Ayesha and the Incredible I want to meet you Part 2

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Ayesha and the incredible I want to meet you! (part one)

Alrighty there! Is this a scene from a movie or is this a scene from a movie?
As I walk out of the coffee flavoured interiors,  pushing the dark brown wooden door with protruding chocolate bars(ok,  they looked like it) I am in mixed emotions, I don't know if I should smile.
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Ayesha and the INCREDIBLE I want to meet you

'We choose the people we want to work with.' they had been reiterating.

'I've never given a presentation like this. With you somehow I feel a connect. We both come from orthodox families.-

Maybe she attributed this to the quick chirpy convo.'Coming from a small simple place in Goa to Pune I was all - She gave the lost and stumbled expression.'At home , my curfew time was 8.'
'Mine was 7:30' I had blurted and we had that 'See?'in our eyes.

But the Ayesha now sitting in front of 3 prospective business partners was much more matured than she ever was. She knew what they were saying and why they were saying it.

Each time the perfect communicator Tasha said, 'Trust me, this will change your life. It has changed ours and so will it change yours'. I thought,'Why should I? I mean you seem all nice but I barely know you.'

They would be in such a deep shock when they realise the perfect communicator was not so perfect after all. She did everything right except for not getting what she was doing it all for. She couldn't convince me. I smiled through my way to the station, hot air flowing through my long shoulder length hair,  touching my face with realisation.

Instead of buying into their scheme of quadrupling money,  I was rather considering being Tasha and trying to sell dreams and motivation.  I could be a good speaker and motivator. Soon I could be the next thing to look up to, to agree for an address on how to dream big and achieve.

'It is so easy. You know the law of attraction? You could just sit here thinking your life won't change ever or you could do something about it. You could want to slog your ass off for 40 years and get nothing just like my Dad did or make your own future. You can choose to dream. This is not a place of dreams. This. Is a place where dreams come true.
I had also slogged my ass off for so many years. What did the bank give me in return?

'I've a feeling I'll see you soon , Ayesha.'

'Or so you think' I thought.

I shook hands gracefully with both Tasha and Vaibhav who had been the silent partner only laughing wherever appropriate and being cause for me to turn right, in between my sentences. I had found myself talking more and driving the entire conversation.

Just a while after greeting Tasha and Vaibhav outside the cafe, spectacled Anaita in her serious but amused look had began 'Trust me, I've never seen Tasha like this. She never talks to anyone like this. This was so personal as if she was talking to someone she knew! She always sticks to business and just business. With you it was completely different.'

Trust you? Ya, why not. Of course I want to ask this upfront to you. Why should I trust you?

'I need some details from you. She opened her laptop bag, brought out her notebook and sat as diligently as if I was going to dictate her a story.

Your name,  your date of birth, bank account no. , PAN No, .....she had amaturely written the headings down leaving a line each in her notebook.
I turned it as if it were a slam book. All of these details seemed dangerous .
'I don't have any of it with me right now' was my safe and honest escape.

They could claim PAN was for tax. 'Our business is all white and we pay our taxes' Tasha had giggled. Interestingly in the homework they did(or I hoped they did) they never counted me as smart I guess. I mean for 10 minutes you talk and you don't talk about what you do! I was afraid to ask as Anaita had said I must hear Tasha out and only in the end ask my doubts.

'So I've not spoken to you about what we do'.

Glad you finally realised!

'I will also speak about the negative publicity that we've been having lately.'
Oh, boy. Of course, you've to. I mean, I'd have found out anyways when I'd have Googled.  So not like you are being kind and fair or something!

So, according to her, jealous people were thinking they were a scam. 
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