S04E03 | Friday Night at HIS place

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Previously on Ayesha Diaries
Read chapter two here. 

Ayesha could have got anything if she asked for it on that Friday night, maybe. Wondering how alone she is on Friday night, she meets Mr. Picked-you-up on his birthday in a chance encounter. She's met two irresistibly hot men in an old Edwardian house in the same compound where she has been living in the nonchalant and indifferent Mumbai for the last one year. Would the party go exactly as expected? Would this date be her best date? But, Oh, wait, with whom?

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And now,

S04E03 | It's not who you spend Friday night with but who you spend all day Saturday with. 

(Part 3 of fridaynightseries)

Ritwik only called Rohan and me, the only latecomers of the evening(read night) to the grand dining table on the other end of the hall that I'd (God knows how), missed.
Surprisingly both men offered me the presiding chair. Woww. A faint smile, a twinkle in the eye before the eyelashes go down. Only that they are not that thick. But we Indian women have a class at blushing.

The food is anything that can be hash tagged #BeyondImagination. As lovely as the spread looks, I am uneasy on how to survive with a warfare of knives and forks and God knows what standards to eat this culinary magic that glares at me enticingly, or maybe even daringly.

I didn't even have the option to follow suit as the perfect gentlemen of the night said, 'Please, lady. After you'.

Silently, I gulp more juice and help myself with some safe salad.
'Does it have anything non-veg? I don't eat prawns or beef or pork'.

'It's tuna. Hope you are OK with it?

'Mm mm. Mm—mmm. ' I nodded.
After food, Rohan surprisingly pulled us in an embrace and bid goodnight.
Very softly he said by my ear. "It was lovely meeting you, girl. I'll see you around.' The vibe that translated through every inch of my body made me take a deep breath. It is almost never when a man has that kind of an effect on me. I smile back as he leaves. And suddenly, noticed that all have left by now. It is just us. As if we were the host and hostess. The music is still on, though.

'You wanna dance with the birthday boy?'

I blink affirmative.

So why you gotta ask me
What I'm doing now>;

He pulls me real close and brushes his fingers by my hairline.

Sways me outward and back to his chest. Awww. Romantic. Surprisingly for a man, he knew and even sings the lyrics!

'I don't wanna be in the dark tonight. Cause I, can't, read your mind. I need to know if what I'm doing is right'

Back to his face real close. I can feel his breath. But not that typical perverted type. A soft refreshing one. I don't know how to react. Is this just plain romance or something in between the lines that I wasn't reading?

'But if we move together, oh yeah, yeah'. 
Taking the steps together, he is smiling, looking at my eyes every now and then to coordinate. I just love men who are like me — animatedI'm drooping from Mr. Picked-you-up's heavy arms now. My black stone neckpiece sways on my black lace line. His soft hands are now cupping my face. Wicked smile.

'What?' question my brows and bright eyes.

Even I want a quick check on whether I should run. Lol. Because this is getting intimate and isn't a good sign for a first date with a stranger who had answered I'm not his girlfriend YET. Not that I'm blaming him. It was sweet of him to even say that. 
I smile as he is singing again.
"Then just turn on the lights and you'll know, So don't turn off the lights"

'Interesting.  You are one mystery woman!'

'Am I?' Wider grin and giggles to match.

'I thought figuring out YOUR mind was tough.'

He laughs. 'I don't know myself. Don't you think I'm that typical man! I'm just loving your company. That's what's on my mind right now. To make you stay in this moment.'

'Something has to be wrong. It can't be this fairy tale like. After all we've just met.'
I have to stop my mouth.

Mr. Picked-you-up sways his head slight left and right in dismissal as if I were a kid blabbing that. Oh.My.God. Is he quick! He lowers me on his hand. Moving his other palm gracefully, tantalizingly over my face, he gestures down over my curves and quickly pulls me back to stare into his deep eyes.

'Oh. Ayesha. Babes, are you enjoying the moment? Would you fancy a drink now?'

'Why do you want me to lose my senses?'

'Haha. And why would I want that?' He looks slightly offended.

'I guess I know what you are thinking. Relax. I don't do one times.'

'Is it? You can read my mind now, boy?'

'Hahaha. Man!'he corrects smiling that side ways smirk that makes me drool at his composure.

Unreal as it is, I've never addressed a man as a boy. And never found someone worthy to be the man.
'Maybe you've just met boys before. I'll treat you to the grace of a royal man.' He winks playfully. 'I offered a drink because I felt you are somewhere being so cautious you are not letting yourself go.'
'If you are uncomfortable with the romantic setup, we can dance our asses off to some funky jig like—like— Khalballi?'

I can't help laughing. 'See. This has been amazing so far. I don't want to— I don't want to ruin it after I lose it. I never drink unless — like I said. Right? So. I—barely—know—you.' Helpless puppy smile.


'Yes, babes. So, maybe you should feel comfortable if you knew me first, right? But, I don't think there's any better way to know someone than to dance like a duck gone wild on a common song! Let's say we have a common song? Do you like Khalballi or not? That's the one showing on the playlist. And since the DJ's gone. I'm gonna have to be your DJ tonight. Bear with me, Ayesha'.

I smile, taking a moment to like him working so earnestly to cheer me up. The speakers blast to that and other common favourites when my sandals are thrown by the sofa and we are both sweating. I'm panting for breath and nearly fall on his chest.
'Water!' we exclaim together, trying to breathe. He still has energy. Lifts me up, taking me by surprise and puts me on the royal furniture, that is soft. The carved thing is the L shaped addition to the usual sofa set. I can see him all wet. He takes off his shirt by the bar, getting a few chilled bottles of water for us from the refrigerator. I can see his wet physique through my tired eyes. He's really well-built. And most importantly, clean.
'Is this ok?' He asks beeping the AC few degrees down. My head on the pearl white pillow can only feel things now. I think I'm nodding. He promptly pulls at my arm, making me sit, as I drink the water.

'Better. Way better'.
I just hope I'm not obviously staring at his body as I say this.

'Glad' he smiles.

I mischievously look up, knowing not if this was for the shirt being taken off or the water.

'I anyways hated that shirt'

'Really?!' He giggles, ' I thought that's what got you to the party'.
We burst laughing.
'Ahan. The only thing stopping me.'
He raised his eyebrows smiling peacefully, gazing at me from the pillow pile by me, half resting on my legs, his bare skin touching mine.

'What time is it? I should. I should probably be going'. I'm hunting for my phone.

'It's too late to go back, Ayesha. Stay'.

'Oh, I can't stay. I can't just stay like this. I mean coming for a party is something. Though it still was very much barging into it—'

'Barging into it?' He cuts me off, 'You walked in with the host, girl. Chill. Did anyone make you feel you are not invited or that you are someone new here?'

'No. You all were very very nice. Extremely warm and welcoming. It was really nice. Trust me. I'm so so grateful to you. I wish you a very very happy birthday. May god bless ya.' I smile ' But staying over would be a bit too much.'

'The night is all we have. I won't insist much if you have restrictions or family issues. But it's my birthday and I'm away from my family. I kind of like your company— Chachi is there. Just in case you are still wondering if I'm gonna force myself on you. Lol. I'm not. Remember that time in that world when we used to have friends? Yeah. You are a girl who knows what she wants. Stay. You won't regret.

Will Ayesha really listen to Ritwik's request? Will she stay the Friday night over at this neighbourla royal mansion? And what will happen then? If something feels good deep down in your heart, should you let it continue or listen to your brain?

Check out to find out.
Link for episode 4 will be right here!

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