Ayesha and the incredible I want to meet you!

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Alrighty there! Is this a scene from a movie or is this a scene from a movie?

As I walk out of the coffee flavoured interiors, pushing the dark brown wooden door with protruding chocolate bars(ok, they looked like it) I am in mixed emotions, I don't know if I should smile.

I'm certainly feeling the hot air as a relief, I look at the men sitting in a plump comfy coffee sofas and maybe that's the only thing I'm certain about.

People do connect with me and that is true.

But this was unbelievable. The moment things are too good to be true, you doubt them.

I walk out crossing the road, my head held high in the scorching heat.

Although I might have seemed a complete fool who was buying into their magic, I didn't do much to show my disbelief out of sheer respect and dumbfoundedness.

The conversation with Anaita was live in front of me.

'Ok. I don't know what it is about you, Ayesha. You really have something. I'll tell you something I tell no one.'

Pause for a nanosecond. Surprise on her kind of seemed genuine. 'I don't know what it is. How I connect so much to you. But fuck, I do!' She quickly added dismissively. 'You can get out of this whole thing by letting someone else take your stake. Why the fuck am I telling you this!'sighing she adds' No one ever told me this. We want long term partners, so we want them to stay with us. I won't give you high hopes though. It takes six months. At least six to eight months. The process starts in six and takes around eight.'

Hmmm. I was seeming to be a good listener. Fine, I also seemed to like the idea that was dawning on me, not because of these people who were playing this marketing gimmick in front of the Marketing MBA topper, but actually getting into flashbacks of such real instances where people had genuinely liked me.

My head kind of quickly knocked me. 'There's nothing real in Mumbai'.

Ok. Fine. Whatever.

But yet just to relax Anaita, I told her,' Yes..', still in the process of realisation, 'people do connect to me and sometimes even in one day' and gave my humble smile.

'See. That's the point. I'm someone who cannot connect to anyone. Yes. Anyone. No one connects with me. I still recovered my money without it and look at you! How well people connect with you! '

Meaning how well I can sell. But would I want to? I'll never ask my contacts to get into something I don't trust myself!

Earlier in the cafe with the aptly described beauty with brains, Tasha, dressed in a soft V neck black top and blue jeans complementing her white Goan skin, had been animatedly speaking to me.

'I'm not a dreamer. My boyfriend on the other hand always has been a dreamer. You can choose to be realistic or believe that it is possible to point your finger on any car- any car- and buy it.'

I had also been remembering what Anaita had told me about Tasha before she came. Someone so accomplished who left a career at peak as an investment banker and then started doing business, who had absolutely no ego and was even available for Anaita at 3 am in the night only because someone had done that for her.

'How many mentors do that for someone? I mean beyond sleep hours?' Anaita had said in her introductory speech loaded with praises for Tasha.

Tasha seemed apt for the role she was playing. Curly dark hair flowing all over the place, she kept saying,'Why would you be here? Because you certainly want to change your life from the way it is. Because someone whom you trust has called you here. That's the way it works.'

'Really?' I thought. 'Trust Anaita? Of course! Someone who had been my Roomie for the most brief period ever, who was never home as she returned everyday at night around 3 or 4am from her boyfriend's place where she said she studied and couldn't tolerate anyone on her bed, who also happened to have the reputation of doing ghost writing ,which she explained as writing and selling it for someone else to publish in his name, which obviously sounded as illegal as it could to me. To top it all we had all heard stories from our dragon queen landlady that she had not paid her and had been able to give the dragon a ride for her money. Of course I could trust her in money related matters! As much as I could mistake black for white!'

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