah, whatever.

Not because people cannot understand silence. But because they cannot even understand words as it is said. Because often people are trying to be someone the other will like(as clearly showcased in Gone Girl). End result? We get confused if a person did really mean what he said when he's phekofying about being himself.

And we got to accept. Sometimes, we really don't know. They really don't know. 'I don't know' is an answer between yes and no.

Living life by the flow is a myth. We all have subconscious expectations. For example, things will last forever. There is no forever. At least we don't know if there is. At least if you would be so sure of it a decade later. So its always about the moment. You don't know if you will be alive the next moment. No. Locking yourself like right now doesn't help. Seriously. 

So what's my mantra in such killing situations? Consistent as I'm I'd draw you back to primal ways of being happy. 

If you don't know what will happen to you next moment why waste it crying or being sad for someone who doesn't even understand or realise and you are forever waiting for her or him to understand? 
Gosh! You deserve more. Believe what makes you happy. Knowing well it could be a lie. I know so many people who are masters in self convincing them into things far from logic just because it keeps them happy.  Guess what? They are happy.

Lose the expectations. After how many times will you learn? Hurt as it may always be grounded by the fact that nothing is permanent. Yes. Nothing. The only person who could probably love you no matter what is your mom(excluding even yourself- as trust me at one point you will hate yourself for some bla  bla  reason).

If you have someone who loves you and believes in you even when you have given up on yourself that's your true earning in life.

In a way that stupid irrational time pass movie Happy Ending had one point ( Trust me to learn something from anything )

Happy ending depends on when you end it.

When the honeymoon period ends, the new fresh days of knowing a stranger goes away be it work, friends, or whatever, you are no longer on your best behavior. You start thinking the other would accept you as you are.

You probably succeeded with those that had intermittent contact.
In the unavoidable contact situation, saying you never fought with your roommate or parents is the most blatant lie you ever said!

Live the non chalance.  I know it's tough. But even though there are recurring spasms at least you are better than you were. Do not make anyone so important. If it happens. Cool. If it doesn't happen. Cool. Stressing too much on things till you tear the ends of the rope is only gonna torture you and stress you!
But you got to be happy. The full proof plan to be happy. Learn to be happy at everything but never sad. 
I never lose. I either win or I learn.

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