Ayesha Diaries - Velvety Dark Reverie

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This is episode 2 of the series:

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  1. a state of being pleasantly lost in one's thoughts; a daydream.

    "a knock on the door broke her reverie"

    synonyms:daydream, daydreaming, trancefantasyvisionfancyhallucinationmusingMore
    • MUSIC
      an instrumental piece suggesting a dreamy or musing state.

      "his own compositions can move from impressionist reveries to an orchestral chordal approach"
    • archaic
      a fanciful or impractical idea or theory.

      "he defended and explained all the reveries of astrology"

It was velvety dark all around. Dark brown velvet curtains slightly swaying in the chilling cold breeze.... 

The previous chapter:

Meeting Protein Shake: When it Happened

Previously on Ayesha Diaries....
Ayesha suddenly gets a call from him and before she knows she's fixed everything and enthralled everyone in her team with suspense on who that celeb is. They have to cover up for her. But the sudden entry of her CEO had made her escape to meet Protein Shake next to impossible when she risked everything and fled.Will she be able to meet 'Him'? What are 'His' plans? Is he really the good guy or ......

If you are even remotely offended don't read further. 

It was velvety dark all around. Dark brown velvet curtains slightly swaying in the chilling cold breeze.

A slight incandescent warm light shone on our faces. Taking a deep breath of the sensuous aquatic and red roses fragrance that still lingered on, I chanced upon the rain smothered mirror. I had never looked more beautiful even in candle light. I looked like a completely different person.

Slightly lifting his chin I sigh. A happy sigh from a happy face. Nuzzling to his chin, I very softly rub my cheek to his and settle in his puffy biceps again like a little puppy.
He shifts a bit, softly gazing at me from half trance, half ecstasy, he blows air on my hair swaying it from my face.

I raise my eyebrow playfully,  eyes glowing with excitement I blow on his eyes. He tugged at me, gripping me even closer to his body. I wrapped myself around him, under his soft Heather brown quilt.

'Cocoa butter cream. The smell is divine. Earlier I thought it's only aqua and red roses.'
He smiled his 'Winner takes it all' smile and before I could even guess, abruptly placed a soft wet kiss on my lips.

Inhaling me around my neck bones as I shifted to his left, my hair tussles tickling his lips, he says innocently,  'Ayesha, you've naturally pink lips. Someone told you that, bebby?'
I playfully nod my head pouting hard pitifully and jump on his wide chest.
'And you are naturally so dark.'I say my finger running through his toned dark abs. 'chocolate I mean. But I don't like dark chocolate.  So you are better off named as cocoa. Dark cocoa if you please, Sire.'

He gives me an angry eyebrow raise. As expressionista as me, he has his funny ways with his face and voice.

'Your decor is so like it. Butter colored bedsheets and cocoa you'.

'You make me sound like an African. Nautanki! '

I wince at the word.



Taking me by surprise again he's tickling me all over. Before I stretch my long arms to grab the buttery pillow he's already down on my long legs having me giggling all over.
His gym and protein shake do give him a lot of strength over me. I cannot overpower him.
I collapse as a soft puddle of cotton over his chest, his wicked smile, for he knows his move. Quick. upside down 'Aaah', I gasp as my hair flows up and down on the pillow.
He's on me.

The little me,(in comparison to him) protectively trapped in his arms on both my sides. Most innocent look on my face. 'Peace!' I squeak batting my eyelashes.

He loves winning! At everything.  Had never seen him smile such a killer one. Romantic one really. Slightly shy at winning. The humble let go.

He darts back at me lapping up my neck and giving me those sudden goose bumps of last night live again. There's so much to remember and treasure.
'You are so tempting, babbbyy'

I love it when he doesn't do his industry standard bebby(instead of baby).

He drove me insane as he went down and all over. I really didn't know what pattern it was even if it was the second time.
Orgasm after orgasm after orgasm.
'Aaaaaaahhhh...Oh.My.God.....' I groan. More pleasure than I could possibly handle. For the bad wolf he is, he was kind and gentle and caring and even romantic for a change.
'Ayeshaaaaaaaa, you are fucking hot and you so bloody know it, baby!'
Panting for breath by my side, he slid his hand neatly under my waist and tugged me close again. Running his palm softly in a caress along my curves, he asks 'You happy? Happy, my love?'

Wait. Rewind. What did he say? Things were happening faster than I could make sense of any of it. 

'Yyess....' I mumble eyeing him carefully.

'What? You wanted me to act the part, didn't you?' sly smile. 'OK.  Seriously, I love you for giving me such as wonderful time. Guess I actually enjoyed. I had never done something like this before.'he rubbed his nose next to mine taking me aback 'Not even when I was actually in love!'
I give my sheepish grin. 

The drama king had already taken the drama queen quite a lot by surprise with gestures I hadn't thought he was even capable of.

Fast forward. 
'Rise n Shine, my sunshine!'

Eyes wide, the kind afraid it would pop out, I'm speechless.

Lifting his chin with an innocent WHAT? on his face,  he's the overpowering villain the next minute. His eyes are making me melt again. On his knees, he creeps up to me, leans on me, making me quickly bend backward, thighs strongly locking my hips, 'I would have loved to keep doing it to you, sexy', his hand still under my neck. His gaze softens as he kisses my forehead and tastes my upper lip tastefully. 'You won't be able to take it, little girl.'

He lifts me gently caressing my cheek, It's already been a lot for you. You are OK, right?'
I nod and bury my head in his chest as he hugs me. I don't want this protective feeling to ever leave me. I know men don't like all this stupid stuff. But I was so grateful he was doing it.
'Oye my beautiful Princess, time to brush.' He literally lifts me in his arms taking me to the wash. 'I'll make breakfast. You want green tea? On your feet now! Get set. Go! ' he bellows humorously by my ear as I gasp.

He hurries right behind me(a funny scene in the mirror- I look so white next to him).  He's quickly gone.

I join him from behind in the kitchen hugging him.

'Wow, man. That feeling!'

Softly I pat him on his shoulders making a face.

'Protein shake?'
'Aiiiiyyyyyyyy' eyes closed I take my tongue out in disgust and before I know it he's left the pot boiling and lifts me by the waist making out.

Hands on his shoulders I pant for breath half out of surprise, half out of the act. He quickly shifts his hand straight, easing out aisle in one hand. I'm shocked to the core that he's holding as huge a thing as me in just one hand!  And I'm certainly not a kitchen sliding door. Many times as heavy, I mean. I'm not saying anything, as saying anything can make him lose balance. I may simply slip from the soft cream lace night dress I'm wearing. I mean along with it and bang to the floor. 

He takes me in his arms like a bow walking. 'So breakfast is ready and you wait here, my love' he winks putting me on the heap of pillows on the sofa.
He's back with the Moroccan mint Typhoo and healthy chicken sandwich for me.
The storm outside makes the wind chimes stronger. I giggle.

'I love you for making it the best moment of my life. How can I thank...'
He cuts me off mid-air 'You know how. Those lovely lips of yours....'
I frown,'No...did you really expect that by doing. ....'
'No!' he scowls offended,'I did it for you. Just for you. OK.' I guess I got him mad. A second of wait. Just staring a straight face at each other.
His face again snuggles in my neck. Goosebumps. God! What effect this man has on me!
He tugs his head to mine as in a bullfight.

'Leave this extra thinking mind of yours home when I come to pick you in my Enfield next time'.
Ouch. He said next time. If it's the How I met your mother style next time. ..then.... Rewind. Did he say HE WILL PICK me up? Unreal. OK. Mind. Go on Lunch break.

'Wana shower together, your highness?' he asks enticingly.

It's great to move around his house in his arms. The geyser is on. Wow. Thank god he loves warm water in the cold. I was wondering if cold water is a part of being a fitness freak.
Usually, I hate his wet hair look plastered to his face. Yes. See? I don't love him. So I don't like a lot of things about him. But he looked OK.  Maybe my overwhelming gratitude was doing the trick.
For a fair skin loving Ayesha, I really was getting used to Cocoa. As hot water and aqua shower gel cleaned that masterpiece I loved smooching every part of that carefully built torso tantalizingly going a little down and then back up with a wicked smile.
'You devil'
'Should I not?'
He gives the Go Ahead gesture tilting his head and is at me now. I don't get it what men get by just moving hands all over the body.

'Look at that? That's what I call unexplainable hotness.' When I stood straight it really did show off the curves better in the mirror. I smile at the ground.

He dries my hair lovingly in a pink towel.
My brows are up. 
'What? I love pink and you know I'm not gay. I'm still...', he lifted me up again and made out till the bed.
He had all my clothes lined up, God knows when. They say men only undress. But this man actually dressed me up too.

NEXT CHAPTER COMING SOON.Comment below to see the next chapter, if you want this thick ass to move. No, I'm serious.

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